November 18, 2013

Caudalie Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream - Sleep On It & Wake Up to Beautiful Skin

As much as you want to combat the signs of aging, why are you working so hard at it during the day, when all you need is to sleep on it?

Simply apply Caudalie Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream before heading to bed and wake up to a brand new face. One that's relaxed, unfurrowed and seemingly younger.

I absolutely love the feel of this thick, rich cream. It feels so luxe on your fingertips, and when applied to your face, it imparts such intense hydration and nourishment, you'll be as happy as a clam as you drift off to sleep.

So it seems an immense bonus that you wake up to a better, brighter you. Yeah, that's right, you got upgraded in the middle of the night. Or at least your skin did.

Thanks to Caudalie’s newest patent Resveratrol-Oleyl, you'll see that your skin has this bounce to it and all that sagginess that you've been carrying around has disappeared. Dark circles vanish and skin softens and plumps thanks to potent ingredients such as shea butter and Ceramide 3.

While lime, orange blossom and verbena might be working away to calm your skin, it also imparts the loveliest scent, so drifting off to sleep is now accompanied by a gentle, relaxing fragrance.

And now that you look a full decade younger (I got mistaken for 26 yesterday, thankyouverymuch), you don't have to waste precious morning time in front of the mirror, applying various creams and serums.


Buy Caudalie Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream now.

Simply said - it works. Like a dream.

November 04, 2013

Morninghead - Forget About Getting Up Early to Do Your Hair

​I know a ton of people who shower at night and always have. I don't know if it's that they need the extra sleep or they grew up that way, but some of my closest friends are washing up when most of us are heading off to bed.

It's this demographic that Morninghead was initially intended for - those who have showered the night before and need to fix their hair.

I have taken the more fashionable approach and use Morninghead for when I need to style or change my hair in between events and happenings. Let's say you are spending time with a client during the day and then have something on in the evening that you want to dress up for - instead of coming home and having a complete shower and the whole deal, you can simply use Morninghead to wet your hair and then style it as you wish. It makes it so quick and easy to change up your hairstyle.

See, instead of having to try and cram your head underneath the tub's faucet (because let's face it - you've got to have a pretty fancy sink to have room to get your head in there), you simply wet the inside of the Morninghead cap. The ultra-absorbent material  in this unshower cap holds onto the water so that you can place it on your head without water running down your face and neck (just like when you used to stand at the sink/tub - ew!), so you just put it on, rub it a few times and bam - you've got wet hair without any fuss or muss. Then, you can redo your hair anyway you like.

It's reusable and washable, so go ahead and muss your hair up playing raquetball or dancing up a storm - you can totally fix it.

Whether you're rocking long or short hair, this is a great way to get ready for a night out fast or fix that ponytail bump before you head out to an important meeting.

Get Morninghead and finally have your hair the way you want to - without having to shower all over again.

p.s. Normally I put the product pic up at the top of the post, but Mr. Handsome up there was too sexy to resist! 

October 25, 2013

AnyGlove - Work Your Phone & Tablet and Still Have Warm Hands

Now that it's getting colder outside, the need for a hat, scarf and gloves has become a necessity.

While I love the look of a good hat and stylish scarf, gloves become a problem when you're trying to do any of the following things in cold weather:

- extract a subway token from your wallet (you'll be lucky to pick up a quarter or hold onto your transfer for more than three seconds)
- use your phone (you can't even unlock it to make a call without taking off your gloved)
- eat a hot dog (the wool gets everywhere or if you're wearing leather gloves, they soon are as covered as the dog itself)

Luckily, I found an awesome solution for one of them. 

AnyGlove transforms any pair of fabric, fleece or knit gloves into a stylus, so that you can swipe, type, text and tweet, all in the comfort and warmth of your gloves.

You simply apply the liquid to the thumb and fingertips of your gloves, dry completely and get ready to have the fall and winter of your lifetime because you can now email during a snowstorm (maybe you should be watching where you're going, but we've all done it, so no judging, okay?).

This is insanely great for many reasons:

1. You can now check your transit app for the next train/bus/plane in the cold without being cold.
2. Someone is calling but your phone is at the bottom of your purse/pocket/tote. You only have a few rings (can you still call them that even though it's more bleeps and songs now?) to get it and you've still got to take off your gloves to unlock your phone? 
3. Walking and talking on the phone. No matter what the weather or temperature. Enough said.

And there's no need to go out and get touchscreen gloves and then have to remember to bring your touchscreen gloves with you. Just bring your own gloves.

Now that you've got AnyGlove, you're ready for anything. 

Psst. There's also a formula for leather gloves, should you want to be all fancy with your swiping.

October 24, 2013

Navitas Naturals Powders & Mixes - Making Healthy Smoothies Have Never Been Easier!

Life is so busy that we now have to rely on our nutrition to be portable and drinkable. But "health" drinks aren't always that healthy and if they are, they can cost as much as an entire meal for one. 

