Paper Products From BusyBodyBook, Ecojot and Paper Tracker to Keep You Organized and Hold Your Thoughts

As you probably know by now, I am a paper fiend. I love stationery, paper products and office supplies!

But all paper is not equal and I have scoured the racks and shelves to bring you great products that incorporate incredible quality and design and help keep you organized and hold your precious thoughts.


Stephanie Dickison
Paper Fiend and Publisher of the knack

The BusyBodyBook

This personal and family grid organizer was created with Moms and families in mind but I am using it in order to stay on top of all my projects and track all of the things I need to do each day!

Families can use it so that each family member has their own column and can see what the others have planned for that time and day but I like using the columns for different jobs I’m doing and planning ahead each day so I can really see my progress and also watch for certain things to concentrate on as deadlines near! It’s great!

It is set up for a week-at-a-glance and on the page facing it, it’s called To Doodles where there’s a blank space for doodling, making notes and jotting down ideas and phone numbers and a column where you can keep a running list of things and then check them off in the convenient “Check!” column provided or create a grocery list that you can then tear off and take to the store with you! What a great idea! I’m using it for writing down restaurant info, a reminder to pick up a birthday present for the lovely Victoria and other things that I think of throughout the day that need attending to.

There’s a bookmark included so that you never lose where you are and what you’re doing and 2 inside cover pockets to hold all of those little bits of paper that, though they seem small, hold the most vital information you need. Don’t lose them! Use the pockets!

And if you’re not likely to look at your to do’s on your desk, there is a convenient BusyBodyBook Fridge Grid Pad for so that the whole family can see it and use it.

I’m just one gal, but I really like the layout of this organizer and it’s really easy to use and see what you’re doing and where you need to be and when.

And isn’t that what we’re all looking for in an organizer?

Ecojot 100% Recycled Paper Made in Canada

Ecojot offers a range of journals, notebooks and sketchbooks that are made for 100% post consumer paper!

Woo hoo!

These environmentally-friendly products are made without chopping down anymore trees! And not only are they printed using vegetable-based ink in a sweat shop free plant in Canada, but they are beautiful to look at, thanks to the beautiful designs of Carolyn Gavin!

There are lined and unlined books, and little pads that you can carry with you everywhere to jot down ideas, grocery lists, phone numbers and whatever else you need to record.

My two little notepads go in whatever bag I’m using and the little bird cover is feminine and fun and the pink one says “Rethink,” which is a great reminder to constantly challenge myself.

The bigger journals are thick and just scream write in me, which I do, and which I’ll be purchasing for all of my writer friends and all of my friends that want to be writers!

I feel really great supporting a local product such as ecojot - just think of all of the trees we’re saving!

I hope you’ll support them too.

Paper Tracker

As you might imagine, with the different kinds of writing I do, I have pieces of paper EVERYWHERE – business cards, handwritten notes on small sheets from a pad of paper next to the phone, press releases, menus, photos, recipes. If you knew the extent of it, you might just make an anonymous call to Staples…

But I have found the perfect solution.

Paper Tracker displays and organizes papers you want to view often. With its unique design, it holds items within layered plastic tabs – so no tape, pins or clips required! And you can insert, withdraw and reorganize items with one hand, so there’s no pulling, tearing or vying for the information as you need it – and certainly no looking around for where you may have misplaced it! Finally!

There are as many different kinds of holders as there are rooms in the house – you can use them in the kitchen, bedroom, office and even bathroom.

I got the Paper Tracker Workspace Combo Pack 5.5 which contains,1-15.5” Standard, 1-5.5” Desktop, 2 Adhesive Pads and I Double Clip and allows me to reorganize the way I’m organizing the papers at my desk.

Because I work on a tiny laptop on a small rolltop desk, space is a premium and there is very little surface area. Despite the small space, I do have to keep a lot of small items close at hand – business cards of people I need to contact, notes I’ve made to add to my book manuscript, phone messages from a couple of days ago of people who won’t be back in town until next week, receipts , etc. – and thanks to these holders, I can now see all of those things without them taking up the whole upper part of my desk!

I also got the Paper Tracker Home & Workspace Combo II, which includes a magnetic strip and the holder is twice as long so you can store twice as much information. I know a whole group of folks whose workspace will be completely transformed using these organizers.

You can sit them on the desk, computer, fridge or wherever you like or, if it’s more convenient, use the clips to hold them at the side of your computer monitor or work area (see all the places the people at Paper Tracker have thought to clip it to under the workspace gallery of photos . Basically, wherever you need to have access to certain things – or perhaps you want to display some photographs, postcards and ticket stubs – you can put a paper tracker system and have your items nearby while reducing clutter and staying organized.

I am using the Eggplant from the Objects D’Art Collection in the kitchen to hold recipe cards while I cook. It is great being able to have somewhere to finally put them!

If you are looking to free up some space in your home, check out Paper Tracker. There is sure to be a couple that will fit in your environment.

I mean, if they can make it work for a small rolltop of a full-time writer, they can make it work for you!

Stephanie Dickison

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