March 19, 2015

Deborah Lippmann LE Sexy Back Set - You Can Never Be Too Matchy

If the runways have taught us anything these last few years, it's that looking polished is a good thing and that you never be too matchy. In fact, these days it's all the rage.

Which is why you'll be besotted with the Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition Sexy Back Set of matching polish and lipstick.

The powerful fuchsia is energetic and slick without being distracting. In fact, the shade seems to make your hands look smaller and your lips more plump.  It's alluring while remaining completely suitable for everything from the boardroom all the way to the bedroom.

This duet is the perfect pairing to bring that LBD that you have almost worn out up a notch and to pull together everything from your navy and grey power suits for work, and your weekend staples of jeans and tees.

It's amazing how this simple beauty move will completely transform how sophisticated and powerful you look and feel. You'll be a warrior, a gladiator, a force to be reckoned with.

And because they are Deobrah Lippmann products, the crèmes go on silky smooth, delivering rich, even colour. And stay put, so you can get on with your presentation or  enjoy late night drinks and look like a million bucks without retouching a thing.

I have dry lips and being a food editor, I eat and drink constantly throughout the day, so my lipstick goes through a lot. This is one of the few that stood up to a day filled with pork bone ramen, bone marrow pizza, a spirits testing and Korean fried chicken
And thanks to a particularly brutal packed week, I applied the polish without a stitch of base coat or top coat, knowing  that I'd pay for skipping such vital steps. In fact, Sexy Back did me proud and stayed super shiny and chip free for almost a full week.
While you can absolutely rock the  Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition Sexy Back Set products on their own, I recommend wearing them as a duo as much as possible. There's power in numbers and SexyBack is too stunning to be used alone.

March 05, 2015

Goodwear Goodnite Shirt - Slip into Something Way More Comfortable.

There are two ways to sleep comfortably - naked and in a Goodwear Goodnite shirt.

Imagine being swathed in thin, yet puppy-dog-ear-soft cotton that moves with you (no more getting tangled and twisted in pjs or nighties) and breathes so you never sweat (leave the sweating for your other bedroom activity). Being comprised of 70% bamboo from viscose, 30% combed ring-spun cotton, it's lightweight, yet surprisingly warm.

In fact, the Goodnite shirt is so unbelievably comfy, you might just put it on long before you go to bed. It might just become your get-out-of-work-clothes end-of-the-day relief that only things like a good bottle of wine, or a new season of Broadchurch on Netflix can deliver.

They come in a 6 colours and sizes so you can truly get something that is "you." Mine naturally, is black (because it always look fab and goes with everything). The scoop neckline and knee length are flattering, so you don't feel like you're simply wearing an oversize tee to bed (so sloppy).

Go ahead and  wash and dry it (cold water, tumble low). You don't have to be supremely careful with it like négligées and other lacey bedroom wear. Really who has time to handwash anything nowadays?

It's made in the US and made to last. And comes with a cute little bag that makes it easy to stow for travel.

The only problem? You'll wish all your clothes felt this good.

March 01, 2015

Swiss Line Force Vitale - People Will Tell You How Young You Look

If you want to know how well Swiss Line Force Vitale skincare has reversed the clock, here's the proof:

I was interviewing an iconic restauranteur who has opened some of the city's most talked about bars and restaurants since the 70s. He mentioned some places from the 90s. I kept nodding, saying yes, yes, I remember. Finally after about the third one, he said, "There's no way you're old enough." When I told him my ahem, real age, he said, "Well you must go to bed at 8pm every night with a sleep mask because you look a decade younger." He quickly added, "That's not a compliment, it's a simple fact."

And thanks to Swiss Line Force Vitale, I have to agree. I usually switch out my skincare regimen every couple of weeks because I have so many to test and review, but I can't stop using Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 and Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 by Swissline. It has been so rejuvenating and skin plumping that I am using it until it runs out. After all, at dinner a few nights ago my dinner companion said I looked like I could be in my twenties. Why in the world would you want that to end? Sigh.

