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There have been a lot of companies that have attempted the phone/purse mashup. 

Usually the designs leave much to be desired. Either the case or wallet is too bulky or clunky, lacks in organization for your essentials (I might be a minimalist, but that doesn't mean I'm not prepared) or makes it practically impossible to get anything out.

The few  I've seen do it well, charge a small fortune so you couldn't afford to pay your phone bill that month, or any that follow.

That's why MANDEL is utter perfection.

The MANDEL Phone Purse's classic design effortlessly straddles the everyday elegant to fancy affair, so there's no having to change purses, remember to swap out certain essentials for different occasions, or worry that it won't work with your outfit.

It goes with EVERYTHING.

Last weekend I had dinner at a restaurant with a good friend. She has exquisite taste and spares no expensive when it comes to designer pieces.

Her simple yet chic outfit was completed with a medium size studded black clutch. Throughout the evening, while we caught up over crispy zucchini tacos and boozy Margaritas, she attempted numerous times to extract items from her purse, but on each occasion,  to scrounging around as if it were a large boho tote.

If only she'd had my gorgeous MANDEL companion in Deep Black Suede (also available in Strapless LE Classic Green).

One of its best features is its versatility. Use it as your primary wallet for the everyday. Then when you're heading out for a night on the town, click on a strap and you're good to go.

The sumptuous thick goat leather in ink, midnight black doesn't just look good - it feels u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e. It's also going to last and last, so go ahead and use it on the daily, as well as special occasions. It's up for the task  - and all that dancing.

Now for the deep dive inside:

On the left:

Most wallet purses have just one or two slots for cards, if any at all. MANDEL realizes that if you're going out, chances are you might just pick up something along the way and that means you're going to need your debit, credit and loyalty cards. Grabbing your ID and other plastic is a lush experience, thanks to the sumptuous anthracite goat suede interior. Not just the same hue as a Weimaraner, it's just as soft and downy.

Right behind, you'll find a large envelope pouch that opens up, giving you lots of leg room for larger items (passport, itinerary, etc.), plus six more card slots (that's 13 in total - prob more than your current regular ol' wallet offers).

Big ups for that massive pouch finished in a sturdy brass zipper with suede pull (drool). Even if you're not the type to carry cash or change, this catchall comes in handy for receipts, business cards, ID, and anything else you collect on your journey.

On the right:

Eight teeny suction cups hold your phone securely. There's 17cm x 8cm of real estate here, so your phone gets lots of breathing room (check the dimensions table to see if your phone will fit).

Room for one more? Because MANDEL's always thinking ahead, there's a lovely rectangular pull-out pocket for your makeup/pen. 

Often times I fall for a purse, only to discover the awful strap attached. No way that thing's coming home with me, looking like that. So imagine my immense glee when a divine strap came with the wallet the The smooth, snakelike cross body chain  adds a sexy edge. It's  so covetable in fact, I've swapped it onto my other umpteen thousand bags too.


I carry a lot around with me, and the MANDEL Phone Purse is the only wallet purse I've ever found that offers me enough space and organization without asking for my whole paycheck.

MANDEL, I'll pick you up tonight at 6. First drinks at the hotel, then dinner downtown. Then be up and ready early - it's a long work today tomorrow.

You rock my world MANDEL. And now my phone.

Shop MANDEL now.

Psst! Want something a titch smaller but will still house your phone and all your essentials? Get yourself a Portphonette. See? I told you MANDEL's thought of everything.

Stephanie Dickison

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