Revolutionary Beauty Products That Will Rock Your World!

Each year, it seems that it's getting easier to look younger, healthier, better.

That's because companies are developing products to improve our looks, all with one fell swoop of cream, a dollop of makeup and a spritz of hair product.

And 2010 is looking great, thanks to these MUST-HAVE revolutionary beauty products!

**it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer**

Okay, I've used some pretty fantastic under eye concealers before, but nothing like this!

The difference?

It contains collagen, vitamins C & K and antioxidants that give you coverage while plumping up your skin .

The results?

Gorgeous, smooth supple skin that betrays any ounce of lack of sleep or stress.

Because it Cosmetics creates makeup that's infused with medical grade anti-aging technology, you get the benefits of having had an eye tuck without any of the pain, expense and trouble.

Talk about a revolution!

And get the Dual Retractable Concealer and Micro-Concealer Brush to use with Bye Bye Under Eye.

Why get your hands dirty if you don't have to?!

**Snog Balm: The Pocket Size Lip Balm**

Every year, my purse gets more crowded with products.

And for Christmas, my fella gave me a beautiful electric blue suede clutch for Christmas. There's no way it's all going to fit in there!

That's why I'm loving Snog Balm!

This pocket-sized balm is not only small and compact (thank god), but damn moisturizing. Finally, I'm having a winter with smooth, dewy lips instead of the usual dry, chapped ones I've become so used to.

It comes in Naked (no scent), Virgin Cherry, Cheeky Mint and Strawberry Tease, all at the incredibly reasonable, affordable price of $2.49!

So cute, so affordable and so necessary!

I say get at least one of each...

**Aetó Botanica Hair Products**

There's nothing I love more than a great smelling shampoo and conditioner.

And Aetó Botanica Hair Products not only smell and feel amazing (what a way to start the day!!), but after only 4 treatments, your hair's "resistance to breakage is increased by 47%."

See what I mean? Amazing!

I tried the Fortifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask and loooove them.

Seriously. And I haven't even told you the best part yet.

They're made with bamboo! You know how much I love the stuff and now you can use it on your hair? Swoon!

Beautiful, strong hair that smells incredible and looks - and stays - youthful.

I finally have the happy hair I've always dreamed of, thanks to Aetó!

Stephanie Dickison

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