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As a kid, despite being born without a sweet tooth, I was fascinated by Astronaut Ice Cream. Vacuum-packed freeze-dried ice cream sold at the NASA visitor center gift shop, novelty stores across the States, and at a science centre closer to home, it was very futuristic for the time (well before home chefs were sous viding at home). Cool fact: freeze-dried ice cream was developed by Whirlpool for NASA's Apollo missions, though it wasn't used on any.

A thick slab of actual ice cream was dehydrated within an inch of its life, resulting in the same airy, crunchy texture of sponge toffee without the stickiness, and vague Neapolitan familiarity, though with a cardboard/chemical aftertaste. This ready-to-eat space treat sealed in an air-tight pouch that required no refrigeration or risk of melting was intriguing sure, but by no means actually tasty.

That was a long, long time ago, so it's only natural that it should have evolved many times over by now. But no one nailed it until Cosmik Ice Cream came along. 

Freeze-dried ice cream featuring packaging with dreamy pastels and well chosen fonts (because it's got to look good too) is just the beginning. One bite in, and the light, crisp bar softens into creamy decadence. It's what modern folks like you and I have been waiting for: so gourmet, so authentic, so close to the real thing, you'll feel as if you're on the boardwalk with cone in hand.

Made in New York's Catskill Mountains with real ingredients - certified organic and all natural cream, milk, sugar, sea salt, cocoa, and vanilla: what's not to love? - and free from corn syrup, GMOs, hormones, and artificial ingredients, Cosmik's a sweet treat you can feel good about indulging in. 

And the flavours? Made for us gastronomes, though kids will delight in them too.

Rich creamy milk chocolate studded with chunks of dark chocolate and a whisper of cinnamon is not surpassingly, supremely addictive. Stock up, they won't last long.

- Strawberry

Star ingredient strawberries - picked peak season and free from pesticides and GMOs - get the spotlight in this never-frozen sweet, tangy treat, delivering summer feels no matter what the season. And while red beet juice concentrate was probably just used for colour, if you want to claim your  veg serving for the day, your secret's safe with me.

- Mint Chocolate Chip

It takes real talent to make something dehydrated refined. Introducing refreshing mint ice cream supplemented with dark chocolate flakes - just like the kind from childhood, only with an upgrade for your adult palate.

- Cookies & Cream

Is it any surprise vanilla ice cream boosted with chocolate sandwich cookies, and one that won't run down your chin either, is a best-seller? Duh.

- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

A full-bodied peanut butter base with swaths of dark chocolate equals a cozy night in with your SO, no Netflix required.

-  Five-Flavour Sampler 

My recommendation for the best of all worlds.


Cosmik Ice Cream isn't just damn delectable. It comes with at least 10 more advantages than the stuff that comes outta the freezer:

1. Doesn't require refrigeration, so take it places you never could with the frozen stuff - camping, to the movies, and on a plane, for instance.
2. Guaranteed not to melt, thus no embarrassing drips down chin or arms, or the chore of extra laundry.
3. Sooo portable - there's no way you could stash a cone in your pocket on the way to the dry cleaners or pack a scoop in your luggage.
4. Lighter than an iPhone, you can carry 100 of 'em without feeling the burn or having to call in back-up.
5. Mail friends + fam their favourite flavours without having to deal with dry ice and exorbitant shipping prices. FYI - Cosmik offers $5 flat rate shipping anywhere in the U.S.
6. Bars are individually wrapped, so there's no chance of "accidentally" scarfing down an entire pint.
7. At just130-160 calories each, you've still got room in your daily caloric intake for tacos and tequila. Win-win.
8. For once you can enjoy ice cream when it's below freezing or without getting cold.
9. Teeth sensitive to the cold? No problem.
10. No ice cream headache!

What are you waiting for? Shop Cosmik Ice Cream now.


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