Flint Retractable Lint Roller - Your Latest (& Completely Unexpected) Addiction

There's no point in spending all that time, energy and moolah on clothes if you're not going to swipe 'em down with a lint brush before you head out the door.

We all know those folks perpetually covered in pet hair, dryer fuzz and assorted other fluff and fur. Ew. Don't be one of them. Look crisp no matter where you are thanks to wondrous Flint - the world's first retractable refillable lint roller.

There are so many reasons you'll fall for Flint:

1. This roller's small enough (as tall as an iPhone 6) that you can bring it anywhere. Which is great because it's as vital to bring it on the road, as it is placed the hall closet or your purse.

2. The sleek portable design includes a hidden feature - simply twist the base and the lint roller appears, ready for use. When you're done, press the top and it will closed, keeping the sticky paper protected until the next garment comes along.

3. One of the main reasons I was swept off my feet by Flint is the wide range of colours available. Once I saw the soft hues awaiting me in the Metallic Section, that was it. Love at first sight. The oh-so pretty gold (pictured above) goes with my decor, iPhone, jewelry. It's yet another extension of my style, something I can't say about any previous lint brush I've owned, and one of the many reasons it won the prestigious Red Dot award for its design.

4. While the exterior is jaw-dropping to look at , the smooth finish also feels great in hand. It's this attention to detail that makes all the difference, and why this lint roller stands out way above the crowd.

5. Up until now there have mainly two types of lint brushes - those red-flocked ones that you have to de-fluff yourself after every outfit and eventually become unusable, and refillable ones that are so frustrating to refill, you end up giving up and just buying a new one every time it runs out. 

The brilliant folks at Flint figured out the perfect solution: When the roll reaches the end, simply pull the refill off, put the new one on and press down. Done. No fuss, no muss, no tears, just a new roll of 30 reusable sheets awaiting you. 


6. Check out this paper. It's not just the perfect stickiness for all the gunk trying to attach itself to your carefully created garb - it's not impossible to peel either. 

Say hello to completely effortless lint removal. 

It's wonderful to finally meet you, Flint. We're going to be friends forever.

7. No more ditching your lint brush. You're holding on tight with this one. It's soooo simple to use and refill.

Which means it's better for you and the environment - even the roller's center is 100% recycled.

8. Because it's so pretty and quick and easy to use, you'll find yourself using it all the time. Even maybe getting addicted to it. I'm pretty sure this has never happened to either of us before, but hey if you're going to be hooked on something, it might as well be pristine clothing. And hey, don't forget the furniture (my dining room chairs and couch have never looked better)!

9. Don't love it? You can return it for" a full refund, no questions asked."

That's amazing, but there's no way you're going to. This is one of the best accessories you'll ever own, and the first lint roller that's as modern as you are and as pretty as your wardrobe.

Stephanie Dickison

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