I love the deep hydration Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 delivers And it's not just upon application - oh no. This kind of intensive noursishment keeps going throughout the day. Using 24 different nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants (including rice and pomegranate extracts), your skin is immeditaely nourished and oh-so-soft.

And the non-greasy Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 disappears into your skin, acting quickly to boost hydration and radiance. Buh-bye dull, dry skin and hello younger self!

Swiss Line has been a brand that I've stood behind ever since I first tried it years ago (in 2009 and again in 2011). And Force Vitale is by far one of the top lines I've ever used. My skin has never been exposed to -20 degree weather and so consistently until this winter, and yet while my hands chap, my face is plump and glowing. My skin looks so good in fact that I could go out without a stitch of makeup on if I wanted to.

You don't need a facelift or a tuck to look younger. All you need is Swiss Line Force Vitale.

February 26, 2015

Knock Knock's Days of the Week File Folders - Getting Organized Has Never Been More Fun

Knock Knock products infuse fun and joy into your daily routine. Whether it's having your morning coffee, taking a message or working away at your desk, Knock Knock ensures you'll get a giggle every time.

Because I have a lot on the go in my job as editor of a food and restaurant website, I need all the organizational help I can get, so I am always on the lookout for new solutions.

I have fallen hard for Knock Knock's Days of the Week File Folders that help me conquer my ever-growing pile of paperwork that is forever encroaching on the rest of my desk. 

Each folder is boldly colour-coded and labeled with the day of the week. And in smaller letters below each day, is a funny remark:

Monday - get me out of here
Tuesday - better than Monday
Wednesday - humpity hump
Thursday - questioning my sanity
Friday - oh happy day
Weekend - off the clock

And just because they are fun, don't think that makes them flimsy - these folders are thick and built to last. They'll stand up to all that paperwork that you've got to get through. And they happen to contain a lovely notes page on the inside cover so that I can quickly access names, phone numbers, etc.

Now I am never at a loss for what I've got on for the week.

Knock Knock makes delightful, colourful, irreverent products that are plain ol' fun, but these file folders just happen to be the best office assistant I've ever had.

February 25, 2015

Nail Polish SoakBox - Carefully Curated Colours by Designers

If you want a pop of amazing colour that goes on (and comes off) like a dream and lasts and lasts, all you need is Nail Polish SoakBoxes.

I first fell for Soak when their Soak Wash changed my life, so it's absolutely no surprise that their nail polishes rock my world too!

Nail Polish SoakBoxes are made with premium nail colours, selected to perfectly match your hands to your handcrafted project. Designers select the colours, so you get a carefully curated, limited-editon, stunning array of lacquers to try.

I tried both the Sandi Henderson and Fig Tree & Co. Nail Polish Sets (4 polishes in each box) and simply can't choose a favourite because they are both unbelievable.

I wore Sandi's Huckleberry, a neon pink just last week for a shock of colour after months of donning darks and black nails. The first thing a work colleague noticed about my carefully put together outfit (including banging new jewellery, I might add) were my pink nails. She squealed at how pretty they were. Isn't that exactly the reaction you wish your nails would get? With Soak, it's not just a possibility, it's reality

The other notable factor is that I rocked that polish for 8 days without a base or top coat (gasp!) and there was nary a chip despite -20 degree weather, doing dishes, laundry and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Also of note, the beautiful printed boxes  they come in (Think Cath Kidston. I use mine for office supplies now).

Nail Polish SoakBoxes are one of the best beauty products you'll use this year and become the most covetable.

Shop Nail Polish SoakBoxes now and get gorgeous colour that you don't have to reapply for a week.

(p.s. Also in the Sandi Henderson collection: I wear Guava Juice when I want a light, neutral ballerina pink. It's creamy, but looks ever so glossy. Spiced Peach Jam is perfect when you want just a bit of coral and Alpine Strawberry is one of those cheery red shades that isn't vampy in the least - you'll wear it with everything. 

