July 01, 2015

Estée Lauder Engligten Collection - Say Hello to Your Most Stunning, Luminous Skin Yet

I have never used an Estée Lauder product and said, "Yeah, it's okaaay." It's always a mind-blowing experience, where I look at my skin and think, "This is what people pay top surgeons to get and I got it without the pain of surgery or the insane cost."

My immense joy continues with Estée Lauder Englighten Collection.

For all the troubles that ail you - rough skin, dark spots, uneven skintone - the Enlighten Collection comes to the rescue and cures it all, in one fell swoop, to boot.

I started with the Enlighten Even Skintone Correcting Creme. The first thing you should know is the scent that wafts from the jar is as enticing as Estée Lauder perfumes. It's completely captivating So much so that I put a bit on the backs of my hands and sniffed at them all day long - glorious! The second thing you'll notice is that it hydrates upon contact and then disappears into your skin immediately.

Apply it in the morning - you skin will be bright and soft and and hydrated. Then apply again at night - while you sleep, it continues to drench your skin with moisture, smooths and soothes your skin. Then look in the mirror - your skin will seem lit from within. That radiance and glows lasts and lasts all day long, all the while giving you such an even skintone - a high that you'll never come down from - and riding you of those ugly, pesky dark spots.
With Enlighten Even Skintone Correcting Creme, you'll look more youthful, luminous and dazzling than you ever have. And all in the convenience of using only one product, one jar. Just look at all the space on your bathroom vanity now.

And to further deliver that healthy glow, you've got to get the first ever EE Creme - Estée Lauder Even Effect Skintone Corrector SPF/FPS 30!

I'm besotted with it for so many reasons:

1. It's ultra-sheerness gives you luminosity and a whisper of colour without looking like you're wearing any makeup at all.
2. Transparent it might be, but it minimizes all those spots and marks, pores and any redness and evens out your skin. Buh-bye Photoshop and FaceTune!
3. With a built in SPF/FPS 30, there's no need to remember to apply it separately (you've got enough on your mind already).
4. Delivering nourishment to your skin all day, your face is softer, smoother and saturated with hydration.
5. The healthy glow gives you a sun-kissed look, which is ideal all year 'round: in spring and summer, you look like you've been in the sun - without any of the damage - and completely transforms your pasty, ruddy, rough skin in the cooler months.

The Estée Lauder Englighten Collection is simply stunning. And you will be too, once you try it.

Shop now.

June 28, 2015

Bottle Bright - Your Bottles Have Never Been Cleaner. And Vases. And...

Despite changing the water frequently, your vase full of fresh flowers no doubt has a ring of sludge around it. One that no matter how hard you try, remains impossible to remove.

Or what about that water bottle you've been carrying around with you all these years? Just because it's got water in it, doesn't mean it shouldn't get a hearty cleaning. In fact, it's probably more in need of a deep cleaning than anything else!

That's why you've got to get yourself Bottle Bright by CleanEthics. And then make sure you've always got some on hand.

These all-natural cleaning tablets get to the nitty gritty of the stuff that clings to your containers. That travel mug that has coffee and tea build up? Gone! That tupperware with the red rings around it from all those reheated pasta dinners? Completely disappeared!

You can throw out those bristle brushes and stop using harsh chemicals like bleach to get the job done. All you need is Bottle Bright.

For the past few years, I have been collecting vintage bottles and milk glass and well, you should just see the stuff at the bottom of these things. There's dirt clinging to the sides from the 1920s, I'm sure. And trying to get the yellow stains out after almost a hundred years? I've tried bleach, but it never gets all of it. What does, is Bottle Bright.

Not only is Bottle Bright formula certified safe, natural and sustainable by the Natural Products Association (ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, peroxide, and citric acid), it's so easy to use - you fill your container with warm water, add one effervescent cleaning tablet and apply cap loosely, if there is one. Leave it for 5 minutes while the tablet dissolves. Then, shake it (to mix and moisten screw threads if it's a water bottle, and otherwise to get all the grungy bits out of the bottom and corners). Leave it for another 15 minutes, drain out the solution and rinse. For tougher stains, it's recommended to use hot tap water and a longer standing time, but I've never needed to. Not once. Not even with my antique vases and bottles. Those little bubbles are stronger than you think.

And it rinses so clean. Have you ever tried to rinse out bleach or other chemical cleaners? You spend as much time trying to get the bleach off as you did trying to remove the stain/dirt/build up in the first place. It's so safe, that I use it every once in awhile on my cat's dishes when they gets a sludgy buildup.

With your purchase Clean Ethics gives the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in vital need of clean water containers. So you get to do good and have clean containers that aren't contaminated with chemicals.

It's win-win.

