November 25, 2015

Moby & Tate - The Coolest Neck Candy for Indoors & Out

The only time I leave my scarf on indoors, is when the restaurant is freezing or I'm still waiting to warm up from the chill outside.

Moby & Tate handcrafted neckwear and scarves changed all that with their phenomenal fashion-forward designs.

Specializing in exclusive small runs made with hand-selected textiles, merino wool, silks and leathers, you don't have to worry about everyone else rockin' your look.

Now that fall has arrived and winter is quickly on its tail, voluminous sweaters and turtlenecks are a must, but that delicate jewelry you've been donning all year long just isn't going to cut it. What you need  are the following gorgeously handcrafted pieces:

This oversized, chunky link necklace has been softly crocheted, delivering both style and warmth. Completely versatile, you can wear it long or wrapped short, on its own, or paired with another colour (there are six in total). It's the perfect sweater accessory that you'll never take off.

Sometimes you want to look and feel of a scarf without the bulk, This is where Heidi comes in. The soft wool blend loops cascade gently over your neck and shoulders giving your outfit added interest without taking away from it. It comes in three colour combinations - Passion, Fall and Sandset.

It doesn't get much more luxe than having your neck swathed in buttery soft leather. This is going to be the holiday gift of the year. Two-toned leather stunningly swaddles and join together in a soft snap, thanks to invisible magnets. You won't believe how great your LDB looks now with this gorgeous topper. It's available in Sable & Teal Storm, Grey & Pink, Navy & Bone, Green & Orange, Cabernet & Jet, and Espresso & Bone. And no, you're not crazy to want/get one in each colour combo. In fact, you'd be crazy not too.

Also on my wishlist: Alyssa,  Gwen and Jessie for loops, and for sexy cowls and infinities, I'm all for Blaire, Hannah, Lilah and Quinn.

If you're looking for dope new accessories for yourself or for holiday gifts this year, look no further and shop Moby & Tate now.

November 21, 2015

Imaginary Authors Eau de Parfumes - Original, Intoxicating Scents that Transport You

If you have an avid book-lover on your list this holiday season, forget trying to get them a title they'll like or don't have yet - get Imaginary Authors Eau de Parfumes.

The depth of these scents is as intoxicating as the novel you can't stop reading and as uniquely curated as the collection of books on your shelf. Each scent comes with its own backstory, but don't be surprised if you come up with a whole new character and storyline once you've worn these rich velvety scents that never overwhelm the senses - instead just drawing them in.

The ingenuity in this line is staggering. Where else would you find fragrance notes that include evening air, the Month of May, asphalt, bull's blood, walnut bitters, oak barrels, fresh tennis balls and clay court , old growth and mountain fog, warm sand, and burnt match?

Here are my impressions:

Violet Disguise - I imagine old books mingling with warm fragrances such as balsam, amber, plum and violet. Like a pristine library that has cared for by a beautiful, educated and very feminine woman. The scent is intoxicating and could be worn day or night.

The Cobra and the Canary - If I could roll up all the boys I went out with when I was younger who donned leather jackets, smoked heavy cigarettes and splashed expensive cologne on before our dates, this would be it. But before you go thinking it's all dark and dense, let me assure you thank to notes of lemon, tobacco flowers (not to be confused with tobacco - it's fruity and floral) and orris root which smells like violets, it is still very ladylike and graceful. It's as complex as the boys I went out with, and a little bit like having them near me all over again. Sigh.

Bull's Blood - Close your eyes and imagine the time between Christmas and New Years, when everything is bustling with cheery merriment, but otherwise eerily quiet at various points throughout the day. When the snow crunches under your boots like thin meringue and the sun stuns with its intensity. That feeling when you're at a holiday party and the room stirs with the scents of fir, candles and possibility. This fragrance is all that, but available any time of year. Which is why you'll want to spritz this dazzling blend of patchouli, rose, costus root, tobacco, black musk and bull's blood, no matter what the season.

Yesterday Haze - Subtle and creamy, this is one of those scents than when someone pulls you in for a hug, they linger, they inhale deeply and without fail, will lean in even closer.  This union of fig, iris, cream tonka, tree bark, walnut bitters and orchard dust evokes satin and lace, sheer glee, love and meaning.

Memoirs of a Trespasser - Compelling madagascar vanilla, guaiacwood, myrrh, benzoin resin, ambrette seeds and  oak  barrels coalesce into an ambiance of autumn, dried leaves, thick cords and deep, passionate discussions about politics over a dark liquor such as scotch, whisky or bourbon.

The Soft Lawn - If French green had a scent, this would be it. The fusion of linden blossom, laurel and ivy leaves, vetiver, oakmoss, fresh tennis balls and clay court simply exudes spring, summer and the feeling of innate joy that accompanies them.

Cape Heartache - The first thing I detect is strawberries. Which isn't used in fragrance very often. So it gives the scent a uniqueness and unusual quality that you can never quite put your finger on. But as the perfume develops and warms, a woodsiness appears (thanks to ingredients of douglas fir and pine resin) and then it becomes something you just can't live without. 