And as much as I'd like to juice every morning, I don't have the counter space, nor do I wish to add to my already overloaded errand list by constantly jetting off for more fruit and veg (have you seen how many oranges it takes to make a single glass?).

For me, it's simpler just to buy bags of vitamin-packed frozen fruit, add a few ingredients, blend it and go.

But for a smoothie to be a good, worthwhile one, you need more than just some fruit and juice.

That's why you're going to want to stock your shelves with Navitas Naturals Powders & Mixers.

This amazing power foods company caught my attention years ago with their healthy snacks and delicious, energy boosting food.  This time 'round, I'm all about making nutritious drinks that will keep my energy up throughout the day without packing on calories and being full of harmful  ingredients. Navitas Naturals Powders & Mixers make it oh-so-easy! Check out my favourites so far:

Have you seen how expensive coconut water is? And how teeny the containers are? That l'il can is going to last you a minute at most. 

That's why I am so thrilled to discover Navitas Naturals Coconut Water Powder. You only need a tablespoon of powder in a glass of water, to create a hydrating drink. Don't worry, there's no lumps or bumps - it dissolves beautifully. And adding it to a smoothie is so quick and easy. 

I don't know why this product doesn't receive more attention. I think it's such a brilliant invention and should be awarded the Oscar of food and drink!

Navitas Naturals were the ones that got me hooked on Golden Berries years ago, so discovering that they've developed a powder of these "tart’n’tangy berries," as they call them, is so exciting. A fabulous source of vitamins A &C, as well as bioflavonoids (super antioxidants), you can now enjoy these Andean superfruit daily, without having to scarf down any more supplements or spend precious time in the morning prepping little packages of balanced snacks.

Williams-Sonoma has an incredible eye for quality, so it's no wonder they worked with Navitas Naturals to"hand select plant-based blends that transform everyday smoothies into liquid superfoods." 

This nutrient-rich blend (pictured above) delivers great protein in a delectable powder, so that your smoothie is no longer just a healthy drink, but an energizing kick that lasts long after you've finished the last drop. Using hemp, cacao (just watch how you no longer have to reach for a chocolate bar mid-afternoon now), lucuma (a natural sweetener) and maca (said to be good for everything from nourishing your glands to increasing your energy and even sexual stimulation!).

So if you had to choose between that weightlifting powder that's full of chemicals or this to add to your day, which would you choose?

Navitas Naturals Powders & Mixes allow you to create the most nutritious drinks and smoothies that are so good for you, easy to make and affordable.

What are you waiting for? Shop Navitas Naturals now.

October 23, 2013

LaCoupe Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection - The Damage Is Done? Not Anymore

Despite changing my ways - washing my hair every other day (it's hard, but I do it because it's the right thing to do), applying product before blow-drying and straightening - my hair is still a frightful mess of dry hay. After all, I do bleach it as white blond as it will allow and I live in a country where it is cold about 8 months of the year, so it's not my hair's fault.

That being said,  it is still in need of massive repair. But luckily, I've got LaCoupe'sAwapuhi Wild Ginger Collection at my side.

If you don't know LaCoupe, you're missing out. This is one of the best haircare lines in the world and their collections always deliver on their promises (read my reviews of Intensive Repair, Argan Oil and Coconut & Macadamia Oil to see what I mean). Of course the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection is just as exceptional as I expected.  

Delivering deep, nourishing moisture by way of botanicals, your locks are immediately hydrated thanks to awapuhi (from Hawaii, also known as wild ginger) shea butter, silk amino acids and panthenol.

You can feel the difference right away, while you're still in the shower - which to me says how exceptional it is. Your hair goes from feeling like scratchy yarn to silky tresses in nanoseconds.

And then, of course, there are the results outside the shower. Bouncy, silky, shiny, manageable hair is yours. Even after you blow dry and straighten. Even after that ski trip to Aspen and all that harsh, cold, dry air. Even if you're just dealing with frizzy hair that won't settle down.

The thick, creamy formulas infuse your hair with a zesty, energizing scent. Who needs that second cup of joe now that you're feeling so alive?

I know - it's just shampoo and conditioner, right?

Wrong. Not when you've got LaCoupe at your side.

Shop the LaCoupe Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection now.

October 22, 2013

Mujjo White Sleeeves - The Chicest Way to Carry Your Electronic Devices

While you might be happy carrying your phone and laptop in a everyone-has-one brand name case, I prefer something a little for elegant, a little more stylish, a little more Dutch.

Mujjo is a label you simply must get to know. Their first collection of sleeves for Apple devices featured dark grey felt bodies with caramel coloured leather closures. Very chic indeed, if a bit masculine for my taste.

Which is why I was exhilarated to discover their recently launched white versions! These gorgeous beasts are exactly what I want in a case - durability and protection combined with intense sleek style that ooze sophistication and grace. Even the brand's font is stunning, so of course their products follow suit.

