Your Bijoux Box - April's Pot of Gold

I got to experience Your Bijoux Box last month and was thrilled with the whole experience - from the anticipation of its arrival to the wondrous contents.

It turns out April's subsciption box is just as alluring.

I absolutely love opening up the emerald box, not knowing what's contained within. To discover new designs and baubles is absolutely enthralling.  

And what  I came to realize with these carefully curated selections, is that being exposed to colours and designs you may have passed by in a store often turns out to be extraordinary treasures that become your most beloved pieces.

Take a closer look:

Karen Kane Necklace

Take the Karen Kane Necklace in this month's box, for instance. 

This chic collar-style neck candy sits flat across the clavicle and features creamy, see-through white gems, lined in black and gold dotted enclosures. The unusually-shaped gems point upwards, finished in a flat top, similar to Katsushika Hokusai's South Wind, Clear Sky (also known as Red Fuji). 

Approximately 11" length with roughly 0.5" disc diameter and lobster clasp, this necklace is undoubtedly striking, but it looks very different on than in the box. On display the round jewels appear rather regal and perhaps more suited towards an older, more sophisticated woman, but on, it remains elegant without being stuffy in the least and works with everything from burnout tees to cocktail attire. Think more Hailey Baldwin than Hilary Clinton, though it works for all ages. 


psst - The retail value is up to $120, so you've already saved a ton just with this one piece. 
p.p.sst - I've already taken it out for a spin on a number of occasions, and each time, someone has: 1. told me how much they liked it, and 2. asked where they can get it. 

- Karen Kane Earrings

This is the first time Your Bijoux Box has featured Karen Kane, and what a hit! There's just the slightest boho vibe to the designs, but otherwise, everything has a classic, dressy style, suitable for the beach, boardroom, brunch, and everything in between.

These gold hoops (retail value up to $31) have heft to them, but they're neither chunky or clunky. Soft and flowy with slight waves and bumps keeps them from being too Park Avenue, but there's still a swankiness to them - just without the 'tude. 

Let's talk size - approx. 3/4" long, they're big enough to get them noticed without taking over your outfit (somehow this never happens with the always innovative and adventurous Missy Elliott, but big earrings on me just look crazy). After all, you spent some serious time selecting today's wardrobe - you don't want to distract from that.


BTW - I wrote about Karen Kane's amazing clothes awhile back, proving there's great design in all they do.

- Goldenrod Statement Bracelet

Hovering between a rose gold and copper hue, this golden crusted bangle (not pictured) boasts large crystals of varying sizes, so though prominent in bling factor, it remains delicate and feminine. And the colour is simply captivating.

Wear it to dress up your tank and ripped jeans or make it the finishing touch to your outfit for dinner tonight. Either way, it's sure to cause a stir.

- April Flowers Hair Pins - bonus!

Designed to compliment this month's statement bracelet, these bobbies are much more dainty and romantic than the chunky bangle. 

One mother of pearl bloom gets finished with a milky gem centre, while the other boasts that beautiful rose gold tint as seen on the bracelet, complete with diamond-like studs in between petals.

So freakin' adorable, you'll be loathe to remove them, except to go to bed.


Your Bijoux Box is one of my favourite finds this year.

Each monthly subscription box is themed (check out previous boxes) and contains three hand-selected statement pieces - necklaces, bracelets, earrings - plus a bonus item (!) that would cost much more than the $36 price tag for the whole kit and caboodle.

Every item comes in a drawstring fabric bag that you can either stash your pieces in, or use to gift pieces to friends, family and colleagues without having to spend endless time wrapping. Sweet.

Subscribe to Your Bijoux Box now. Subscriptions are available monthly. You can also choose to pay in advance - and save! - for 3, 6 and 12 months. There's also a drool-inducing Luxe Box available for those with more expensive taste. Don't want to commit to a subscription? Shop their online boutique for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Whatever method you choose, you'll soon be dripping in dreamy designs.

This is the life!

Stephanie Dickison

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