November 25, 2014

Noridic Collection by OPI - Norse Beauties

Nordic might just be one of the best collections OPI has ever put out.

The wide range of colours offers everything from office workable to weekend wedding reception to late night drinks with the gang.

The sheer ease with which it goes on means you get a super professional finish without having to be too fussy or have mad skills. One coat also will do, if you're cramped for time. But of course two is always better.

I put three shades to the test:

- Ice-Bergers & Fries: This rich chocolate brown isn't a shade I would normally turn to, but now it happens to be one of my faves, thanks to its warmth and versatility (your black clothes suddenly lose their drabness and now pop!).

- Thank Glogg It's Friday! Then there's the creamy, party perfect wine red that has a beautiful sheen. I wore it to an event where a fashion-forward friend squealed at how great my nails looked.

- My Voice is a Little Norse: What a gorgeous gray speckled with disco ball party glitter, which will go with whatever party outfit you're rockin' this holiday season. Like dipping your nails in diamonds. Simply stunning!

See the whole range here. And watch the evocative video here:

But whatever you do, shop the Nordic Collection by OPI. These stunning lacquers will help see you through the winter months.

October 27, 2014

Fivesse Gym Bags - Fit & Fabulous. And Organized. Finally.

Just because you're heading to the gym, doesn't mean you can't be organized and stylish.

Fivesse Gym Bags are the best I've seen yet. Available in a variety of eye-catching styles and sizes, they make heading to your workout a little easier. Especially now that you have compartments to store everything in.

They have thoughtfully considered and based their designs on whether you go from home to the gym and back home, or if you workout after workWho is thinking that much about your schedule other than you?

There is even a garment bag designed to easily attach, making it possible to change for an event, or travel without compromising your own personal style.

There is so much to love and covet about these bags. My Home-Gym-Work Stripe (pictured above) is outfitted with more features than my entire house! And easily denoted with cute icon symbols (the washing machine one is adorable).

I am completely gobsmacked by:

- The stunning design. It looks like luxe luggage more than a mere gym bag.

- How big, yet not bulky it is. I could fit waaaay more than my gym stuff in here. Which is why I am using it as my new travel carry-on, and truly think they should also be marketed for travel. And if it had netting, it would be an ideal carrier for small pets! Ooh, the possibilities...

The fabric, which is lightweight, but durable, thank to a waterproof vinyl bottom. The inside is made of polyester (treated with an  anti-microbial treatment) and double coated polyurethane that's also water resistant, so go ahead and swim and sweat. This bag can take it!

- The handles. Thick, but soft enough webbing that it won't cut into your shoulder. And thankfully deep enough to fit over my thick, puffy coat in winter, which where I live is most of the months of the year.

- Built-in straps for your yoga mat, so you don't have to lug around an extra bag. Phew.

- A large zippered pocket for your toiletries. Compartmentalizing is a great thing.

- An elastic pouch for your jewelery. Because whether you spent a mint on them or not, they are keepsakes and you want them to be safe and sound.

- The music pocket! Talk about sweet features. Keep your iPod separate from everything else, because it's certainly not a toiletry and you don't want it getting anywhere near your sweaty attire.

- Ear bud wrap! Tangled cords are a thing of the past now, thanks to Fivesse.
- A quick and easy to use key hook. I try to keep what I take to the gym as minimal as possible, so this allows me to keep 'em right where I can easily see and access them without digging for them around the bottom of the bag like a flake.
- Small ID pocket. Located on the outside at the top, you can find and scan your gym card with ease.

- A convenient side pocket for your phone. Because you never know when you're going to have to take a call and again, no digging.

- Glasses compartment! When I go swimming, I have to leave my glasses in my locker. Now, they've got their own spot. Genius. And so much appreciated from us four-eyed folk.

- A netted laundry zip up pouch, which means you'll never have to scrounge around for what needs to be thrown in the wash. Saving you valuable time and mental energy.

- The large and deep webbed sneaker pouch. It's accessible from the outside but can hold everything from a pair of large sneakers to your entire gym wardrobe or towel.