You only need to use it once to see how deeply it cleans using only natural ingredients without a lick of elbow grease. You won't be able to live without it.

Shop Bottle Bright now.

June 23, 2015

CeraVe Skincare - Lotions, Moisturizers & Facial Cleansers that Soothe + Soften Like You Wouldn't Believe

Not all lotions and moisturizers are made equal. Over the years, I have tried many "big name" ones that worked for a moment or a day, but petered out soon after. I stopped buying the ones on sale at the drugstore and sought out only ones that truly work.

Proof that CeraVe products really get the job done came after I tried virtually the whole product line,  and everything still softened, smoothed and soothed months later.

was developed with dermatologists to develop a line of skin care products designed to "help repair and strengthen the skin barrier." (According to CeraVe, your skin has a natural protective moisture barrier. Factors such as harsh weather, UV rays,washing your hands, and various skin conditions can deplete your skin’s moisture barrier. To find out your skin's barrier rating, take the quiz).

This is part of what sets CeraVe apart from the rest. They focus on repairing and protecting your skin barrier. They're the first brand to contain the "three skin-identical Ceramides and patented MVE® technology providing 24-hour hydration with just one application."
What all that scientific jargon means is that your skin is being renewed, moisturized and fortified, not just upon application, but all day long. All fragrance-free to boot.

Here is how they CeraVe worked for me:

- Both cleansers - CeraVe Hydrating and Foaming Facial Cleanser - are among the best I've ever tried. I could use them all over my face (some require you to not use near or on your eyes), they removed every stitch of makeup (including the very stubborn, waterproof/24hr kind), and left my face feeling squeaky clean AND moisturized. I used them every day for months, and both worked equally as well. I think it's just a matter of preference of which texture you prefer. I found the foaming one a little thicker and heavier.

- After cleansing, it's time for moisturizer. For your face, there's AM and PM formulas, which helps keeps things streamlined (because isn't life busy enough without trying to remember what cream you have to put on when?). I love that the AM has an SPF 30 built in, saving me yet another thing to remember to do in the morning. It's also one of the lightest lotions I've ever used - it's practically weightless, yet I feel my skin being nourished all the time. It's evened out my skin so much that I went running the other night without a stitch of makeup on. The night lotion has a bit more heft to it, but by no means is it heavy. In fact, it's dreamy - you wake up to younger, smoother skin!

- For all over, there's CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. If you prefer cream over lotion, it comes in a tube or jar. Either way, you'll love the non-greasy feel and how it sinks into your skin right away. I slathered it on after my morning shower and before bed. The few rough and dry patches I had disappeared. My skin took on a more youthful appearance. And never throughout the day did I feel dry or itchy. Even after a winter of below 30 weather and all that dry heat in the house. So you can imagine how I've fallen for their Therapeutic Hand Cream. It's in my purse, desk drawer and on my nightstand. Just hold my hand and see how soft and smooth they are for yourself.

Not only did this one line do it all, it helped sooth and heal my sunburns and chapped skin. Ahhh, the relief!

If you want skincare for both face and body that truly works, shop CeraVe now.

June 13, 2015

Yeppie Paper Greeting Cards - The Perfect Card Each & Every Time

The art of giving someone the perfect card is more important than ever. No one writes anymore - not on paper anyway. So we've resorted to communicating through email and even worse, text. So when you are given the opportunity to share your sentiments on paper, you'd better make 'em good. And on the best cards you can find.

Yeppie Paper is a design studio run by sister and brother team, Jennifer Lee Gregoire and Jim Lee out of Los Angeles. The line features magnificent, gentle, hand-painted illustrations in muted colours that are so great, so perfect, you will be tempted to keep some (give in to the temptation - I did). And the ones that you do finally part with and give to someone? They will fall for them as hard as you did. 

Case in points (because there are more than just one):

1. There are these two woman I know who are a complete delight. These two best friends run a company together and seriously, they couldn't not be more whip-smart, funny, talented and beautiful. I love them to pieces. So when it was one of their bdays, I went in search for something pretty and whimsical, as I know that's what her desk at the office is like. Well, of course I found not only a charming card in the XO Hugs & Kisses Birthday Cake Card design, it also happens to bear her last name - LOVE. She just about fell on the floor with delight.

2. For Mother's Day this year, I gave my Mum the To My Beastie Birthday Card. I know, I know - not only is it not an actual mother's day card, it's meant to bear a bday message. But my Mum and I are extremely close and well, it was beyond perfect. So much so that my Mum laughed and laughed and laughed when she opened it, said she was putting it up on the wall as soon as she got home and now we call one another "Beastie." When was the last time you gave someone a card that initiated a lifelong nickname for one another?!

