Jewelicious, Inc. - You've Gotta Have Faith

Sometimes an object is bigger than it appears.

That's what happened when I first discovered Jewelicious, Inc. Instead of everyday, ho-hum jewelry slipping out of the pretty envelope, strong messages from a strong woman appeared, and I was forever changed.

First I noticed the striking lines and superior quality of the pieces. Then I became aware of something else. The statement bangle made me feel powerful and yet simultaneously protected somehow. Like Wonder Woman's cuffs, it felt like I had on protective armour, yet to anyone else it appeared to be just a regular luxe piece. So luxe in fact, that on two separate occasions someone asked me if it was Prada. As flattering as it was to be considered having enough moulah to adorn myself in designer pieces (I don't), I felt lucky that it wasn't a factory made, seen everywhere piece. Somehow this premier bangle came with a heft and weight of something more, something you couldn't describe - you just sensed it.

It happened again with minimalist design Dale ring, as well as delicate earrings with "Believe" engraved so lightly, you couldn't see the word unless you got up real close - like dinner party or nestled-in-on-the-couch close. Putting them on actually started to translate into believing in myself.

With each piece, I felt founder and designer Alliah's unconditional love, support and encouragement even though I didn't know her. We'd never even met.

In following her on Instagram, I came to see this is just who she is and what she does. She puts out fierce love and positivity for everyone. She somehow extends herself past the screen and her pieces are like her own personal warm embrace. Faith is also big part of who she is, so you see and feel it right away. I feel so blessed to be in the company of such positivity. I could feel it across the airwaves and the thousands of miles that separated us.

So imagine my exhilaration with her brand new Faith and Believe Bangles arrived at my doorstop. 

The gold "Faith" and "Believe" in silver (with letters engraved in 18k gold plating!) cuffs are the best in-between width (7mm): not too thin and delicate that it gets lost in your pulled together outfit, but not those wide bands that often seem dated and overpower and/or unbalance your look.

The barely-there etching is just enough for you and those close around you to see it but from far away, it appears unadorned. That's part of what I love about her minimalist Believe Earrings - it's something that can only be experienced up close and personal.

And like all of her jewelry designs, whether it's bangles & bracelets, necklaces and nameplate necklaces, rings, or earrings, everything is infused with powerful goodness in addition to superior design. Take her new Callie Bangle, for example - a tiara for the wrist if I ever did see one. And the strong, chic, and futuristic Harley Bangle with magnetic closure? Oomph. All day, every day.

Jewelicious, Inc. Faith and Believe Bangles come with a bonus feature you might not be aware of:  they can be customized to fit your wrist - softly pull to expand or press to accommodate smaller sizes. This is a big deal because I stoped wearing a lot of bracelets years ago because they would just fit, uncomfortably so, leaving deep creases in my skin, even hours later, or not fit at all. And I promise you, I do not have gorilla-sized paws. Like most women, I am neither skinny or obese, but somewhere in between. Alliah is one of the few creators and designers that understands that and makes pieces for all.

I got my first tattoo a few years ago and when I see it, it brings me such joy. Jewelicious' thoughtful pieces are the same. When I look down and see Alliah's designs and words, a sense of immense love and peace wash over me. These stunning reminders may mean something different to you than to me, but that's what makes them so wonderful - you impart your own meaning into them, making them as treasured as family heirlooms or hand-written notes.

Imbued with love and intention, Jewelicious Inc. jewelry is strikingly distinct from other companies in a host of other ways as well:

- These pieces gleam. I'm all for muted pieces every once in awhile, but these everyday trinkets are as every bit as worthy as special occasion bijoux.
- This bling is affordable - 🙏  - and yet made to last and stand up to today's demands. All pieces are made of either stainless steel or titanium, and are tarnish free. Because seriously, I'm not spending my weekend polishing jewelry.
- Once you place your order, it's shipped within 48 business hours (based on availability), which means no long waiting around for your stunners to arrive - 🙌  - and making it the ideal gifting spot for friends, fam and anyone else that you want to shower with love and jewelry.

As you can see, I love everything about Alliah and Jewelicious, Inc. Never before have such striking pieces carried such a personal message.

I feel so lucky to have found Jewelicious, Inc. I believe you will too. I have faith.

Stephanie Dickison

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