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Unless you've been stranded on an island somewhere this past year, you'll know that palm trees, plants, cacti and greenery of just about every kind have become decor and fashion musts, filling many an Insta-feed. In fact, there are entire accounts just dedicated to plants.

Your abode is no doubt already crowded with succulents and monstera plants (do I know you or what?).

But plants - even low maintenance ones - require work and attention. You've barely got time to take in your dry cleaning and pick up dinner as it is. So I say stationery by way of prints, cards, and calendars are the way to go - you get the verdure, without having to recall the last time you watered. Bonus. Plus, the artwork will last a heckuva lot longer.

Let's face it though - not all fern and frond art is equal. So I went in search of the best.

I found it all in Kelly Kay, out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Kelly's stationery collection is outstanding for a gazillion reasons, including these 10:

1. Her work is hand-drawn, then scanned and press printed, so the detailing on each card is as if you've received the bona fide original.
2. The exquisite cotton textured paper she uses adds a sumptuous richness to each work and item.  Thick and sturdy and paired with smooth A2 envelopes in a range of hues, they feel so good in your hand, you might never let go.
3. This one's a rarity, folks: card designs  are thoughtfully continued  on the back, so when you open or turnover your card,  you can enjoy a fuller image.
4. This Crown of Flowers Die Cut Invitation stopped me in my tracks.
5. Ooh how you'll fall for the rich colours and details. On the Typewriter Flat Note for example, you can make out that the wall behind the lovely old clunker is plaster, thanks to her detailed brush work.
6. Her printing process is remarkably simply - she uses a regular desktop printer! - which means it's also quick.
7. Everything is made in the USA, with the majority coming right from her hometown, Fort Worth.
8. She's environmentally-minded: "I also love living on this planet and we do our best to take care of it by leaving a small environmental footprint from start to finish."
9. In addition to stationery, Kelly also creates art printsgreeting cards, baby & kids collection, for mom, bridal, floral, invitations, gifts & sets (be sure to check out Kelly's Favourites).
10. All the cards below.

Take a closer look at just some of her card sets:

Know someone who loves flowers? No need to shop an entire bouquet, where you've got Magnolias Flat Note Set in hand. These Pink Saucer Magnolias are just as lush as the real thing. And I can't get enough of GOLD FOIL vase base in the Magnolias + GOLD Fold Set. This card's staying out on the mantel f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Cherry blossom season never lasts long enough, so extend it as long as you want with the soft and feminine Cherry Blossoms Fold Note Set. Suitable for everything from thanks to sympathy, you'll want to stock up on these. And the blurred out blossoms in the background? Sheer genius.

A mix of petal pink and soft greens in the Olive Leaf & Rose Fold Note Set is fitting no matter what the season or circumstance. So pretty. And don't forget to look on the back.

Want something a bit bolder? Kelly Kay's Chrysanthemums Fold Note Set and Imperial Elegance Fold Note Set are guaranteed to brighten your day.


Of course like any respectable modern woman, I have not yet tired of palm fronds and monstera leaves (oh my god, as I write this I am wearing a top covered in 'em. This was not planned).

So naturally I'm besotted with the Lush Leaves Flat Note and Fold Note (with bonus millennial pink background!) sets. But soon there are going to be squeals of delight heard around the globe when my besties get these in the mail. Aloha summer!

And the Succulents Invitation Set will outlive any Hens and Chicks or Snake plant, I don't care how much of a green thumb you've got. Perfect for a housewarming or just a note to say hi or thanks, you're going to want to stock up on these. Psst! check out the back, it's as pretty as the front.

For the Writers & Book Lovers

There is something about an old typewriter that gets to us writers. Despite  knowing full well it's anything but, we can't help but getting caught up in the romance of plunking out an entire tome the old fashioned way - just like our heroes did back in the day (It's not romantic at all, just slow and much louder than you can possibly imagine).

Which is why my writer, editor and bookfiend friends will be receiving Typewriter Flat and Fold Note sets.

Because it's STILL a romantic notion, dammit!

I have two whole drawers in my office dedicated to stationery (I know, right?), and while greeting and note cards see almost daily use, one of the best items you can have on hand is gift tags. Because there's always going to be a last minute get together and occasion and you're going to need a tag for that bottle of wine, job promotion gift, or little trinket you got your BFF just 'cuz.

I looove that the detailing, colour and textured cotton paper are all just as luscious as the rest of Kelly Kay's standout line. But perhaps most of all, I love that this is an assorted set and each 3" x 3" tag is festooned with a different image: peacock, cherry blossom branches, roses, sterling flatware, snowflakes, American flag, disco ball, autumn tree, butterfly, succulents and rainbow. There's one for each and every event and celebration!

Oh, and these miniature works of art (great idea, frame them!) are just $1.99 for the entire set. That's less than your morning joe, so what the hell are you waiting for?


In a hand-written card that accompanied her stationery, Kelly wrote: "I hope my passion for art & beauty shows in each design. Creating function w/ art makes my heart sing, and the fact that stationery brings people together through the connection of the written word, well, that is why I started this little company 10 years ago!"

Kelly Kay, you and your cards make my heart sing, my pen flow!

Shop Kelly Kay now and enjoy FREE Domestic Shipping on all orders (limited time offer). Live in the U.S? Head to these stores for Kelly Kay products.

Stephanie Dickison

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