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What's the point of having beautiful bags, purses, carry-ons and luggage if inside is a jumbled mess?

Some of it is not our fault. Have you noticed that most purses now come with one measly inside zippered pocket? That's it. Where the hell are you supposed to put all of your stuff? And don't even get me started on totes. I bought three on sale before realizing what a nightmare they are - no pockets whatsoever. Are you kidding me?!

Life's complicated and thus requires a host of things to help us make it through our hectic day. Here's what my purse currently contains (and I just cleaned it out last week, so this is the uber streamlined version):

- wallet
- keys
- transit card
- pack of gum
- kleenex
- lip liner
- lip gloss
- lip balm x 2
- screen wipe
- reporter's notepad
- smaller notebook
- listpad (enough with the paper already...)
- pens x 2
- my business cards
- a stack of other people's business cards 
- office keycard/ID
- a pile of assorted menus and takeout menus (Roast Suckling Pig; Pan Fried Mushroom Gnocchi with whipped ricotta and pumpkin seed pesto; Sriracha Fried Chicken; Fogo Island Salt Cod Stew. Drool)
- phone 
- earbuds

I'm not the kind of person to just dump it all into one bag and "hope for the best." It's inefficient, messy, and for me, agony not to be able to find something with ease.

While I've long been a fan of packing cubes for organizing luggage, you can't really swap them out into your everyday bags - they're too big, bulky and let's face it, pretty freakin' fugly. And while purse organizers can be a lifesaver, they are often made with "mature" women in mind. Sure you want to be on top of your game, but as always, style is the only option.

That's why when I discovered OTG|247, I just about fell outta my chair. These sleek, streamlined bags were not only the perfect solution to corralling all of my essentials, they're so stunning, I take them out of my bag, just so I can look at them. I leave them on top of counters, ottomans and anywhere there's a flat surface. In fact, they're so much cooler than the purses they go in, a lot of times I just ditch the purse entirely and carry these instead.

Founder & Designer Amie Swan created this line of stylish bags to organize the inside of your hand bag, travel luggage or purse. They work in tandem with one another, taking your organizing game up a gazillion notches. 

Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and prints, Amie's system is a brilliant, easy-to-follow, efficient way to shop and organize. First, shop by number. Each number corresponds with the size of the item  - the larger the number, the larger the pouch. 

Take a look:

10. Magazines/Clothes

The categories above are of course just mere suggestions - a guideline more of what size to expect, than what should be contained within. The possibilities are endless, which makes having them even more exciting.

Each bag has a thick, durable vegan, waterproof leather, CPSIA compliant and phthalate free cover that can stand up to your insanely full life and wipes clean. The corners are rounded just so, which isn't just a pretty detail - you'll appreciate it when you're digging around your bag, and don't have to endure any jolts or scratches from hard leather edges. Take it from a girl that knows.

A broad, sturdy brass zip top closure keeps everything where it's supposed to be and boasts the ultimate finishing touch - a custom brass knot pull that is such a luxe touch, it makes all my regular zipper pulls seem so dull and lame (Amie if you wouldn't mind replicating these as buttons for all my blouses and dresses, drawer and cabinet pulls throughout the house, and a line of jewelry with this design, that would be great).

The interior is lined in as smashing a print as the outside, so suddenly it's not such a chore to have to search for your most important items.

Many of the bags also come with exterior hooks for removable straps finished with the most gorgeous brass clasps (Miss Amie, you really must do jewelry). These straps change everything - 12" creates a wristlet or armlet or allows you to secure it to your tote or bag handle, while the 48" transforms your bag into a crossbody. This is just one of the many genius aspects of OTG|247. You can take each bag and use it in a multitude of ways and customize it to your needs, as well as your outfit and occasion.

Seriously Amie, THIS IS THE LIFE.

Though thick and sturdy, these perfect polished pouches are mighty lightweight, so even if you pile in a bunch of "essentials" in your bag, you don't have to worry about these weighing you down (p.s. it's not Amie's fault you have a shoulder dent the size of a brick because you're hauling around a dense hardcover, laptop, and three pairs of just-in-case shoes).

Every size comes in its own colours and prints. Some will overlap with other sizes, but there might also be styles and colours that are unique to this numbered envelope. So go ahead and mix and/or match.

It's so much fun. The wide array of styles and prints allows you to express yourself in a multitude of ways. I'm drawn to everything from delicate patterns - like the soft gold flakes on white in the Nicole Dot Gold print - to bolder designs including the incredible zebras and too cool Abby Camo Navy, so it satiates all facets of my life - dressy business woman, sexy date nights, meeting friends, casual get togethers with the fam. The hardest part of OTG|247 is choosing which ones to buy, because you'll truly want one of each. And no, I'm not exaggerating even a bit.

Shop bags individually or in setsAnd get ready to faint - there's an {O}verly {O}rganized Bag Club, where bags are delivered right to your door, available in 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. 

And in case you're still standing, Amie gives back, big time.

Here's what I narrowed it down to. For now...

Tall, lean, and coming in at 5" x 8", this sweet thing is for the essentials only. Phone, cards, keys, and/or beauty musts make the cut. Paperbacks, your oversized Beats headphones, planner, hand sanitizer, and all that you usually HAVE TO HAVE, has GOTS TO GO. 

And that's the point of this l'il beaut - sometimes less is more. And all you really need.

Especially in blue camo.

Blue and white stripes - what a timeless classic. From French Breton tops to European beach umbrellas, the combo is effortlessly crisp and clean. And despite being a design favourite for decades, it remains steadfastly modern.

The size - 12” x 7” - makes it an ideal catchall, but I've found it to be the perfect summery clutch. It works for any occasion and holds a mess of stuff (though of course it won't be messy in the least).

Because let's face it - I might not have a ton of baggage, but I do come absolutely prepared.

This is one of my favourite prints of the line. I don't wear prints clothing-wise, so this allows me to express my artistic side without having to actually don a shirt or pants with these beautiful creatures emblazoned across them.

And the size (10" x 10") is full-on purse, so I cross-body it at every opportunity. 

p.s. It's also a carry-on lifesaver - all your documents and essentials for travel are at the ready. Drool.

This is probably the most "me" bag, even though I actually don't wear white.

It's the sophisticated gold flakes on the bright, ethereal background that clinches it. Just take a look at my Instagram, office, house, jewelry, and clothes. It's as modern, sleek and light as I can manage it.

The fact that it comfortably holds my computer and large notebooks is a complete dream. 

You just know when you've met "the one." 


Having the ability to change your pouch into a purse and back again, makes this the best fashion and organizational move you can make.

The perfect life-work bags? Found.

OTG|247 decimates your now one-dimensional purses, bags and totes.

It will change how you work, travel, shop, brunch and date night.

In fact, it changes everything.

Shop OTG|247 now and celebrate your busy, on-the-go lifestyle organized and clutter-free once and for all.

p.s. For pics of ALL my purses, check out my Instagram.

Stephanie Dickison

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