- An extra polyester bag. I swim twice a week, so this keeps me soggy suit and cap separate from everything else. Which means no more putting them in grocery bags. Ew.

- Two elastic water bottle holders on the side. Now I can stay hydrated and keep my greens drink and/or smoothies and remain hands-free.

Whether you like to work out with machines, do a dance or yoga class, or swim at the Y, this bag has absolutely everything you need. And more.
Seriously, Fivesse, where have you been all my life and please tell me you are going to do an entire line for the home?! Because if each room of my house were as organized as my gym stuff is now, thanks to you, I would be an extremely elated individual.
Shop Fivesse Gym Bags now and completely transform your gym experience. In fact, their bags are go great, it might just motivate you to go based on how gorgeous and well-packed it is!

p.s. I can't wait to see their soon-to-arrive beach bags. If anything will get me down to the shore, it will be these.

October 26, 2014

Aromatherapy Associates London - Everything's Coming Up Roses

If you've ever wanted to be surrounded by the luscious aroma of fresh roses, all you need is Aromatherapy Associates London.

I first tried their products back in 2009, and was completely captivated. The added aromatherapy aspect to these stunning beauty and bath products completely nurtures and revives you.

I recently had the opportunity to try more products from this riveting line. Here is what I tested, and subsequently fell very hard for:

- Renewing Rose Body Cream is one of the most bodacious rose scents you'll ever encounter. Smoothing on this rich cream (made from damask rose, evening primose oil and shea butter) from head to toe every day is like getting a luxe spa treatment. And the fact that your skin feels and looks better upon application is an amazing bonus.

- Take your shower to the next level simply with by using the ultra decadent Renewing Rose Body Wash. A heady mixture of rose, camomile and sandalwood fills the air, while your skin gets cleansed, fragranced and enriched with a blend of essential oils. Simply divine.

- Should you need a little extra pampering, try their award-winning Bath & Shower Oils. The power of what they provide beyond extraordinary blends of healing and uplifting ingredients has to be experienced. Each time I used  Inner Strength, Support Breathe and Deep Relax, I felt much better equipped to deal with the stresses of the day. Can you say that about your bath products? And why would you want to use anything else when you can have this impact on your day?

- Aromatherapy Associates London does more than just astonishing bath products. They've got an astounding skincare line too. After just one day and night of using Rose Infinity Moisturiser and Serum, my skin was completely revived, rejuvenated and illuminated. My dry, dull and blotchy mug got a complete do-over and suddenly my skin looked plump, dewy and unbelievably even. So good in fact that I ran errands without a stitch of makeup on. Who does that?!

- Speaking of makeup, I love the gentle care that the Renewing Rose Cleanser delivers. And it's easy - apply in gentle circular motions and rinse off with warm water. Your skin will be clean and hydrated, not stripped or dried out like when you use those other makeup removers.

You can see why I am completely smitten with Aromatherapy Associates London - their products transform not just your skin, but your mind, body and spirit.

So shop Aromatherapy Associates London now.

October 25, 2014

Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop: The Rolls-Royce of Ice Cream Scoops

There is nothing worse that having to work with a mediocre utensils in the kitchen. Having owned my own catering company and working in restaurants with some of the best chefs, I've learned that you've got to have the right tool for the job. The amount of time and effort you'll save is unbelievable.

So over the years I've upgraded a lot of my equipment - everything from pots and pans and kettle to my ladle. The difference they've made is beyond mere words.

So when I heard about the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop, I was captivated. Not because I eat a lot of ice I really don't (unless it's Frozen Assets Ice Cream Co., and then all bets are off).  But because it was designed to be the optimal tool for the job.

See most scoops have a ball head and short handle.  You have to use a lot of wrist muscles to turn the ice cream. So the head was turned and angled and the handle elongated.

This means that you have to work less to get that Bone Marrow Sour Cherry or Buttered Popcorn ice cream into your bowl (I told you Frozen Assets was amazing!). 

