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Subscription boxes are one of the greatest inventions of our lifetime.

I love the element of surprise, you get to root through a number of products at once, and it all arrives right at your doorstep.

One of the best I've discovered this year is Goodbeing Box, which specializes in personalized natural health and wellness products.

The personalized part is new to me. Usually there's just one type of box, but with Goodbeing you not only get to choose a box type and plan, you get to customize it. This is an important distinction, especially if you've tried subscription boxes before and found them to be almost perfect, but not exemplary enough to order from again.

Select from two types: Beauty or Lifestyle. Then, have the option to choose 1-2 items a month, making it even more customized to your needs, wants and preferences.

Each box contains four to five curated trial- and sometimes full-size "healthy beauty and personal care products, along with samples of natural & organic health and wellness products." Total value of contents? $45 or higher, so you've already saved a whack of dough.

Subscriptions start at just $9.95 US/mth. Sign up for pre-paid annual membership and you'll save 15%. And how's this for flexible - On one type of plan, but want to switch? Thought you wanted the Lifestyle box, but changed your mind and now you want Beauty? No problem. Members also receive exclusive offers, giveaways, sneak peeks at upcoming products, members-only opportunities for product giveaways, and more.

And the contents? Phenomenal. Take a look:

1. Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster

This is the first time I've ever tried an antioxidant booster in a single product. Way to go, Bella Aura and Goodbeing. I've just opened the box and already I'm swooning.

Environmental toxins, free radicals, and exposure to the sun are causing major damage to your skin and health. But this l'il wonder infuses your skin with antioxidants ten times more powerful than vitamin C and E. It goes to work on everything from dark spots to rosacea and helps maintain elasticity. 

But it's much more than just another skincare product working on the surface. It deep dives to base level, helping cells develop and restore, and increasing collagen production, so that your skin stays juicy and taut.

This is the exact kind of face care that should be crowding your bathroom cabinet. 

2. Previse Skincare Hydrofoam Hyaluronic Moisturizer

I've never tried a moisturizer quite like this before - lightly foaming like cleanser, but hydrating without clogging pores. And it's beyond light. It feels like nothing at all. But oh-so-powerful. Fine lines? See ya. Plump, firm skin? Get on in here! And it's all done through "sustainably sourced ingredients from the sea and the farm blended together to deliver ultimate potency."

Skin gets a serious dose of antioxidants through the micro-bubble mousse, while a whole whack of botanical extracts drench it in hydration.

Free from parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance and dyes, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and phthalates, the ZeroFragrance formula will please folks who prefer fragrance-free products and those with sensitive skin.

3. Truly Natural Mascara

If you're looking for darker, longer lashes that still look completely, utterly natural, you need this magic wand in hand.

One coat gives you depth and definition, while a second coat ups the drama ever-so-slightly. And all without any clumps or lumps - it glides on super silky, super smooth, thanks to the clay-free formula. If only all mascaras went on this effortlessly.

Made with botanicals and certified organic ingredients, this vegan beaut free of parabens and gluten isn't soft when it comes to staying power. Forget about smudges and flaking, even during the most intense workout. And since it's water-resistant, you can probably get through Zoe Lister-Jones' latest dramedy, Band Aid, laugh-crying without any makeup fallout.

Bonus: Built-in all-natural conditioners avocado butter and saw palmetto fruit keep your lashes silky soft, so they look as pretty naked as they do swathed in black, black/brown or brown.

4. American Provenance Natural Essential Oil Lip Balm

One of the best solutions for my dry pout is this glorious all-natural lip balm with a minty kick. 

Emollient, but not greasy or sludgy, this clear lippie with a hint of shimmer smoothes, softens and hydrates. And not just for a few seconds either.

It even works on badly burned skin. I had tried dozens of products for weeks and nothing had worked on my scorched kisser. A few swipes of this and by the next morning, my lips were luscious and pillowy, ready for a very long, very intense make-out sesh should one come my way.

Lips get nourished and protected against the elements with just five ingredients - shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and mango butter. No metals, petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, artificial ingredients, colours, fragrances, or cruelty. Just the very good stuff.

5. Curandera Remedies Unwind Rest & Relax Herbal Oil

Say h-e-l-l-o to serenity.

Whether it's been a long day at the office or with the kids, last night's tossing and turning, or you just can't shut your mind off, this roll-on oil's here to help.

An exquisite blend of Lavender-infused Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, and a mix called EO Blend (comprised of Lavender, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile) works to loosen and relax both body and mind. When applied to temples, chest, and the back of your neck, it eases out tensions and anxieties. It's safe to use on children and pets too. Finally - the whole family can relax and feel at peace.

It's said to induce sleep, so put it on 20 minutes before bedtime to drift off blissfully for once.

The scent is unlike any oil I've tried before. There's a layer of first-rate lavender (there's such a difference when it's top-notch) and then chamomile like I've never experienced before. It's not that yellow musty smell like the tea. Instead, there's a hint of fresh forest green like pine or fir that's simply sumptuous. And the combination? A sheer delight.

With just a few drops, body and mind loosen, tense muscles slacken and unknot. Complete bliss. Ahhhhhhhhhh.  

Made with high quality essential oils and vitamins, each bottle is packaged at the time of order so that you get the freshest product possible. And the roll-on bottle makes it quick and easy to to apply.

Curandera Remedies may call it Unwind. I call it a miracle-worker. 


Goodbeing Box is one of the most outstanding services and products I've ever discovered. Not one product in the box was from a company I've ever written about before. In 11 years of doing the knack, it can be hard to surprise me. And out of the five products, I loved them all. That's also extremely rare when it comes to subscription boxes.

The quality and ingenuity of products are some of the best I've ever come across. Green, non-toxic, sustainable? Check, check and check,. So healthy. So worthy.

And the attention to detail is beyond. With each product you get a little wallet-size card with the description of the company and product, full list of ingredients, and value of the product.

If you want to discover new products that really do make a difference - to your body, mind, skin, health, and the environment - you need this extraordinary discovery box in your life. It also makes a wonderful gift (members get 20% off gift subscriptions).

Shop Goodbeing Box now.


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