Falling into the Sea - Sunshine and youth. Limoncellos on a yacht. Salty ocean water and warm, soft sand clinging to your skin. The first stages of love when you can't concentrate because they're there, or because they're not. Utter anticipation for things to come.

Once you've enveloped yourself in Imaginary Authors Eau de Parfumes, you'll never be the same again.

So shop now.

November 20, 2015

Studio1098 Jewelry - Make a Wish this Holiday with Wishbones for CANFAR Collection

Gone are the days of wearing jewelry just because it's pretty. Don't you want it to have meaning, to make a difference, too?

Tamara Kronis, Chief Goldsmith, Gemmologist and Jewelry Designer of Studio1098 creates custom and unique jewelry, using intriguing and rare gems in a sustainable, socially responsible way.

That means that her stunning collections (I can't stop looking at Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings, so handsome, propose already) include conflict-free, Canadian diamonds that are responsibly mined, cut and polished in Canada.

That thoughtfulness extends to her Wishbones for CANFAR Collection, where she is donating a signifcant portion of the proceeds to CANFAR - the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research.

The gorgeous line includes pendants - small and large - on delicate, yet sturdy chains, and cufflinks that are lightweight but still have good heft to them. Choose from sterling silver, gold, white gold (pictured), platinum, diamond pavé,  and an accent of gemstones and diamonds if you like.

No holiday is complete without a wishbone. And this one's forever.

November 18, 2015

H&M's New Makeup Line - As Stylish & Essential as their Clothes

The new makeup line from H&M is phenomenal. It's as pretty, edgy and indispensable as their fashionable apparel. Whether you want to rock a neutral, day or evening look, it's all here.

Launched recently at at the Canadian flagship in the Toronto Eaton Centre, a full collection of makeup as well as haircare, body care and beauty tools can now be yours.

I tried a few items from the beautifully designed new cosmetics line:

I usually shy away from these because I see woman all the time who look powered, but the fine satiny   finish delivers only polish. It not only keeps shine at bay, it helps makeup stay put, and feels utterly weightless in the process. 

Eye Shadow Palette

In case you haven't noticed, the nude eye is all the rage. This kit gives you everything you need. And it's all you need for a beige/brown/gold smoky eye too, so you're covered no matter what.

Suitable for any complexion, these nine pearl, metallic and matte mix-and-match powders go on like a dream, taking you from day to night, lunch meeting to late drinks in one fell swoop.

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher

First of all, I absolutely love the black and gold hexagon compact. So sexy. Then there's the silky soft formulation that's sheer and yet you can build it as much or as little as you like - which means it works no matter what time of day or what look you're going for. It's easy to apply and have it look spectacular.

Matte Lip Colour

Matte lips make me nervous because I always think I'll look older or too "made up." Same goes for bright coloured lipstick. But H&M's Tangerine Tang changed all that.

This incredible formula (in a stunning heavy bullet creamy white tube with a luxe gold base) is heavily pigmented, so you just need a couple of quick swipes and your done. The vivid hue brightens my entire complexion and surprisingly, makes me feel quite confident. And the best part? It's insanely nourishing, thanks to natural oils and vitamin E, so my lips never dry out. I wore it to a big gala fundraiser on the weekend and didn't have to reapply until after dinner!

It's my new favourite (I can't wait to wear it again) and it's the gateway product that has opened me up to wearing bold lipstick and other new shades I would have never considered previously. Sigh. It's everything.

Nail Colour Trio

These limited edition sets are ideal for the holidays, both for getting yourself party ready and for stocking stuffers and gifts to friends and fam.

Lots of shimmer, shine and gloss is delivered with a nice wide brush that allows for quick and easy application. And don't worry - the drying time is minimal, which means you'll be out the door in no time.


The best part about the collection? Over 700 products have launched, with seasonal features and limited-edition colour collections to be added.

I want to try every single one.

November 17, 2015

Purdys Chocolatier - Christmas is Coming One Chocolate-Filled Day at a Time!

With the holidays only five weeks away, it's time to get organized and start thinking about gifts.

I absolutely love advent calendars. The lead up to the big day, the element of surprise when each door is opened, the reveal of what's inside (I think we'd all be much happier if every month came with an advent calendar).

And while in the past I have often gifted paper ones based on the person's likes and style, this year's  Winter Village Advent Calendar by Purdys Chocolatier is too delightful not to share with family and friends.

The sturdy, hard case cupboard opens to reveal colourful deep drawers numbered with the 24 days before Christmas. Scattered playfully out of order so you have to search for the correct day, when you find the right one, open it and squeal with delight as a single Purdys’ Milk Foiled Bell or Salted Caramel Mini wrapped in festive foil awaits you.

After you have responsibly worked your way through the month (nah, go ahead and dig into the week ahead!), you can refill the drawers for next year.

Suddenly paper advent calendars don't seem that exciting anymore.

