GUCCI Bloom Eau de Parfume - Tickled Pink

All it takes is one whiff of Gucci BLOOM's intoxicating scent to be swept away.

I've never experienced anything like it. Like being immersed into a never-ending night garden. It might just be the most captivating perfume ever.

Leave it to powerhouse Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele to create a fragrance so modern, yet simultaneously harkening back to an earlier time. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the scent was designed to "celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women."

Bold floral notes hit you right out of the gate. But it's not your usual on-the-nose blossoms that've been remixed for years. This is completely new and innovative.

Tuberose harvested from India delivers sweet, complex and exotic notes while Jasmine takes on a completely new identity, thanks to "an exclusive method of co-extraction" of the bud, releasing a redolence of fresh green and petal.

These fraternize with new kid on the block Rangoon Creeper. Used for the first time in a perfumery, the distinct bloom discovered in South India, starts out white, then transforms to pink, then red, giving off a slight powdery bouquet.

The result is a plummy base bursting with energetic, crisp florals. Think: fireworks, but with fresh flowers. Absolutely intoxicating.

And then there's the bottle. Swathed in a muted peachy pink lacquer  - the adult version of millennial pink - and fitted with a minimalist Gucci label appliqué, it's simply timeless. No doubt you'll keep it on display long after the final spritz. Even the box it comes in is gorge  - a  vintage-y floral print in brick red coats the interior as well.

I just found my new signature scent. Discover yours with GUCCI Bloom in-store and online at beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart.


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