3. Sometimes a card just moves you. I am currently searching for a frame for the You Deserve a Round of Appaws so that I can add it to my office wall of art. Being an animal lover and seeing all those little (and a few big) paws in one frame just freakin' moves me. I love it so much.

Which brings me to why I love so many of their designs - many of them feature the most beautiful animals. I am giving my Mom the Grizzly Bear Cupcakes Birthday Card for her birthday this year because she loves bears and I'm saving the Sea Otters Happy Birthday Card for next year's celebrations. I find the Lemurs Sympathy Card so touching - their tiny little backs to us, snugged up against one another in the rain - I considered framing this one too. And I love that they're not typical animals either - if you know someone who loves meerkats, beavers, gorillas, donkeys, sea lionsgiraffes (pictured above) and ostriches (swoon - framing these), squirrels and racoons, you're shopping is done!

Shop Yeppie Paper now and give cards make an impact. That will no doubt end up hanging on the wall too.

June 12, 2015

SpaRitual Rhythm Nail Lacquers - Pretty as Punch, then Peel Away

One of my favourite collections for spring doesn't come from some high-end fashion designer - it's the amazing SpaRitual’s Spring 2015 Nail Lacquer Collection: Rhythm.

These six new lacquers are fantastic matte satins that deliver a wonderful new and refreshing look to your nails. And though at first glance, they might seem quiet and understated, the colours are so rich in creaminess and depth, they won't just slip unnoticed into the background.

The better-than-pastel lineup includes gorgeous hues that will complement every piece in your closet:

- Seasons (chamomile shimmer matte satin) is a modern, pale yellow. Like a budgie's feathers, it's soft and flattering and shows off a tan like you wouldn't believe.

- Cycles (peach crème matte satin) verges on a pale rose or that delicate orange-y pink that you find on the underside of a shell along the water's edge. It can look vintage cool or completely edgy, depending on your outfit.

- Dynamics (dusty pink crème matte satin) is one of the most addictive of the bunch. Normally I switch up my nail colour every 4 or 5 days, almost never repeating a shade twice in a row. But with Dynamics, I've been hitting replay ever since it arrived. It's subtle, but still has great presence. And it goes on so smooth, so quickly.

- Vibration (pale pink crème matte satin) is a sweeter, softer version of Dynamics. The most delicate lavender you ever did see.

- Groove (soft dusty blue matte satin) will probably be one of the only blues you'll wear and one of the best you ever own. It's what I call Martha's Vineyard blue, a hue that you see in thick pottery and at a certain time at sunset. Swoon.

- Pattern (dark grey glitter matte satin) seems to simulate the night sky with its deep grey base and with golds and reds like shooting stars. It's stunning and completely sophisticated. When was the last time you said that about glitter?

Now I know what you're thinking - you've given up wearing anything with even the slightest bit of glitter because it's too much work to get it off. 

That's why you need SpaRitual's Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat. It's so revolutionary, you might just take to wearing glitter for the next two years straight.

You simply apply one thin coat, let it dry completely (wait for it - it's worth it) and then add your SpaRitual glitter polish. You can wear it for a full day or two and then to remove, simply peel it off. It comes off easily in one fell swoop, not in little pieces, so rockin' serious glitter is no longer a drag. Not only will you save big time on nail polish remover, you can remove it anywhere without needing any supplies - just peel and go.

SpaRitual continues to amaze and delight me with their innovative colours and products. They are one of the best nail lacquer lines I've ever tried.  

June 07, 2015

Tee Fury - The Coolest Sneaks & Tees Just in Time for Father's Day

I like to think that not all fathers are into golf, barbecue, blockbusters, football or fishing. I believe that there are dads out there that are actually cool. These guys listen to contemporary music, read books, and rock awesome shoes and tees.

That's why you should shop for Dad at TeeFury this year.

Get him one of their amazing limited edition tees. Each day, a new design is released, making it a completely unique gift. Not-to-be-missed is the hilarious TeeFury's Got Tea? t-shirt! And it just happens to be 20% off for Father's Day. Sweet (psst - get one for yourself too as they won't be available for long). The thick cotton is dense without being heavy - just fantastic quality. And of course, the design is timeless as well as priceless, so Dad will be thrilled.

And because we all know shoes make the man, you've got to get him a pair of Shoe Fury. Choose either a Chuck Taylor-ish or slip on style, with a design that's digitally printed and custom made per order. Every shoe comes with a zip-off top so that you can change up the design without having to buy a whole new pair of shoes. Also, Dad can rock two designs at once. How cool is that?!

There are a lot of designs that are gaming references that I don't know, but the images on their own are fantastic. The Joker parody shoes, Last Laugh, are scary and dramatic, but oh-so-cool is Dad is into comics. And Send a Raven is ideal if he's into literature like Poe.