At first glance, you'll notice the immense beauty of the Belle-V Scoop (this would be the only occasion where it's acceptable to leave a utensil out on the counter), but as soon as you pick it up, you'll feel the lovely weight of it - not too draggy, but a sweet heft that feels good. 

Other features include a spade-shaped leading edge for hard-to-reach spots and because it's made from solid aluminum, it helps you loosen even the hardest packed Rocky Road.
Hand finished and polished, it's not just a fantastic utensil - it's a work of art.

Available in black or chrome, it makes the most stunning gift. And one that will be so appreciated for years to come.

You just have to try it once to become a convert. Just look at me - now I've got two tubs of ice cream in my freezer. This from a girl who has no sweet tooth to speak of. Just imagine what yours will look like.

Shop Belle-V now and instantly upgrade your ice cream experience.

October 24, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Models Looove It. You Will Too.

If you've ever wanted to try something off the runway that won't blow your entire budget, I've got just the thing.

Last month, Batiste Dry Shampoo showcased their new scent Floral Essences, at this year's Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2015.

As the official Hair Care Sponsor of the show, held at The Pavilion at Lincoln Center in NYC, all the stylists used it backstage on the models for the launch of the new collection by Charlotte Ronson, as seen in this video:

I tried this cult beauty favourite for the very first time. It's ideal now that I have a short Charlize cut - I don't have to wash it every day to keep it sculpted and fashionable.

So as I sprayed it lightly onto my flaxen locks, massaged it in and brushed it out, I was shocked as I watched my dull, limpless hair come to life. In addition to the intoxicating, addictive scent (Why isn't this an actual perfume? It's gorgeous!), it leaves your hair silky and shiny without a stitch of stickiness. My hair is as soft as when I leave the salon.

I can finally see why Batiste is the go-to dry shampoo for women, regular folks and models alike.

Though I haven't washed it today, my golden locks look, feel and smell like a million bucks.

Now I can't wait to not wash my hair, thanks to Batiste.

Shop Batiste now.

September 27, 2014

The Perth Soap Co. - Stunning Luxe Scented Soaps That You Can Actually Afford

The Perth Soap Co. takes bar soaps up to the next level by using premium ingredients and adding bespoke fragrances.

To keep your skin moisturized and glowing, they also add argan oil, one of those ingredients that are so revolutionary, once you see what it does for your skin, you can never go without it.

They also call their soaps "cleansing bars," which I think is so smart, and also apropos. I haven't used a bar of soap in years, preferring the more modern version of liquid. But a cleansing bar? Now, that's just smart thinking.

And the company is right - this isn't soap at all. The thick rectangular bars look like they've come right of a hotel. The boxes too are in muted earthy tones with a thin rim of gold that give it that elevated, sophisticated appearance.

There are three varieties to choose from:

Milk & Honey- Most soap maker's milk & honey is too sweet for my liking. Here, the scent is clean, yet warm. Like the memory of when you were bathed you as a child, or that feeling of getting out of the shower on a cold winter's day where you are warm and bundled under a thick terry robe. It's a little floral too, keeping it from being too heavy, too much, despite ingredients like sweet anise, orange, cinnamon and smooth sandalwood, that other soap companies would use in abundance. In other words, it's perfect.

Moroccan Spice - Do not for a minute think Moroccan Spice is anything but elegant. It is so delicate that the melange of Moroccan amber, spice, vanilla musk, grapefruit, fresh green and bergamot, accented with hints of cassis, jasmine and cedar wood is just discernible enough to be captivating and intriguing. A slight waft of exotic warmth exudes from the bar and your skin.

Rosemary Mint - This is one of those bars that you'll be so grateful for on those mornings where you need another hour of sleep and another cup of coffee to help get you going. This wake-up bar uses  natural rejuvenating and refreshing rosemary, peppermint, sage and thyme, to get your day started. It's works so well, you might just forgo the coffee. Okay, well, almost...

If you want a rich lather, and to feel squeaky clean but be left with soft, smooth pampered skin, all you need is The Perth Soap Co.

Shop The Perth Soap Co. now.

