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Sheet masks have become as ubiquitous as ripped jeans and white kicks. They're everywhere.

But let's face it - there's an art to a great mask. Sure, load it up with all the enriching ingredients you want, but if it slides or peel offs part way through, it doesn't do you or your path to serenity any good. Others may cling like icing to wax paper, but if their subpar ingredients don't do much more than wet your face, you might as well have gone out for pizza.

Ugh. What a letdown. And a waste of time and money.

You need something that's guaranteed to work. You need something that goes beyond those drugstore wannabes.

I've got just the thing.

KNESKO Skin specializes in skin masks infused with natural collagen, which on its own is mighty impressive. Because we've both seen the impact collagen can have on filling in wrinkles and plumping the hell outta our skin. But then add all-natural ingredients, built-in healing gemstones(!) and minerals, other holistic elements, and some serious other powers, and you've got yourself one of the best skincare treatments of your life.

Actually, it's even more than that. It's treating your whole body, inside and out, and your mind too. 

Oh, and the fact that you get to swath yourself in actual diamonds and 24K gold? Icing on the cake.

Take a look:

KNESKO Skin offers stunning Face Masks, Eye Masks, and Mask Sets in two drop-dead collections - Diamond Radiance and NanoGold Repair

Cool fact: You'll notice KNESKO's one of just a few companies offering Neck and Decollete masks - two  widely under-serviced and neglected areas in the industry, yet they reveal our age as much as our crow's feet and laugh lines. They also have lip masks in Diamond and Gold.

But these premier masks fix more than just your face. Lejla Cas, Founder and Reiki Chanel, "treats each and every KNESKO product with loving, healing energy so the moment the customer receives their package, their healing begins."

That's right, these gemstone-infused beauty aids aren't just skin saviours - they're packed with extra juice to salve your spirit too. So while your skin gets hydrated, revitalized and brightened, your mind, body and soul get seriously nourished and nurtured too.

Skeptical? You shouldn't be. Similar to the difference of someone cooking with love or hatred, you can feel the difference, on some level I believe, of the energy someone puts out in the world. And even if you're still not convinced, we could all use more goodness in our lives, don't you think? And KNESKO Skin includes it in everything they make.

And gemstones, while they're damn pretty, come with their own superpowers too. Did you know that they can heal, balance particular chakras and aid skin's revitalization on its own? That right there is some serious magic. So whether you believe in the healing energy of reiki or not,  this skincare goes above and beyond what other masks can offer - mere ingredients - and transforms you from the inside out.

I took the Diamond Radiance Natural Collagen Mask (available individually or in a 4-pack) - a weekly treatment - out for a test drive one Friday night after a draining week of running around and little sleep or self-care. My skin was just as ragged as I was.

Three things that made me feel better right away:

1. The striking mother-of-pearl, rainbow glow of the mask made me feel like I had on the most beautiful armour of the future.
2. It comes in two pieces - one for the top half of your face, one for the bottom. Because those one sheeters never fit quite right.  
3. A glorious fresh botanical scent I would spritz on everyday if it was bottled. Aromatherapy? To the nth degree.

I hadn't even put it on yet, and already I could feel the stress of the day melting away.

The hydrogel collagen mask goes on like a champ and stays put, even when I get up to pour more wine (the mouth opening is big enough that you can eat and drink comfortably - holla!). The scent and energy I'm getting from it is so soothing, I feel myself sinking into the couch cushions with an ease I haven't felt in months.

After 20 minutes, I peel off the mask and already the difference is staggering.  My skin is noticeably brighter and juicier. My skin tone: blissful. Even, smooth, radiant, eyes de-puffed, lines blurred out  (No makeup tomorrow? No problem!). Even my pores are non-existent.

These effects lasted an entire week. When the following weekend rolled around, my skin still looked phenomenal, so I went to a big gala with just the slightest makeup on. 

My skin was nourished and hydrated for days. I felt aglow inside and out. Between the powerful Diamond Powder, Marine Collagen Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Coq10, Vitamin B3, Mica, Rose Essential Oil, skin is gently exfoliated and pampered beyond belief. And let's not forget about the healing energy of reiki added in. Your crown chakra just got a serious dose of love and attention, so if you find yourself suddenly more creative and open...

And be sure to get yourself Nano Gold Repair Collagen Eye Mask (1 treatment or package of 6). These lavish gold nuggets go to town of all signs of fatigue, so say sayonara to blech, fine lines, dark circles, redness, and those air bags that just never deflate.  

Skin stays as taut as a new mattress, and not just for the night either. My eyelift lasted the entire workweek. Peepers are noticeably lifted, and unbelievably drenched in hydration. Parched, worn out skin gets catered to and healed thanks to tiny particles of colloidal gold, aloe extract, elastin, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and marine collagen locking in moisture - all finished with that sumptuous scent of rose. 

And let's not forget the reiki that's incorporated right into these precious gold bars. This spa-at-home treatment doesn't just combat signs of aging - gold activates the third eye chakra, which means negative energy, anxiety, and tension are released, leaving you feeling awake, restored, beautiful and happy.

KNESKO Skin isn't just extraordinary skincare. It extends all the way to your heart and soul.

p.s. All masks are paraben-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and ophthalmologist approved.

Stephanie Dickison

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