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Life's become so hectic, so full-on, that comfort has become a necessity more than ever. Moving at the speed of light, we're juggling work and home, family and friends, romance and time for ourselves, and really just trying to stay on top of it all.

With all those twists and turns, you'd better be wearing clothes you can move in. 

And that includes your bras and panties too.

Our lingerie has to keep up with our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles as much as our every day garb. Actually, even more so. You've no doubt updated your phone, computer, appliances, cabinetry, home furnishings and wardrobe in the last year - so why haven't you done the same with one of your most important, most used items in life: your underwear?

miel is the fresh reboot you and your dainties drawer has been longing for. This comfy, cozy lingerie comes complete with integrated tech that keeps you fresh and clean all day long. Because lord knows your lifestyle is active to say the least. Your bras and undies should be too.

Thanks to brilliant, thoughtful designs by founders and sisters Camila and Valeria Velandia out of Montreal, miel's underthings do double duty as athleisure, so go ahead and drop and give me 20 in your cute culottes or boyshorts, and show the treadmill who's boss in your adorable racerback bra or weightless camisole. There's no way you can do all that in your current lace getup.

That's thanks in part to their outta this world material. Not only is it super soft and stretchy, this comfy fabric is made from a breathable microfiber and Spandex blend, so that it always moves with you, while wicking away moisture. And the addition of Guardin? It delivers botanical antimicrobial protection against stains and odours, so go ahead - get down, get dirty and live your life without worry. Because life's hard enough without agonizing about the sad state of your delicates or constantly readjusting that damn underwire.

To keep your sweet things (miel means 'honey' in French after all) in good shape, hand wash with cool water and dry flat or hang to dry. Not a hand wash kinda gal? Toss them in the wash, but pop items in a net bag first and set to the 'gentle' cycle. Keep everything out of the dryer though. Don't worry - they'll dry on the double on their own, making them ideal for all kinds of travel.

The boss collection features stylish bras, bandeauscamisoles, and panties including hipsters, bikini briefsthongs, and boyshorts in feminine mix-and-match hues of dreamy blue glass, sweet tea rose, oh so pretty pink, (n)ice blue, and let's do this smoke, in addition to everyday neutrals and new colours added each season.

Here's what I tried on:

This chic little number is super sleek and sexy, but don't let its streamlined appearance fool you into thinking it's not seriously structured. Thanks to an amazing compression panel (built right at the underboob, where you need lift most) and contour seams in the cups, you get shape and definition without a single pokey wire. So while it may appear at first glance to be a regular ol' cloth bra or bralette with no support whatsoever, this easy, breezy, super comfortable bra is highly engineered - making it a complete gamechanger and a must-have for year-round wear.

Adjustable straps and easy to hook and unhook closure at the back means you'll always be comfortable no matter what size or outfit you've got going on, and there's no struggle to get in or out. 

And because miel was made for us stylish, modern gals, Cam and Val understand we come with a thousand different types of clothes and styles in tow, so they made the straps convertible so we can  wear it regular or crossback, depending on what our garb and/or mood requires.

Pop the confetti. Our dream bra has finally arrived!

- IRIS Culotte/Hipster

I have certain tenets I live by which include: eat well (and often), love fiercely, show gratitude, and absolutely no VPL (visible panty lines). I've felt constrained for years purchasing pieces that were guaranteed to be inconspicuous but in dull, almost always unflattering styles and colours. So I was sooo relieved to discover that all miel bras and panties are seamless, so you can rock whatever style you want without ever committing any fashion blunders. 

Speaking of seams - flat-seams keep your skivvies right where they're supposed to be. No bunching, fidgeting, or wedgies.

I'm not a hipster wearer, but since these come up nice and high on the waist and helps keep things tucked and tight, it's the ideal fit for a restaurant writer like me - or for those of you currently rockin' all-the-rage high-waisted pants. As the cut and fabric's more flattering than most hipsters I've seen, I'm coming around to the idea.  

Especially since I just got home from a six-hour, six-course wine paired dinner, filled with champers and cocktails in between, and by now I'd usually be bustin' outta my clothes. Instead, I'm all in. Mighty full, but still lookin' tight.

Thanks miel - I couldn't have done it without you.


miel is available in specialty stores across Canada and the US - including Anthropolie y'all - as well as online, so shop miel now. And the genius save with 3-pack option is the way to go. Because once you try miel, you'll be hooked.

p.s. In case there aren't enough reasons above to fall for the miel sisters and their designs - they just donated 12,000+ pairs of undies to Dignity U Wear.

Stephanie Dickison

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