Psst! Not only a great gift for yourself, but with the holidays not far away, I'd start stocking up. And the boxes are so pretty, don't wrap 'em up - all they need is a little string or bow. Ta-dah, your Christmas shopping just got a little more manageable.

September 07, 2014

Bask-It-Style - You Too Can Read/Dress/Drink/Look Like a TIFF Celebrity!

The city is filled with electricity this week, thanks to the opening of TIFF - the Toronto International Film Festival.

I have gone to a few celebrity-filled shindigs and been writing about the events all the week. But what's most intriguing is what the stars will be going home with. 

Bask-It-Style by GLO Communications celebrated its sixth year anniversary at The Fairmont Royal York (in the Queen’s Royal Suite!) for its annual media day, and showed off what the stars will be getting. What's fun is that media got their own version (mine is pictured above).

It included some great new books, Green & Black’s Organic Burnt Toffee chocolate bar, as well as the following, many of which I'll have a more in-depth look for you in coming weeks:

- Mary Kay: Limited-Edition Midnight Jewels Colour Collection with a compact mini and an on-trend clutch. Little Gifts Lip Balm Set includes these three fun scents: Vanilla Mint, Vanilla Berry and Vanilla. And for the guys, MKMen High Intensity Sport Hair & Body Wash.
Studio 1098: Hand-stamped, personalized sterling silver name necklace with Swarovski crystals 

In the meantime, enjoy the festival whether you're in the city, or watching the action from afar!

September 01, 2014

Make Collaboration - Getting Organized Have Never Been Easier, or More Stylish

Happy September and Happy Labour Day!

This is one of my favourite days of the year, as it always marks the day before back-to-school.

While it has been many a decade since I last attended classes or took notes in a binder, I still use it as a day to get organized and start anew.

And there is no better, or more stylish, way than the awesome products from Make Collaboration.

If you work on a laptop, you know the kind of heat it can generate in a short amount of time. So perhaps you've given into one of those thick, black, clunky, loud laptop cooling pads that

Give your computer room to breathe with The Prop, an amazingly chic laptop stand. It takes up little room, but it's pretty bow profile can be seen from all angles. It also comes apart to lie flat, so you can pack it up to take to the office or while traveling further abroad.

Now you can work in comfort and style. Ahh, that's better.

Go ahead and rework your desk and workspace all you want, but we both know that what really needs attending to is how you capture and plan your time. I've got three fab solutions for you:

Original Vertical Calendar

Look, it's time you upgraded from those hot air balloon/cat/beach vista wall calendars that you've been relying on for years. You are a modern, sophisticated gal, so how you track your life should be too. Get a look at your time one streamlined month at a time (or display a group if you wish), with this enlightened, dapper wall calendar (pictured above).

It comes with rainbow-coloured icon event stickers (because you are never too old for stickers) and an ingenious hanging system that leaves your pages hole-free.

And no need to mark down the holidays - they are thoughtfully added, so you'll always know well ahead of time the days you'll have free from work - and there is a ton of room to mark down where you need to be and when.

It's a brand new way of looking at your schedule (top to bottom, instead of left to right). And isn't it about time?

Mini Vertical

How cute is this?! A smaller version for compact spaces and ideal for the office, but no less dashing than its big brother.

Week Plan

For years, I have always had a week-at-glance planner in addition to anything else I'm using. It helps me focus on what lies immediately ahead, without getting distracted or overwhelmed by what's to come. And should I have to recall what I'm doing from memory, I can almost always do it if I just have the one week to think about.

 Make Collab's Week Plan is one of the greatest of all time. First of all, being set in Helvetica, it's super clean and minimalist, so that what you write down becomes the focus, not the calendar.

It's got space for the date, and all your many, many to-dos and deadlines. Sized like the mini, it's small enough to squeeze in anywhere (it fits snugly underneath your keyboard) and handily includes a 31 day spread, so you always know where you stand. With 60 pages and 90 stickers (woo woo!), you can plan your work and work your plan like a pro.

With these sleek products and systems in place from Make Collaboration, you'll always be on top of your game.

p.s. Select packages and you'll get a whack of products, all at a reduced price.