Also noteworthy: Christmas Lollies for stocking stuffers and to accompany cards and bottles of wine, Warm Holiday Wishes Book Tin (ideal for both chocolate AND book lovers), and Christmas Chocolate Bar Bag (because a whole bag of chocolate bars is awesome!).

November 15, 2015

Dollup Case by Dollup Beauty - Your Prettiest Clutch is Also Your Most Organized

When my Dollop Case by Dollup Beauty arrived, I couldn't get over it's stunning appearance.

The colour of a Tiffany ring box (you can choose from a host of colours - I'm crushing hard on the Rose Gold too), the texture of high end leather (you'd never know it's premium synthetic) complete with gold clasp, and the perfect structured handheld size, the Dollop Case is everything I ever wanted in a clutch.

And then I opened it. 

Designed to keep all of your makeup tidy, the hard shell reveals an interior with a fold down mirror, a magnetic liner to hold cosmetic pots (voila - a customized palette just for you!), and elastic compartmentalized to hold your brushes, liners, and glosses (it arrives empty for you to fill with your own selection of makeup).

Whether you're heading out to a big time gala or just going from work to the gym to home, the Dollup Case is the most beautiful way to touch up and tote your makeup.

And it's just so damn beautiful to look at and hold. 

November 10, 2015

Trudeau Wine Glasses - Raise a Great Glass This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means a lot of entertaining and gift-giving.

And naturally, a lot of wine to follow (woo woo!).

But if you're going to go to the trouble of picking out a great bottle, you should at least drink out of a great glass.

Which is why you should shop Trudeau's Wine Glasses. Not only are they stylish, they are insanely affordable. So stock up for yourself as well as for others this holiday with these fab finds:

Made with fine European Crystalline and featuring fine thin rims and heavy stems,  i2 wine glasses made for both reds and white, feel pretty luxe despite fitting even the smallest of budgets (Two for $10.99) and being dishwasher safe (because who wants to stay up late to handwash the glassware?).

The collection also includes champagne flutes, beer glasses and stemless glasses.

I am not usually a fan of stemless wine glasses, but I am smitten with the insanely thin, chip-resistant rim, modern shape and large, tapered bowl of the Resistech glasses. The glass shines like no others, thanks to raw materials found in the Bohemia region of Europe that give a sparkle and clarity that make them seem ultra luxe, despite the affordable price tag.

There's a 25 year certified replacement guarantee on these premium lead-free crystalline beauties that feel so good  both in the hand and to drink out of.

New Oxygen Collection:

I am a big wine swirler whether I'm sipping a barbera, burgundy or cab sauv, so this collection was made for me. A "S" curve pattern has been embossed on the inside of the glass, delivering oxygenation without having to decant your wine first. So if you're usually waiting around for your wine to open up, wait no more. The larger opening of the glass also enhances aromas and flavours, so don't be surprised if all of a sudden you sound like a sommelier as you note peat, apricot, tobacco leaves and gooseberry bouquets.

The collection comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and as an added bonus, they come with a certified 25 year replacement warranty against cloudiness due to washing, and chipping on the rim or foot.

p.s. If you're going to get great glasses, you've got to get yourself a wine aerator. Trust me, once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever went without one. The Trudeau Platinum Edition Elite Wine Aerator gives you the same result as if you'd let it decant for half an hour, thank to it's  injection of air design. It's also dripless, which means less cleaning up after the celebrations!

November 09, 2015

Reversa Skin Smoothing Body Lotion - Don't Just Moisturize, Turn Back the Clock

It's barely November and already I've been battling winter skin. It isn't even that cold outdoors yet, but dry furnace heat blasts through the house and office and as a result, my skin was already feeling parched and I'd somehow also lost that summer softness and smoothness that I'd come to love so much.

Thank goodess for Reversa Skin Smoothing Body Lotion. It's most than a moisturizer. It a complete skin overhaul, thanks to containing 10% glycolic acid, the highest concentration allowed without a prescription from a dermatologist. This works to exfoliate your skin while delivering healthy new dermis, so forget about dry patches and gross knees and elbows that feel like sandpaper.

And the more you use it, the better. The unique Time-Release Glyco-Comfort System keeps the skin renewal going while emollients such as vitamin E and provitamin B5, glycerin and petrolatum help keep your skin juicy and soft.

I appreciate the thick, non-greasy perfume-, oil- and paraben-free formula that sinks in upon application and how my skin looks and feels more hydrated, giving it an all-over more youthful appearance (because winter is long enough without looking and feeling old). Just because you're covered up in layers doesn't mean your skin needs to be in hiding too (say hello to your teensiest nighties and barely-there loungewear again).

And it works quickly - within a week I saw a serious difference. By the end of the bottle, I'm back to my supple summer skin. 

Using it from shoulders to feet (don't forget your hands, elbows and knees), you'll be all supple and nourished in no time, no matter how dry the air or cold the wind.

It's a winter must, so shop Reversa Skin Smoothing Body Lotion now.