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If you've been reading the knack for awhile, you'll know I'm obsessed with all things Australia. Everything - their clothes, food, wine, architecture, TV shows, stationery, decor, lifestyle, and of course skincare. In fact, no one does skincare better because they put such an emphasis on all-natural - and almost always organic - ingredients and never forgets powerful sun protection either, at no added cost.

When I stumbled across Eco Tan online, I knew I'd discovered something big.

Founder Sonya Driver's award-winning Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya Driver range of body care products is made in Australia with all natural, organic, vegan ingredients, and covers everything from extremely dry skin/eczema soothers to innovative self-tanners and sun care. There's no toxins, and the company boasts an array of certifications including Safe Cosmetics Australia, Choose Cruelty Free, PETA, and Organic Food Chain. They made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government back in 2011, and continue to make epic strides in the industry.

Certifed organic coconut oil is central to much of the Eco Tan lineup. A super ingredient that softens skin, conditions hair, cleans teeth, and can even be used in cooking, you'll find it here in products you probably haven't seen or heard about yet.

Take a look:

- Eco by Sonya Driver Coconut Mint Body Wash

One of the best ways to start your day? This invigorating blend of Coconut Oil, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, and Vanilla.

Safe enough to use on the whole family including the wee ones (no synthetic ingredients, soaps or SLS here), this award-winning vegan cleanser is gentle, yet effective. 

Everything I tried by Eco Tan has a weightlessness to it, which is funny, because I've always found coconut oil heavy and dense otherwise. This right here is the lightest body wash I've ever tried. Even piling it on, it always seems like I'm using just a scant amount. Even the lather is subtle. 

These factors however don't contribute to not feeling clean. In fact, just the opposite. Skin feels cleansed with the bonus of supreme nourishment. My skin is baby smooth - lotion and creams need not be applied.

And whatever you do, don't keep it closeted away in the corner of the bathroom either. Bring it out to the kitchen sink. The scent alone will transform post-meal cleanup from now on.

Coconut oil deodorant? Genius! After all, coconut oil is a natural skin softener and has antibiotics built right in.

It's not often that a natural deodorant comes in a roll-on (sticks are more common), so application couldn't be faster or easier - just one swipe'll do it. Lightweight and invisible, you'll forget you've even got it on.

The warm, unisex coconut oil scent  - created with coconut, chamomile and lavender essential oils - is pleasing and only noticeable when first applied.

Free of synthetic ingredients, parabens and aluminium, the formula allows toxins to be released naturally, instead of harmfully blocking them, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

And it works. There are however, a few things to be aware of:

- Thanks to organic corn flour, you'll stay dry and fresh, but so if you're looking for something to stop the sweat, this isn't it. Don't confuse it for antiperspirant.
- Speaking of sweat, I tried it out at the gym. Whether I'm hitting the mat, weights, or machines, I go hard: wring-out-the-Lycra hard. It did not work for me in this scenario. I found out the hard way while in line ay the grocery store after a particularly intense sesh. I was red-faced for more reasons than one. But that's on me. I pushed too far, too hard, too fast.

Bonus #1: For those of us whose wardrobes are rooted in inky tones, you don't have to worry about white smears or smudges. Sweeet.

Bonus #2: It doesn't sting when applied after shaving. Even sweeter.

I've tested a ton of self-tanners (being so pale, it's a must) and I've never had one like this before. This the first one featuring aloe vera. You know how good your skin feels when you slather it straight on? Expect that same nourishing experience, even though you eventually wash it off in the shower. Trust me, that pampered, soft, smooth skin isn't going anywhere.

There are two choices of level of tan:

1. One hour delivers a medium to deep shade
2. Four hours gets you dark just-come-back-from-holiday colour.

I tried the express one hour first. Directions: Apply, wait one hour, then shower to reveal a deep bronze colour. Using a self-tanning mitt, application could not have been easier. Seriously, I am so pale that any mishaps definitely show, but the thin lotion went on like a dream. As light as air, it dries quickly with the slightest tacky feel for a little bit, then evaporates - whoosh. It took mere seconds.

After an hour, I hopped in the shower. Towelling off afterwards, there was nary an orange streak on any my fluffy white towels. Well, surely the sheets would be a mess by tomorrow or the next day. That's just part of do-it-yourself temporary lotions. But not a trace. Impressive doesn't even begin to cover it.

My new sun-kissed glow makes such a difference to my toothpaste-coloured complexion and overall well-being. There's just something about a bit of "sun" that makes you look and feel better. And all without any harmful UVA/UVB rays to boot. 

Cacao Tanning Mousse also boasts the best scent EVER - warm mocha with a hint of caramel, and not the slightest bit sweet. It's almost impossible to not get a whiff of "self-tanner smell" these days, but Eco's Tan's not having any of it. Instead, enjoy the tropical warmth of cacao, coffee, blood orange, grapefruit, ginger and mandarin. You can practically feel the warm sun on your shoulders, soft sand beneath your  feet.

Now I just have to figure out a time to apply it and wait 4-6 hours for a deep tan. because going into winter with dark golden limbs? That's the stuff dreams are made of.


Eco Tan is much more than just another skincare company. It's one of the best.

See for yourself and shop now.


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