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I've never seen or used a more bizarre looking tool in my life than the Ashley Black FasciaBlaster.

The arm's length hard plastic white rod, with beautiful coppery dipped ends, is lined in what appears to be four old-fashioned faucets (the four-pronged kind usually found on old porcelain sinks and clawfoot tubs).

What do you do with it exactly? Take the rod and rub the faucet-like claws across your skin to break up fascia - your body’s connective tissue. There are actually four types of fascia in that gorgeous bod of yours, and this is the only self-treatment handheld tool designed to tackle them all.

Vivacious founder, inventor and fascia expert Ashley Black recommends that you oil up before hand, and I couldn't agree more. It will slide as smooth as silk, instead of scraping and bumping across your skin like an army Jeep off-roading. And body lotion doesn't work nearly as well.

As per the instructions you should see an red blotch on your skin after use. Trust me, this is a good thing. 

You are to use it for one to ten minutes, moving it quickly either up and down, diagonally or side to side, but never circles. Watch Ashley's video and you'll see how quick and effortless it is.

So after all that, is there a difference?

After a few months of use, twice a day - hell yeah. I can see and feel it.

Why would you go through all of this, you ask. You workout, eat right, why add one more tool and regimen to the mix?

Because this will do what it would take teams of people to do (do you have the time, money and energy to hire a masseuse, physiotherapist, trainer and doctor all at once?) and yet it's less than $100, portable, and takes just minutes.

One of the best features is that you control it, so you can customize it to your body - you choose how deep to dig into the skin, how long to do it for, what body parts to focus on. And all in the comfort of your own home.

This vital tool keeps your body in healthy in ways that no amount of chugging back vitamins or kale or running or regular exercise can. Take a look:

- Loosens you up

You know when your body is tight from stress, exercise, too much sitting, etc? All those aches and pains you experience, and now seem like a contstant? As Ashley puts it, overall tight fascia can "rob us of vitality." It can also lead to more serious issues - strains, ligament problems, back pain, swelling, limited range of motion, and more - if left untreated.

By rolling this across your skin for a few minutes a day, you can not only treat it, but prevent it by constantly breaking up and loosening the fascia. 

- Gets your blood flowing

Tight fascia restricts blood flow. Which can mess you up - swelling, lack of oxygen, maximum effort rewarded with minimum results. It just makes everything harder.

After using the FasciaBlaster just a few times, you'll notice how restricted everything's been. The difference this makes in how you move, how you feel, is everything. Even your mind will be clearer. All this without having to resort to expensive sessions/classes at pilates/fitness studios? Or indulge in extra caffeine that leaves you jittery? And there's more.

- Improves muscles + nerves

You can actually improve that way your muscles respond when active, increase flexibility and even work on muscle definition!

- See ya, cellulite

Reducing the appearance of cellulite wasn't an intended feature for Ashley when designing this - it just happens. Which, if you've been trying to get rids of those bumps and lumps unsuccessfully up until now, will be a happy discovery for you too.


Ashley Black is onto something here. Fascia doesn't get much attention in the press (had you even heard the word before this post?), but it's key to how well we can live our lives. It changes everything. Our anatomy. Our physiology.

She should know. This all started 15 years ago because her bones were infected with necrotizing fasciitis - flesh-eating bacteria. Often this severe disease results in loss of limbs. The fact that she was able to not only recover from something like that, but transform it into tool that lets you be in control of your body, is incredible.
I admit, at first I found it a bit brutal to use - I have such tight muscles and sensitive skin, it was shocking how painful it was at first. But quickly it evolved into that deep tissue massage feeling where you could feel it working and things actually, finally, loosening up.

And then, after just a few days I got really into it. After a week, I was full-on addicted. Like working out at the gym, sometimes you've gotta just move through the pain, but the rewards are limitless.

And now I can't imagine my life without my FasciaBlaster. It's improved my body in more ways than any single product ever has.

I have a long way to go (I can still only manage three minutes a day), but I feel healthier and stronger in parts of my body that seemed completely neglected up until now. I've been able to manage pains and aches and prevents further ones with just this one exceptional tool. Without having to fork over big bucks for physios or massage therapists. Without having to cram yet one more appointment into my already overloaded schedule. Without having to endure more tests. Without having to dig through the pile of equipment - foam rollers, blocks, mats, straps, weights, etc. -  I've bought trying to cure what ails me. Without so many things that aren't necessary when you have this beauty in hand.

I do a ton of things for my health these days - take vitamins, work out, eat well - but the FasciaBlaster is by far one of the most life/body/health changing tools I've ever discovered.

Shop Ashley Black FasciaBlaster now (for a limited time, enjoy free shipping in continental U.S.A.).

p.s. Be sure to also get a FaceBlaster. It's amazing.

Stephanie Dickison

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