From Fig Tree & Co: Summer Afternoon is a pale, yet modern peach. It pairs nicely with the  light minty green of Sea Glass, that works no matter what the season. Fig Sprouts, a bold chartreuse that looks amazing against all black, gray and navy. And because you'll always need a sassy red in your collection, Strawberry Popsicle is a great go-to shade that always pulls a look together.)

February 08, 2015

Spa Room AromaMist - Transform Your Home into a Tranquil Spa

It is so dry this winter than I'm giving off little static shocks to everything from the stove to my cat to my dinner party guests as I hug them goodbye.

Since I can't control the cold Canadian outdoors, I am taking charge of inside the house.

The simple addition of moisture in the air makes it easier to breath, helps keep infections at bay, opens pores and softens your skin and make it look more supple - not to mention gets rid of the electric currents that are caused in dry air.

SpaRoom's AromaMist is so much more than a mini humidifier, though.

This sleek tabletop diffuser (available in black or white) delivers a soothing, calming ultrasonic mist . Using just a half cup of water, the air fills with moisture. Add your favourite essential oil (not included) and a lovely, light scent wafts through the room. You won't have to refill the AromaMist again for three hours.

Go ahead and add a light show if you like. This optional setting give a very subtle hint of colour (blue, pink, or a collection of colors) to the evaporating water. And the machine is as quiet as a holiday Monday, so no need to worry about distracting noises... just go ahead and relax.

I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin - "winter skin" is a thing of the past now.  I also like how relaxing the light and scent are. Who needs candles with the AromaMist in hand? I've been trying out  different essential oils - lavender, pine and lemon verbena - depending on my mood and the occasion. There are so many benefits  - healing humidification, soothing aromatherapy and  relaxing ambient lighting - and no more dry shocks. It's like a whole spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Change your home, change your life with SpaRoom's AromaMist!

January 16, 2015

Caudalie Teint Divin - Mineral Tinted Moisturizer Adds Instant Glow

My goal with makeup is always to make it look like I'm not wearing much. I don't want there to be a huge difference between how I look without a stitch on to my everyday, public mug.

That's why I have fallen for Teint Divin by Caudalie. This mineral tinted moisturizer, available in light to medium and medium to dark, delivers just a little bit of colour with the added bonus of a ton of moisture, so your skin finally feels quenched.

It saves you the step of having to apply moisturizer and foundation, so go ahead and sleep in just a little bit more. It also happens to even out your skintone and add illumination, so you also save time and money, as you won't have to buy and apply extra product.

Filled with antioxidants, shea butter extract, grape seed extract, sunflower seed oil and a gorgeous floral scent, it's a sheer joy to apply - and when you see the results? You'll stand a little taller, laugh more readily.

That healthy, natural glow that you're rockin' now? It's a game changer, for your skin and soul.

January 03, 2015

Cocky Socks - Now Drake Follows Me Everywhere I Go

It's not every day that I meet a celebrity (though probably more than most, as I interview them time to time for my work), but I met Drake once. He was as charming as you could imagine (so was his bodyguard Spoon).

So even though it was brief, I still think of it from time to time. 

And now, thanks to Cocky Socks, Drake follows me everywhere I go. In the form of the coolest socks in the history of the world.

Why would you wear regular socks when you can rock Drizzy 2.0? Or perhaps you'd prefer stunners like Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

You don't have to get stars if you don't want - go ahead and get an entire galaxy if that's more your thing.

Either way, these socks are made to last. Made from 90% polyester, the design stays dope longer (and the image is on both sides, so no matter whose side you're on, you can show 'em off. And because they're not ribbed, you don't get white streaks messing up the photo like those other socks.

Double cushioned and padded, they're also crazy comfortable.

I imagine these were made for Nike shoe collectors, basketball players and much cooler folks than me, but my Cocky Socks are coming along for my short runs and long walks. The view from the six is pretty awesome now. My game is most certainly upped now that I've got Champagne Papi at my feet. In fact, I'm running harder and walking farther than I ever have before.

Harder, better, faster, stronger, you could say. Phew. I'm done for the day.

Just hold on Drake, we're going home.