Back-to-School Already? Yes, It's That Time Again! Get Great Notebooks and Planners from Exaclair & Chronicle Books!


Here it is the middle of August and it's only a few weeks before school starts.

Chances are either you're going back to school, you've got kids getting ready for classes or you are one of those people whose new year starts in September instead of January.

Either way, you're going to need rockin' supplies.

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Okay, now onto the new stuff!


The lines these folks represent are astonishing. I love these guys - so much so, I wrote about them a little while ago.

I have used the Quo Vadis Planners + Datebooks for years. Their selection is vast, so whatever your needs, they've got what you want. I change mine every year so that I have something fun and exciting to look forward to!

This year, I am trying out one from their new Equology line of Recycled Paper Planners.

The first thing I notice is that their paper is bright white, unlike other recycled paper. And I so prefer this, don't you? So much easier to read. It's also great quality (thick, smooth) to write on whether I'm using a ballpoint or gel pen.

The paper for this line is Certified EcoLogo, processed chlorine-free and FSC recycled. It is printed on 100% recycled paper and contains 100% post-consumer fiber. It is manufactured using biogas energy.

This calendar is refillable and the cover (which has a great, slightly textured feel) comes in a range of colours and was made without chlorine.

The Scholar Weekly Planner, which I chose, goes 12 months, August to July. It's 6" x 9", so its small enough that I can keep it in my bag, but big enough that I don't have to squint to write.


It comes with the awesome tear-off corner opens to week in progress and because of its sewn binding, it lays flat when its open which means its got great portability and mobility.

You can keep track of your social activities, of course, but in addition, there are spaces for assignments, project notes and test dates and ruled lines to keep it all neat and tidy. There's also a detachable address book.

This is a great planner. Which one will you choose for the school year?

(Tell me what you look for and what's important to you when choosing a planner and I'll post the results later in September).

Clairefontaine makes the very best notebooks - sturdy and of the utmost quality. They are the only European manufacturer making their own paper for their products.

And talk about options. There's sooo much to choose from here.

The Basic line is a good place to start. The 90g PH neutral, acid-free paper has a smooth satin finish and is opaque, so you can write on both sides without worrying about it seeping through or having trouble reading what you wrote.

You can choose from black or tan hardboard covers (so durable!) and the double wire spiral binding means no snags - on you or your bags. Brilliant!

There are many, many lines to choose from here. But whatever you pick, you know it's going good!

Same goes for Rhodia. These writing pads and notebooks are damn high quality.

The Orange + Black Collection has their classic orange look. For quick note taking, I'm loving the Head stapled pads orange. With the orange coated card cover (for easy locating at the bottom of your bag) and superfine vellum 80g paper that's micro-perforated so you can really take it with you, this is one of those pads that you come back to time and again.

It comes in tons of sizes, so you can choose what works for you. I got Rhodia No. 10. which is teeny-weeny and only has 7 lines on which to write. It's perfect!

Check out all that Rhodia has to offer - just make sure you've got a knapsack or bag big enough for it all!

G. Lalo is one of those swank old companies that keeps its classic look but with an edge of modernity to it. And the paper is still made in a centuries-old mill, so you can practically feel the dense words and refined script pouring out of you.

Get yourself the Verge de France Writing Tablet to write out all of your thank you notes and correspondence for the school year. The watermarked, 100g laid finish paper will change the way you think about stationery. I mean, once you've had the good stuff, how can you go back to that stuff you bought at the dollar store?

50 sheets of super thick quality paper per pad, 2 sizes and 11 gorgeous colours to choose from (I got blue, so classic and french, don't you think?)- why would you use anything else? Oh, and don't forget to buy a package of matching envelopes. You wouldn't want to send these in any ol' plain envelope. Ack.

Paul Frank Julius! School Planner from Chronicle Books

Okay, so technically this is a planner for a student in middle- and high-school students, but I couldn't resist the charms of Julius from Paul Frank for myself!

There are many things to love about this planner for a firmly-planted thirty-something gal like myself.

First of all, the acetate cover with red elastic band keeps it protected in my bag that is too full and forever getting fuller. On the not so practical side, there is Julius' cute monkey face that dons the cover and the fun drawings that peek out from underneath the plastic - skulls, crabs, bats, Julius and other assorted animals - that make all that work and deadlines that you've just recorded seem not so bad after all.

Secondly, there's stickers. There's slices of birthday cakes, seahorses that denote vacation days and elephants hooting "Priority," to name just a few. Stickers help soften the blow of dreaded appointments and routine meetings, dontcha think?

The planner comes undated, so you can start it anytime (right now!, for this gal) and it gives you a fair amount of room to record your stuff each and every week (a week to two pages). There's a space for "subject" where students can record their english, math and science assignment due dates. For you, it might be family members to keep track of soccer practices, ballet lessons, etc. Or maybe you'll use it to record your yoga classes, deadlines for projects at work and lunches with the gals. I'm using it for everything - work assignments, meetings with friends and associates, book club meetings, etc.

I looooove that every week is a different colour (thank you for imbuing my week with bright colours!!!) and that it feels so playful. So much of our lives is demanding and time-pressured. I love that though we have too much to do, when we record it in the Paul Frank Julius! School Planner it feels fun and free.

And doesn't that feel sooo good?!


Stephanie Dickison

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