My Samsung Galaxy phone has never been so pampered until being enveloped in its Mujjo White Sleeve. Hand-dyed, top grain, 100% vegetable-tanned leather offers strong support with a sexy smooth surface. Being water repellent as well, I feel good knowing that its protected even during an intense rain storm. 

The fit of the case is unbelievable (this is where you'll really appreciate the attention to detail in design). The phone fits and slips in, but snugly. There is no having to tug or pull however, I assure you. Instead, your phone is encased lovingly, with immense care

It's incredible.

And of course now my phone looks all James Bond with its slim case with rounded stitched edges. I mean, it's a fantastic phone, but now? 

It's the ultimate, thanks to Mujjo 

And if you're going to be carrying around your iPad or MacBook, there's no swankier, yet

The thick grey wool felt body is office appropriate without being stuffy and offers great insulation and protection for your MacBook. The white leather closure is the perfect finishing touch. Like a fine pair of cufflinks or a trim belt that pulls an entire outfit together, this spectacular case is a stylish essential that tells the world you mean business.

Slipping your phone into such a gorgeous, streamlined sleeve makes you seem organized and structured, whether you are or not. It says that you are modern and knowledgeable and efficient.

Does your current case say all that?

I didn't think so

You just can't beat this kind of swanky Dutch craftsmanship.

Shop Mujjo now.

October 21, 2013

Korres Natural Products - Stop Eating Greek Yogurt & Do This Instead

There are some companies that just stand the test of time and everything they make is just so incredible, you stare at your new remarkable skin. Instead of talking about the matters at hand, your lunch meeting centers around you gushing about your latest discovery.

Korres has been making me swoon since 2007, when I first tried their products. And revisiting their line back in 2012 just made me love them more.

So it's no wonder I am still completely smitten.

As I'm sure you know by all of the reek yogurt has miraculous healing properties. so Korres took that power and harnessed it into a face cream that will floor you.

See, the way to tell if your face cream rocks, is the extraordinary, immediate effect on your skin. Can you see a difference in its texture and tone?

I saw staggering results after just a few days of trying I Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial.

That awful dry, crackly feeling your skin gets as soon as you slip between the sheets? Gone. This lush, silky, whipped cream sinks in and deeply moisturizes upon application. It feels so good, your nightly rituals just won't be the same without it.

Usually with night creams, you have to slather them on to feel the hydration start to work. Not with this l'il beauty. Just the teensiest little bit and you'll notice your skin feel like it's been experiencing a drought up until now.

In the morning, I always run to the mirror to see the changes - every single time I've used this cream, my skin is plump and supple, smooth, rosy and as soft as a puppy's ear, like I've just left from an exclusive spa treatment. And I find that I don't need to use it everyday to see long-lasting results - once or twice a week gives me a youthful enough appearance that I look a good decade younger than what is indicated on my passport.

So while your co-workers and besties slurp up greek yogurt for breakfast and breaktime, you and I will be comforted in the knowledge that the secret of youth isn't necessarily eating the stuff - it's putting it on your face at night. The Korres way.

October 18, 2013

Torrain Recycled Bags - Never Has a Rice Bag Looked So Chic

If you're like me, you always need a bag in addition to your purse. Whether you prefer a carry-all, tote bag or weekender, it's all the same - an extra place to stash what won't fit into your bag.

Since I always have one at my side (filled to the brim, I might add), friends and colleagues always know to check out my latest find. After all, I won't carry just anything.

Torrain Recycled Bags not only fulfill my requirement to be stylish, they are also wicked strong (The bigger the bag, the more you carry - e.g. Oh, wait, are those tops really 3 for 1?...), and are made with care from recycled materials

Their stunning tote bags will not only survive that bumpy flight and awkward trip to your in-laws and back without putting up a fuss (can the same be said about your partner?), they manage to allow you to bring way more than you'll ever need (how do you know if you'll need a sweater and a jacket?).

Carrying your laptop and office work around won't feel so bad once you've got it all in a cute recycled rice bag messenger bag.

When people carry duffle bags for work, the gym or traveling, I find they don't take style into account like they would with other bags. Which is why you need to switch to these sweet designs. Soooo much better than that one that advertises the gym you've been going to since the 90s.

And these handbags and shoulder bags are so adorable, so unique, you'll never have to worry about having the same one. You know, where it tells you it's not plastic?

These bags made from recycled materials by Cambodian artisians are water-resistant and super strong. So go ahead and do as I do and load 'em up with what you need - groceries, books, magazines, etc. And look cool while you're doing it. After all, brilliant colours like these are the perfect accessory to that carefully planned out outfit.

Not only are they super stylish, they are eco-friendly too


Torrain saves energy and reduces the amount of pollutants in the environment by using natural and recycled fabrics. Packaging materials, stationary and hangtags are also 100% recycled and printed with natural dyes.