Mossery 2017 Personalized Planner Notebooks - The Most Beautiful, Blissful Way to Track Your Year

Appointments and deadlines can weigh on you, but if you have a wonderful place to store them, I'm telling you - it really does help take the pressure off.

And with life getting busier all the time, you really can't stay on top of it all without recording your meetings, daily to-dos, etc.

But I can see why you don't want to - it feels like extra work. But that's because you've been using a office supply store atrocity that is so boring, you might as well be writing it all down in an ordinary notebook.


You're not using just a plain notebook are you? Oh honey, we can do so much better than that.

Having a beautiful planner for the year makes all the difference in how much you use it. And just watch - you'll actually look forward to writing it all down from now on.

All you need is a stunning Mossery 2017 Planner Notebook.

Mossery, a stationery brand based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is on a mission "to make thoughtful stationeries that help boost productivity and foster creativity."

So already they are my kind of folks - not just caring about what their planners and notebooks look like, but how they perform, how they make you better and allow you to express your personality.

Mossery is fairly new - founded in 2011 - but in that short time they've shipped 10,000 books to 55 different countries.

Their passion shines bright from the time you place your order to when your shipment arrives:

"We make sure we do our very best to provide you with a book that you will treasure for life."

They even wrap it beautifully for you in a cotton blue cardboard box with coral interior and closure, and enclose a lovely little gift tag embossed with a gold design.

And the fact that one of their planners can cost approximately $26.30 US including personalization (compared to the ludicrous $50-$70 that most other companies are asking this year) makes it possible to achieve more on less (purchase any of their bundles for freebies that include enchanting illustrated postcards and pocket notebooks).

The bonuses just keep coming - there's so much that you can customize, papers for you to choose from - two layouts (weekly horizontal or weekly vertical) and three types of paper (ruled, plain, or grid). 

And then there's the cover. It almost impossible to choose just one of the stellar designs - 24 in total - as they are all so achingly lovely. Design enthusiasts will swoon over Biscuit Blue, Black Stripe, Teal Dots, Lava Pastel, and Candy Polka. For animal lovers, the struggle is real because how can you settle on just one between the Bunnies on blue or greenCats, FoxesCorgis and two loveable Pugs - one with an orange background, another on mustard. I came this close to bringing home a Pugs Planner and I don't even have a dog - it's just that charming.

In addition to getting to pick out your favourite print, you also get to further personalize it. What a difference it makes when you can choose a word, phrase or quote, or name of your liking on the cover. To have that greet you every day instead of whatever some company decided? And you get to pick the font - Sans Serif or Brush Script.

Sheer bliss.

There's more.

Mossery's 2017 Planner Notebooks come in a lovely size ( 6" × 7.8") that feels just right, ideal for whether you leave it desk side or prefer to take it with you on the go (the firm stiff cover is sturdy enough to hold up to constant use.)

Made in the US, these wire-bound personal organizers lay flat so that it's effortless to jot down notes. Should you be tight on space, it accommodates by folding in half and staying level.  The thick paper (high quality, FSC-certified 104gsm recycled paper made of 100% post consumer fiber) is gorgeous to write on. Your pen glides across the pages. If only your day could run this smoothly. And I am a sucker for rounded corners - that additional attention to detail just gets me.

Each planner is packed with awesome details you'll never find in office supply selections such as: inner front and back pockets (perfect for receipts and little notes), a feature illustrations section (too cute!), "Inspiration Board" pages, Goals & Values page, and an illustrated "Tips and Guide Booklet" that demonstrates how you set your schedule and appointments on one side and focus on your task of the day or create to-do lists to help reach your targets. There is much lightheartedness within the pages, making it joyful to read through - cartoon animals are your guide, doodling is encouraged, as are following your dreams.

Other features include: monthly pages, personal details page, 2017 & 2018 annual calendar page, ribbon bookmark, and elastic strap for keeping your planner neat and tidy.

Planner pages are laid out a week over two pages, with serene blue text and a pop of fluorescent orange for Sundays. There is a different quote each week at the bottom of the right hand page (Week of October 16-22: "If opportunity doesn't know, build a door." - Milton Berle.) as well as what week of the year it is (Week of March 27-April 2: Week 14).

At the end of each month, you get a whole "review" page and another "plan" page which allows you time to reflect and strategize at the same time. #GirlBoss or what?!

On the month-at-a-glance pages set over two pages, you get:

- an extra column on the left to record actions and ideas
- a hefty notes page at the bottom
- Sunday boxes coloured in cherry coral to make them stand out (Sunday Funday for real!)
- The boxes of the previous and coming month shaded in calming blue, so that the only squares your eyes focus and zero in on are those of this month at hand. Brilliant!

Both the week's pages and monthly calendar layouts offer enough room to write down the essentials without looking or feeling cluttered and help keep you on track.

Sparking joy in your life is easy with an exceptional Mossery 2017 Planner Notebook in hand. I am tracking my year with the momentous, copper flecked Black Speckle 2017 Planner (pictured above and at top). Just looking at it fills me with delight. So imagine my euphoria using it.

You should also get yourself a Notebook/Sketchbook because having a beautiful, well-made notebook to capture your thoughts and ideas in outside of a calendar is such a gift. You might think you're just jotting down notions, but what you end up with is a start of something bigger. I am elated with my dreamy Pastel Sky Notebook and its ethereal ombre cover, complete with personalized fine gold script.

Getting to choose the cover design and text, making it so truly your own, creates a welcoming, encouraging environment where you can be free to be yourself. Unabashedly. Unapologetically. Wholly.

Watch out world, here I come.

Stephanie Dickison

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