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Though I've been a letter writer and card sender my whole life, it seems I've never had more reasons to send cards lately:

- To friends devastated by the natural disasters of late
- To loved ones battling cancer
- An expression of my gratitude to friends who've stuck by me all these years
- Everyone seemed to get a new job or place this year
- New babies!
- Just married or about to be
- The arrival of a new pet(s)
- Just a note of thanks, love, and/or appreciation (so many things to be grateful for)

It was because of the recent onslaught of events requiring a note of kind words that I went in search of beautiful cards that can be used for a variety of occasions.

It was a no brainer that I instantly fell for Canada's own Bonefetti Paper Studio.

Founders and designers Abby Yew & Nancy Ng have created a lineup of charming graphics that are minimalist, yet still striking and impactful. Their shared passion for "beautiful and bespoke paper goods with the goal to celebrate the art of thoughtful communication," proves that they are definitely in the correct line of work.

Their lush all-purpose cards are blank inside so you can say whatever you like without having a card company put words in your mouth. How meaningful to have it come straight from your heart. You don't have to be a professional writer to express how you feel. Trust me. 

From the thick uncoated cover paper meant to be held and treasured to unique colours and patterns, premium finishes such as foil treatments to sweet original graphics, you can see and feel the quality. I love that the cards are square and just the perfect size - 5.5” x 5.5". It makes them a little more special, more pleasing somehow. And the perfect size to leave out on a desktop, mantle or frame.

Bonnefetti Cards are designed and produced here in Canada, in fun, whimsical featured collections: Animal Friends, Have HeartBox of Sweets, Signature Classy and Signature Sassy.

Available individually or in a set of 12 blank cards and envelopes (3 designs x 4 each) in a white box, complete with ribbon pull, I say get the box sets so you've always got lots on hand. And since there's more than one design in each box, you can really customize the card to the recipient. And can even draw from the same box for the same person. Plus, opening the drawer to get out a card - or three as some months may require (did you know September is the busiest month for birthdays?) - elicits a little thrill each time, And because the box is unadorned, it fits in with whatever decor you've got going on. Once empty, it can be refilled with cards, or stash jewelry, office supplies and even makeup in this portable box made with great design and care.

Here's a closer look at the two sets I received:

A box of cookies, macarons, and donuts all in one drawer? It doesn't get much sweeter than this. The three designs come on three different coloured backgrounds, with envelopes in a rainbow of hues, so you never get bored as the sender, and it ensures that the fellas on the list don't have to end up with a pink envelope if that's not their thing. Sweet.

You'll notice in addition to the appealing graphics, how much thought and detail went into the design of each sweet treat  - salty butterscotch toffee, cherry blossom,  and lavender pliĆ©? So impressive. These gals not only know their stuff, they went the extra mile.

The first thing I did when the arrived was send a macaron to my bestie Zoe, who's a brilliant pastry chef.The second dessert card to hit the mailbox was a cookie card to a friend with a serious sweet tooth. And well, you get the picture.

As a full-time food and restaurant writer, you can imagine how handy these are to have on hand. I can't wait to share the rest of the love. It's almost as good as sending the actual desserts themselves. Less postage and calories, so yes, almost...

Heart cards are the best because you can feel the love before any words have been written or read. That, and they're readymade for any and every formal occasion from Bat Mitzahs to Sympathy, as well as an ideal everyday greeting. Three design options - circle of hearts, heart bouquet pattern, and an exclamation point completed with a heart (aww!) - allow you to tailor them to each individual.

The light dusty rose colour finished in matching rose gold metallic stamp is decidedly feminine, but thanks to the minimalist litho print design and heft to the paper, it works for both sexes. And the metallic taupe envelopes clinches the "wow" factor at first glance.

I used up the box almost as quickly as it arrived - I could wait to spread the love to some of my favourite peeps across the globe ( I'm also keeping a few to frame because the print is just so lovely  - all Bonnefetti Paper designs are great for framing BTW). So:

- To Roman and Kira - Happy Engagement!
- Alliah, thank you for coming into my life.
- Victoria, you are the sister I never had.
- Steven, I'm so excited about your new business ventures!
- Angel, congrats on your new book - I can't wait to read it.
- Elizabeth, you inspire me every day.
- Way to go Wayne on finally changing jobs and pursuing your dreams!
- Diana, you mean so very much.
- Alexandra, when can we get together? I miss you!
- Happy Birthday Jennifer - you are one of my all-time favourite people.
- Suzanne, a mentor and friend. What an incredible combination.
- Winlai, you R-O-C-K!

Uh, Imma need more cards....


Bonefetti Paper Studio makes incredibly imaginative, thoughtful, refined, sweet cards on paper you never want to let go of. Sending love, hugs, and thoughts just got a whole lot easier, so shop now.

p.s. Also available - adorbs matching wine tags and wrapping paper.

Stephanie Dickison

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