Neal's Yard Remedies - Age-Defying Results in Just Minutes!

I bet your skin wish list is as long and outlandish as mine. I want:

- taut skin 
- that also glows
- and plump, full of elasticity 
- to eradicate those damn creases around your eyes, forehead and mouth (because as much as I'd like them to disappear - stress, worry and a hectic schedule aren't going anywhere)
- skin that defies gravity 

Unrealistic, I know. Especially when I want it all to take place right now.

But Lisa Costello, CEO of Neal's Yard Remedies know that life is demanding, so your skincare should be as well. And she was kind enough to bring to the brand to Canada this year:

She says, “I brought NYR to Canada because of the simple belief that by bringing high quality, award-winning organic products to the forefront of the cosmetics industry, we can start to influence customer behaviour. I want people to start thinking about the broader perspective of the purchases they make, such as the manufacturing process, environmental impact, and how to maximize their health and wellness without compromising the planet or other people. I want people to know that companies like NYR exist AND can provide amazing results to the skin they wear every day. I believe that by providing these options to Canadians, we can all work together to make the world a better place.”

For over 35 years, UK company Neal’s Yard Remedies has been making certified organic skincare by hand in small batches using 100% natural, holistic ingredients. A pioneer in the field, they've long banned the use of synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA, EDTA, nano technology, genetically modified organisms (GMO), petroleum or BHT in their cruelty-free products.

Their plant-based remedies come in 100% recyclable blue glass bottles made from UK sand, limestone and soda ash, and blue plastic bottles made from 100% recycled materials. Packaging is made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable based inks.

Some skincare transforms more than others. Neal's Yard Remedies, which I'd never tried before this, takes your skin to a completely whole other level. In just minutes.
Take a look:

The pursuit of simultaneous round and hollowed out cheekbones has been a lifelong one for me. My Dad has the hollowed out look that you associate with runway models, and my Mum has the juicy Eva Mendes kind that requires no makeup to enhance them. So how I ended up with a round moon face is beyond me (Writing about restaurants for a living hasn't helped. Weight gain always appears first in the face. And right around the neck/chin area too. Gobble.).

So I thought I had to live with this pancake mug,
That was before NEW Frankincense Intense Lift Serum arrived. It's given me angles where there were none, a more striking bone structure than what I'd been born with. Suddenly I had crevices to add blush. And contouring? Did I even need it?

Just launched in May, this stunner features frankincense essential oil which isn't just transformative - it's powerful scent calms and relaxes you. It's important to note that I haven't really been a fan of frankincense up until now. Not its properties, but its heady scent. Back in the day, when my Mum was a hippie, frankincense was heavy and imbued everything in the room. But now it's lighter, and relases a strangely captivating allure that's transfixing.

This potent, milky, silky serum elevates my skin on every level, re-contouring it into the shape I've always wanted but never thought possible without surgery. It doesn't mind logging in overtime either -  to prevent the loss of collagen and keep elastin creation on point. 

Ethically sourced and organic, this serum made with 71% organic ingredients. also contains other heavy hitters - Hyaluronic Acid, Micro-Algae, Ribose, Tumeric Root Extract, Linseed Oil - to practically erase those deep lines and wrinkles and plumps skin even before you've reached for moisturizer.

I noticed a vast difference after just a week of use and have continued to see improvements weeks later.

Why would you use regular serum when you can put this marvel to work?

- Frankincense Intense Concentrate

Modern life and technology has caused us to expect things to happen like that. The need for instant gratification is just a part of our make up now. And this of course extends to skincare. Who wants to wait around for months to see results when you can have them RIGHT NOW?!

Frankincense Intense Concentrate PRODUCES RESULTS WITHIN 30 MINUTES. That's right. You'll see those pesky indents and creases ghost faster than that guy on Insta. Use it for a week and just watch as your skin tones, firms and plumps like a boss. Nourished and deeply hydrated, you'll glow and radiate like you did back in the day. Like you just got back from two week's vacay. Like you just got a promotion, raise, and the big corner office. Like the person you're secretly in love with, not-so-secretly loves you back.

Soft and oh-so-silky, just a few pumps of this superhero concentrate loaded with frankincense, gardenia stem cells, 3-peptide complex and organic argan oil, and you'll see a more youthful you appear right before your eyes.

And be sure to pair it with the Frankincense Intense Cream below. They've been designed to work in tandem. So if you thought each was hard-working on its own, wait until you put 'em together. It's turned back the clock a good 8-10 years on me. And I'm just getting started...

Frankincense Intense Cream

A rich, sumptuous cream that still feels weightless on your skin, and a spa treatment and age-defier all in one, this whip-light cream rescues your skin from those folds and flaps around your forehead, eyes and mouth. It dives deep, plumping and firming everything (even that wobbly bit under your chin) so that anyone who lays eyes on your passport or driver's license will do a double take. You can't be that age. Impossible.

The power-packed formula is abundant with 75% organic ingredients. Nourishing oils (macadamia seed, soya, grape seed, argan kernel, castor, frankincense, mandarin peel, bergamot peel, myrrh, neroli flower, sunflower seed), cocoa seed butter, aloe vera leaf juice powder, and turmeric root extract blasts away all signs of fatigue, dullness, and sagging bits, leaving only brilliant, radiant skin behind.

And as you put it on, the delicate frankincense scent wafts over you, helping to calm you on the busiest, most stressful mornings.

I told you it was like the spa.

- Wild Rose Beauty Balm

One of my favourite ways to cleanse and remove makeup at night is this award-winner.

Go ahead and use it to exfoliate or keep it as a mask overnight to really saturated dehydrated skin, but I love the feeling of putting it on, using the accompanying organic muslin cloth (made with organically-grown cotton in India) dipped in hot water, to remove all dirt, grime and all traces of makeup at the end of a long day. It's a salve not just for skin, but the soul.

Part of it is the thick, resplendent, buttery formula rich with shea butter, beeswax  The other part is the delicious scent delivered by host of lovely oils - wild rosehip and frankincense obvs. But add jojoba and starflower seed oils, and geranium flower, rosemary leaf, palmarosa herb, and patchouli leaf, and it's a fragrant aromatherapy session that takes just seconds, nourishing your skin with long-lasting results.

In fact, after just a week of use, my skin gleamed, without a stitch of makeup.

You've taken such good care of your skin - you're not going to go and ravage it with a bar of soap are you?

Instead, feed it with cucumber fruit water, pumpkin seed oil, turmeric root extract, lime oil, rice extract, and coconut, avocado and blueberry seed oils to start. It may sound like a smoothie, but imagine how good your skin is going to feel after this.

This delicate cleanser is  gentle on skin but effective - a great every day solution (the balm above is a bit rich for daily use on my skin).

And the refreshing rose, lime and cucumber scent is invigorating. What better way to start the day?


Neal's Yard Remedies is wildly powerful, yet completely natural and so pampering. It's one of the most impressive skincare lines I've tried in the last decade, with lightning-fast results to boot.

And these products above are just a small representation of what they carry. There's so much more to discover!

Shop Neal's Yard Remedies nowCanada, UK, and International.

Stephanie Dickison

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