LEUCHTTURM1917 Planners - Totally Crush Your Goals + Deadlines This Year

Okay do not freak out, but there are less than 4 weeks to Thanksgiving (only 10 weeks until for American Thanksgiving), just 14 weeks until Christmas and 15 until January 1st rolls around.

That means you've got a lot to get done between now and then and the best way to do that is with a great calendar in hand.

We may rely on electronic calendars while on the move, but nothing gets it done like pen to paper.

Which is why you should use both methods to cover all your bases and why you should definitely have exemplary LEUCHTTURM1917 Planners at your side to plan your work and work your plan.

LEUCHTTURM1917 has been making products for 90 years. They firmly believe that "details make all the difference." I heartily agree.

These sturdy covered planners are tough enough to take with you on the road, yet sleek and chic enough to leave on your desktop (because we judge a book by its cover, no matter what anyone tells you). Select the size that suits you best (are you taking with you  or does it stay on your desk?) and a colour that makes you happy. Take these elements seriously because the more you love your calendar, the more you'll use it. Trust me.

Each planner features:

- Blank page for table of contents.
- A project plan for the year.
Overview of 2016, 2017 and 2018.
International public holidays and phases of the moon.
- Two page markers, making it easy to flip open to today's date as well as an important upcoming target date.
- A pocket helps keep things tidy.
- Detachable sheets give you a space to write down addresses, phone numbers, specs and dimensions while you're on your cell.
- As there's no year stamped, embossed or written on the cover, sophisticated labels for front and spine help keep them organized once shelved and archived.

I test-drove three models. Take a look:

- Daily Planner

My daily record not only increases my productivity, it allows me to check back when things were done (extremely helpful when working on bigger projects).

In researching other daily calendars, I noticed a lot of ugly patterns, small layouts and squished together lines. Clearly these weren't made for go-getters like you and me.

There are many features that make this 2017 Daily Planner one stand out from the crowd, including wide lines that allow me to record appointments and deadlines with ease, a handy six-month calendar across two pages so that I can see what happened when, and the week's number highlighted at the bottom of each page (this is a great reminder that with only 52, each one is mighty precious). An ample note area means there's always room to jot down ideas without having to root around for scraps of paper, backs of envelopes or sticky notes. 

I have almost always chosen spiral bound planners because I want them to lay flat. This thread-bound beauty magically does it too. And the ink-proof paper (80 g/sqm) means I can use thin markers without worry they will bleed through (you won't be able to read the next day's entries otherwise). The smooth creamy paper is so much nicer than big box store diaries, and these come complete with rounded edges (so sophisticated) and a line and graph guide to place underneath for utter perfection, even if you're a messy writer like me.

The Pocket (A6) size  (5.8" x 8..3") is ideal whether you want to use it at your desk or tote it with you. And the elastic enclosure band ensures your pages will stay crisp and clean no matter how long the commute.

I don't know why so many companies give you only half a box of Saturday and Sunday to fill out. Don't they know that these are often our busiest days? My last planner made by an office supply company offered a full page save four lines for Saturday. Those other four lines? Meant for my entire Sunday. Completely unacceptable! Know how I've been getting around it? I place a long lined stick-it note over Saturday and mark it Sunday and then record the day's events. What is this, 1997? So thank you LEUCHTTURM1917 for at least allowing Saturdays and Sundays to share a page equally. Done to make the journal more compact, the half-and-half space is just enough to capture my dates and events. 

Finally a system that was made for our busy, modern lives. And looks good too.

- Weekly Planner

Ahh, the weekly layout. This is an important part of my productivity and also a favourite. Often a single day just isn't enough to give me perspective and looking at the whole month is too overwhelming. A cool seven days always does it for me, and LEUCHTTURM1917's  weekly blueprint is one of the best.

Combining a quick schedule rundown for each day - just a few words on each line will do -  and allowing ample space at the bottom, offers a quick overview of what needs to be done when.

The week is displayed across two pages so no need to feel you have to squeeze everything in tiny boxes anymore. There are three months laid out on the right side of each page so go ahead and look forward to your vacation or when the next bill needs to be paid. Each week is numbered, so you'll never leave holiday shopping to the last minute again. And an extra booklet for anniversaries and addresses comes in handy should your iPhone be across the room.

I got the jumbo size - Master (A4+) - which is great fun. Coming in just over 9" x 12" with its rugged cover, I feel completely unencumbered - which is a welcome change to what most of us feel when scheduling meetings and moving cutoff dates for projects up by a month. This size is currently only available in black, which is okay since it goes with everything, but I do hope they make it in brighter colours.

p.s. If you get the Academic Planner as I did, you can start using it right away, all the way until February 28, 2018. No better time than the present.

This bird's-eve view really puts how much you have to do in the next 30 days in perspective. Once you book in your work deadlines and meetings, personal obligations and events, there's probably not a lot of room leftover for "me" time so make sure to book time for yourself - otherwise you'll experience serious burnout before month's end.

My friend Wayne still uses paper calendars and between the two of us, it was tough to find monthly layouts that had big enough boxes to write anything, and where the dates didn't take up most of the space.

The LEUCHTTURM 1917 softcover monthly planner however, allows for a jam-packed scheduled to actually be recorded, with still room to breathe.

The planner starts in November of the previous year and lasts for 16 months, saving you the time and stress of having to get one before the new year when life feels the busiest/craziest. 

The month is spread over two pages and each boxed is lined, making it effortless to keep your calendar neat and tidy. Lines in a monthly calendar such as this is rarer than you think, so it's cause for celebration. Each outer box could use a heavier line to distinguish it from the next, but once you get your appointments jotted down, it becomes easier to differentiate.

There is even a bonus column, which is also extremely atypical of most calendars. The week of the year is indicated in each one (countdown to New Year's Eve!), and with five extra boxes, the idea of eight days a week is now a reality. Well, kind of.

A very cool feature: Following the calendar pages, a 78-page notebook is included in the planner. Those empty boxes in each month as described above can be cross-referenced using handy page numbers in the notebook.

At roughly 7" x 10", the size works from everything to luxurious tabletops to cramped quarters. And I love the energy of the Azure shade. It's like having the Adriatic right at your side. I would have preferred hardcover, though the soft jacket is lighter and more portable. 

And be warned - this planner starts the week on Monday, not Sunday like most (In North America, Sunday is the first day of the week, while European calendars denote Monday as the first day). This can cause havoc on someone who's used to the Sunday to Saturday design. 


Whether you use a calendar for work, personal use or both, you need to get yourself LEUCHTTURM1917 Planners. Just because you're not heading back to school this semester doesn't mean you can't crush the hell outta your deadlines. There's still time.

Stephanie Dickison

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