Inklings Paperie - Pretty Paper Creations with 3D Features + Secret Messages

Looking for a greeting card with a little something extra? I've got just the thing.

Say hello to Inklings Paperie, where you'll find the charming cards with a bonus.

Founder & Creative Director Lindsay Henry was designing baby shower and wedding stationery for friends while working a full-time job, when she realized she'd stumbled across a niche that desperately needed filling.

Between the soft-hued feminine palette, seriously thick paper (I love a card with great heft) whimsical designs, and interactive elements - scratch-off and pop-up features - these pretty paper creations are sure to earn you squeals of delight and probably a couple of good, long hugs.

These made in the U.S.A. beauts are also hand-inspected - guaranteeing you get a top-notch product - sustainably-produced: cards are printed on thick paper made from responsibly forested trees with soy-based ink, with brown kraft envelopes made from 100% recycled content (get ready for more hugs).

Check out what arrived on my doorstep:

Scratch-off products are a big part of the Inklings Paperie lineup and it's no wonder they're such a big seller. Not only does the recipient get to unveil a secret message (what fun), but now you get the personalize the message (even better).

Ans since a slew of friends, family and colleagues have recently announced their plans to marry (woo woo!), this pretty teal number, complete with its own bling (diamond scratch-off sticker), is the perfect way to celebrate the exciting news!

The allure of a composition school notebook lasts long after graduation. There's something about that centuries-old black and white marble design that just inspires creativity and the desire to get your ideas onto the page. 

So how cool to have cards that look just like the real thing - inside and out. That's right, even the interior gives you the authentic notebook experience with blue lines to write on and red margin to steer clear of. This is sure to bring back awash of memories, as well as stimulate new thoughts and concepts.

The set of 12 blank lined cards with envelopes includes an adorable wee white pencil, along with instructions and ideas to get you started. 

Truly a meaningful gift and card in one. 

- You Melt My Heart Pop-Up Greeting Card

Everyone loves ice cream, but there are folks who don't want the extra calories. This sweetness is the perfect compromise.

The cute design in pretty pastels comes complete with 3-D honeycomb ice cream.

Shipped flat, the recipient simple peels off the adhesive strip backing, fans out the generous scoop of ice cream, and presses down to adhere the tape.

p.s. Love the pop-up idea but looking for something that's not dessert? Shop the entire pop-up collection.

- CHEERS! Gold Foil Luxe Gift Tags

I try to always keep beautiful tags on hand - you never know when you're going to have to drop off a last-minute gift or bottle of wine to someone.

These standout for a number of reasons:

1. You get six tags - three designs with two of each - allowing you to customize the message to each recipient and occasion, and saving you having to scout around yourself for a myriad of patterns and salutations.

2. Sleek, extra long with rounded corners, on uber rich thick paper, they're simply stunning.

3. Add to that the gold foil and black lacquer spot varnish raised confetti dots.

4. Thanks to their supreme span, there's a ton of room to write on the back, complete with printed to/from sections.

5. Items 1-4 make these labels a must for any gift, but what gives them true baller status is the silky, satiny 6" brass chain attached.  Drool.

6. Bonus: The clear plastic box they come in makes for quick and easy storage and access.

- The World is Your Oyster Art Print in Gold

Throughout my house and office, I have a number of framed prints. Things I've collected over the years, even some clippings from magazines from when I was a teenager.  The walls are a mix of photography, artwork and print and a common thread certainly is metallics, especially gold.

It's part of my modern, minimalist aesthetic that I really honed in on five years ago, so "The World Is Your Oyster" foil-stamped in true gold foil fits right in. The 5" x 7" art print on sturdy, creamy, silky paper isn't just a sweet sentiment, but in fact, a nod to my job - food and restaurant writer - and my love of bivalves.

I couldn't wait to add it to my curated collection.

And then I'm going to order a few because I'm friends with a bunch of mollusk lovers. Since it's shipped flat (matting, frames not included) and packaged with serious TLC in clear cellophane sleeve with" double-thick museum-quality backer board," you can send it anywhere in the world. Get ready Japan, Korea, U.K. and France peeps!

Cool bonus: You can use it as a card, thanks to the elegant Given To/From/Date section on back. Just add an envelope at checkout.

p.s. It also comes in Rose Gold - Pop. Fizz. Clink.

p.p.s. Be sure to check out the rest of the collection.


The items above are just the beginning. Inklings Paperie offers much more than just cards, tags and prints. Visit the sweet Etsy shop for a variety of stationery and party supplies, a ton of bridal and baby shower items, everything you could need for birthdayspregnancy/gender reveals and much, much more.  

Lindsay is on a mission: "To inspire kindness. To create fun, fresh and innovative products. To foster a creative workspace that values individuals and their families. To run a debt-free business with integrity, to live out our faith, and to embrace causes that create positive social change."

That alone deserves our support. But there's more: she partners with a local program that provides "job training for young adults who are autistic or emotionally impaired," and an orphanage in Haiti "to supply orphans with pencils, as well as sponsor orphans through Orphans to World Changers, an Educational Visa program."

Swoon. If that's doesn't deserve a seriously pretty, heartfelt pop-up or scratch-off thank you card, I don't know what does.

Stephanie Dickison

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