bkr bottle - It Doesn't Get Any Cooler Than This

Sure you could cart around one of those boring, metal water bottles, but know this: There's no cooler looking bottle than the badass Spiked bkr bottle.

It's hundo P savage.

It def the rubbery spikes. They add a slightly rebellious edge, but not the severe Sid Vidcious/safety-pins-everywhere kind of rage. You're too sophisticated for that. Especially at this age. You ache to still be cool and relevant, but aren't willing to give up complete comfort and convenience, so you've compromised in recent years (as seen in recent examples of the ease of sweater sets, forgoing - foundation, and relying on the magical powers of cellulite cream a little too heavily). How did this happen? As actress Busy Philips would say, "Guys, I'm THIS person now?"

My brk bottle satisfies my rock n' roll, rebellious side (I wore my boyfriend's motorcycle jacket LIKE A BOSS when I was 19 and go-go danced my way across downtown in the Bar-muda Triangle in the '90s), while still being damn pretty. After all, I'm still very much a lady - I overdress for every occasion, always wear heels, so and waited to get my first tattoo until I was well past 30 - so appearance is very important.

The design too is tight. The BPA- and phthalate-free, non toxic and recyclable glass bottle is slipcovered in protective silicone, so go ahead and drop it - you're good. The signature small mouth is such a joy to drink from. Glugging down a whack of H20 whether you're at the gym or just chillaxing at home is way easy. Eight glasses a day? Pffft. That's nothing when you've got brk bottle at your side. 

I love the no-leak cap that twists off and on with ease (because after that gym sesh, I've got no strength left). The unique and super comfortable looped handle makes it easy to take with you. And the silicone feels so good - even emblazoned with spikes (soft and squishy, it's fun to hold onto).

Choose from an array of cool designs (Spiked Collection), colours  (Pinks, Blues, Greens, and Neutrals) and sizes (1 L, 500 mL, and 250 mL) sets (Little Bridal Sets), and accessories.

Founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler introduce new chic sleeves all the time, so there's always something to look forward to. And like evidenced by your clothes, purses and shoes, one look just doesn't suffice, so you're going to need a bunch. Spring and Fall Trend Collections, as well as Capsule Collections, are limited edition issued once or twice a year, and based on up-to-the-minute runway trends in New York, London, Paris and Milan, so your bottle is always as on point as you are. 

In fact, my 500 mL Spiked Bottle has become one of my favourite accessories alongside my go-to jewelry and heels. It's a reminder that I'm still a bit badass, ladylike heels and all. 

Get your bkr bottle collection now, available in-store and at beautyBOUTIQUE.ca


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