My faves are the Japanese-inspired Rising Tide and Hokusai Gojira (pictured above), which are dramatic in their own way.

Again, the quality is unbelievable - the zipper slides seamlessly, the heavy canvas is pliable and comfortable, yet sturdy, the sole thick and hearty, and because the design is digital printed on, you don't have to worry about it flaking or peeling off.  Dad is going to freakin' love them.

Shop Tee Fury & Shoe Fury now and make this the best Father's Day ever.

June 06, 2015

ANNABELLE Lipsies Lip Balms - Pucker Up Those Dreamy, Moist, Glossy Lips

Even when I wear lipstick, I have to put balm on underneath. Otherwise, my lips dry and flake in an instant. So having a balm that delivers both colour and shine is a dream come true for me.
Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms keep my lips soft and nourished and finishes my look with polish. These wondrous chubby tinted balms make application super easy - just swipe one or two times across your precious pout and you're done! 

Available in 12 shades and 10 sweet fruit aromas, these sheer looks have the glam of a gloss without any of the stickiness, and have the added bonus of aromatherapy due to their delicious scents!

I tried three from the collection:

- I haven't been able to stop rockin' Fruit Punch - the bright pink and fruity scent makes me glow inside and out!

- A close second is Coco-Vanilla, or what I like to call a vacay in a tube with the subtle smell of sun, sand and suntan lotion, and delicate shell pink shade. Perfect for any day, rain or shine.

- I almost never wear red lipstick because I feel like it's too much on my light skin. But Cherry is so sheer, it's the perfect hint of red - regal, not racy. Love it! And that addictive cherry aroma is intoxicating! Now I wear red ALL. THE. TIME. thanks to Annabelle's Lipsies!

At less than $5 a pop, you can get a Lipsies for each mood and every outfit. And don't forget to add some Stay Sharp Waterproof Liners to match. They are a must for completing your new look.

Lipsies might be inexpensive, but don't mistake that for a cheap product. The stubby pencil is easy to use and fun to swipe, and the scents are like candy, but the look you get is completely sophisticated. Who says you have to spend $30 on a gloss or balm to have dreamy, moist, glossy lips?

Shop ANNABELLE Lipsies Lip Balms now

June 02, 2015

Fullspot Watches - Fashionable Watches That Never Go Out Of Style

A watch is one of the most defining accessories you'll ever own. It immediately illustrates whether you are boho or business-minded, if you are all about the 80s or up-to-the-minute with your fashion choices.

But who can afford more than one look, one style? Have you seen how much a basic watch is these days? It's completely ridiculous.

That's why you need to get yourself Fullspot Watches.

Created and manufactured in Italy, the O Clock Series watches are a chic line of sleek, silicone, water-resistant watches that you can change up depending upon your mood or outfit.

And the added bonus? They are ridiculously affordable so you can stock up for yourself, as well as friends and fam. Christmas shopping? Done! Birthdays? Taken care of!

There are so many lines to choose from: Stick with the Classic line or go a bit wild with Safari and  Camouflage. Add a pop of glam with the stunning Gold & Silver.

The Black and White, or Nero, as Fullspot Italy calls it, from the Classic line is an ideal everyday watch. Stylish without being obtrusive, the white hands on the white background (with no distracting numbers, thank you) lets the black strap stand out. Completely timeless. And under $45 to boot. Swoon.

Should you wish for a shock of colour to wake up your wardrobe basics, get yourself a O Clock Strap. It's super easy and takes just a sec - just pop out the face and add a new strap. My new bright cheery red looks chic against my standby outfits of beige, navy, grey and black, and works with practically any colour or print.

If the strap is your favourite part (so super comfortable and just slips on and off, making it easy to change looks in a snap), change the look with a quick switchout of an O Clock Watch Dial. Select from a ton of different colours and patterns. Go ahead and try and pick just one - there's no way. You're going to have to get a bunch. Start with the ideal summer look - Forget-Me-Knot.

Want a bit of bling without having to shell out for diamonds? Go glam with the fabulous Cristal Line. It's just enough shine to make you look a bit fancy without going overboard.

And if you want a serious John Hughes, Tears for Fears and acid jeans feel, look no further than the truly awesome 80s Clock Watch Collection, available in 3 colour combos.

If you're not the wrist wearing type, the O Chive Pocket Watch allows you to keep an eye on the time without taking up all that prime bangle/bracelet real estate.

Fullspot Watches are modern, offer superior comfort, and allow you to change the look quickly and affordably. Finally your watch will go with your outfit. Each and every outfit.

Commence jumping up and down. And then shop Fullspot Watches now.