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Always in search of the perfect lip colour?

What if I told you there are sumptuous lipsticks that customize to your skintone, without having to go all the way to he beauty counter to get tested, or apply 17 different shades before finding the right one?

Make the Moment by Sassy Lips works with your own body temperature to create a pink shade so suitable, you'll be tossing out old lippies left and right, realizing just now, at this late date and age, that you've been donning the wrong hues all this time. Hint: The warmer your lips, the deeper the colour.

Unlike other colour changing lip products, this doesn't mean nude or natural, but colours that pop and sizzle - on you particularly.

That alone is worth the purchase, but what I can't get over is how these see-thru jelly sticks feel.

Super slick, and not the least bit sticky, there's no drag, just a smooth ride across your pout (cocoa seed butter and beeswax - holla). The weightless formula delivers instant hydration and vivid colour (think: best lip balm/lipstick hybrid), with a glossy sheen and the staying power of lipstick. 

The bold colours plump up my thin kisser as if they'd just been injected with dermal filler. Teeny specs of real gold add a faint shimmer. Statement lip finally achieved.

I'm completely head over heels.

But that's not all. Suspended in the pretty pink, yellow, purple, orange and fuchsia gels with a confetti of gold flakes is a handpicked, trimmed, single wild chrysanthemum (Pro tip: Since the flower's the real deal, you can keep it long after you've scoured the last bits of lip colour out of the tube. Just be sure to feed it lots of water and sunlight). I never leave the caps off my lipsticks, but I might have to make an exception in this case. These works of art are too beautiful to keep covered up (though the strong magnetic closure sure is fun - click!).

And if that's not enough, each stick is augmented with a sweet floral scent, so breathe deep - a quick aromatherapy sesh just got added to your daily schedule.

Simply extraordinary.

Take a look at the current lineup of Sassy Lip's dynamic collections:

- Dare To Be You | matte
- Keep Em Guessing | tubes of green, black, blue and shimmering cream reveal a surprise colour based on your pH balance
- Make the Moment | limited edition shades with cute names (When Bae Looks Your Way) and honest-to-goodness flora that turn your pout glossy pink

To figure out what shades work best with your skintone, there's a chart for each complexion: fair, light, medium, tan and dark. I'm currently rocking the tailor-made petal pinks from Make the Moment for  every day and special occasions.

No matter what you choose, you'll have chosen well. Because it's all guaranteed to suit you. Unlike 99.9% of the current tubes stashed in drawers, cupboards and at the bottom of your purse.

Told you they were exceptional.

Shop Sassy Lips now.


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