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I know that in the early 2000s, women came home from work, put on yoga pants, and only begrudgingly got out of them because Casual Fridays had not yet lapsed into Casual All Day, Every Day (my freakin' nightmare).

Perhaps they've switched over to the more modern option of athleisure wear, but more likely, they're still rockin' their old lulu faithfuls because they're just so damn comfortable.

Despite leaps and bounds in technology, almost two decades later, there seems to be little thought or advance into our "in between" clothes.

I believe most of us have a limited range of clothes:

- work attire (even easier should your job require a uniform, though admittedly less fun) 
- workout gear (this category might not apply to you, which means you get more closet space) 
- "Other" (date night, out with friends, etc.) 
- sleepwear 

But what happens in between work and sleep? When you want to get out of your work clothes, but it's too early to get into your nightie? I suspect that almost everyone switches into an old t-shirt and shorts (or for cryin' out loud - still with the yoga pants?) during this window.

I've struggled for years to find appropriate clothing that's comfortable, but not schlubby. Structured, but not confining by any means. Fashionable yes, flattering def, but if I happen to get soy sauce on it (oh it's gonna happen), NBD.

Until recently,  for over a decade I has the immense honour to be steward to a big orange cat. This wonderful fur ball shed mountains even while he slept. Because I like to dress up for work, I had to come up with a solution that 1. didn't have me spending my days plucking fur from every inch of my clothing, and 2. spending entire paychecks on lint brush papers, so I came up with the solution o "house clothes."

Anytime a dress became too worn or faded, I wore it around the house. When pants went out of style, I put 'em on to do the dishes. Of course all this garb had to be somewhat comfortable, but I didn't have to worry about being a bundle of ginger fur alongside my actual furry fella.

After he died, I no longer needed to wear clothes to protect the "good" ones from his long fur anymore, but the necessity for something to wear at home continued - I couldn't very well scrub the shower tiles, wash the dishes, or make dinner (on the menu tonight: Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Dijon Tarragon Cream) in my J. Crew frock or Banana Republic cigarette pants.

Now what?

I've never been a t-shirt and shorts kinda gal. That ended when I was 10. I wear gym clothes but only to the gym - that's embarrassing enough. And you already know my stance on yoga pants.

Twice I've thought "I'll just change into my satin nightie early." (I like to be dressy, even at bedtime) What's the harm in that?

Both times, friends dropped by unannounced. Mortified doesn't even cover it (note: I absolutely love the pop-in, so keep 'em coming. I'll be dressed this time, I promise).

So please know this long preamble was written not out of laziness, but to prove that my search for comfortable house wear has been a long (over two decades) and weary one (I've tried everything, including oversize men's shirts - sexy, but impractical).

I had given up and have resorted to wearing a tank dress that I bought 20 years ago and has been in the "home clothes" drawer for at least the last 10. It has so many stains on it it looks tie-dyed (oh the memories - hello Kung Pao Chicken, date night Barolo, and tiny hole from my kitty's claw when he came and curled up on my lap for the first time).

And then somehow I stumbled across Demande Générale's website. The description: "Your everyday, elevated. Luxury loungewear and accessories."

Sounding too good to be true, I clicked around.

Holy mother....

I dropped to my knees with shock, awe and immense gratitude. A tiny tear may have squeezed its way out. Maybe it was an eyelash or allergies, who knows.

I waited my whole life for this. How could it possibly live up to my ridiculously high expectations?


Demande Générale's selection of garments alone, is impressive. The range of tees covers every kinda gal and style - Classic, Midi, Bodysuit, a mid-thigh number called Slit Lounge T, T Dress, the seriously sexy (oomph) Backless Loungeand Long Rib Dress that you could wear to the Four Seasons for dinner and I SWEAR no one would guess it was your "house" dress.

If tees, no matter what the cut, aren't your thing, there's  range of other items to choose from, including Camis, Leggings, Essential Soft Pants, Robe, Fleece RobeTurtleneck Bodysuit, Scarf, Capes, Socks, and buttonup style Two Way Shirt.

Style for daaaays. And nights.

And the lightweight fabric has a swishy drape that I can't get enough of. That's thanks to not just timelessly designed pieces, but the exquisite material it's made from. If you don't already know Pima Cotton and Modal, say hello to your new comfort zone.

Demande Générale's collection of basics are ethically and skillfully made in Peru and made up of 100% pima cotton styles and 50% pima cotton/50% modal styles.

Peruvian pima cotton isn't the cotton you and I have crowding our closets. This is so beyond that stuff, so it will last and last, and in the meantime, it won't pill either (because who wants to spend the afternoon shaving her clothes?).  One of the only hand-picked cottons in the world, it's long-lasting, silky soft and absorbent.

Super soft, breathable and hardy as hell, modal is a fibre constructed from fast growing, renewable eucalyptus and beech trees.

I dare you to find something this soft and cozy in your closet. I can say that because I know it's not going to happen.

Just know that Demande Générale's lush, luxe clothes change everything.

I tried two items. Transformed doesn't come close to covering it. Take a look:

Note: I try not to swear when writing, so you'll just have to imagine the occasional f-bomb for emphasis because these garments are @#%!# smokin'.

The drop-it-low, backless cami is so sexy from the back, I'm not keeping this number solely to the house or bedroom. You better believe it's making an appearance on date night and girl's night out. I might even wear it to the TIFF Galas this year (Priyanka Chopra is confirmed for the opening and I think she'd approve). If I was making a music video or giving my Oscar acceptance speech (a girl can dream), I would wear this. 

In the meantime, this 50% pima cotton/50% modal delight is coming everywhere with me. The loose front flutters against skin and breeze. Dipping just under the clavicle, it's flowy and flattering and unbelievably alluring, but that's nothing.

Turn around.

The deep dip in back shows off your sultry curves, swinging just high enough to cover what's needed, and leave everything else on display.

Soft and sweeping, this cami lets you be you, without ever getting in the way. 

And while your intention might have been to curl up, drink wine and watch "Friends From College," your night is now destined for greatness. Cue lights. Music. Slo-mo.

Insert fantasy. Watch it come to life.

Fade out.

 Demande Générale's The Classic Cami is available in black, white, and khaki.

I've never worn pants to bed before this pair (except for an occasional couple of drunken nights back in my teens and 20s, when shoes and contacts also remained). For three precise (and very good) reasons:

1. As I mentioned, I am a feminine, nightie kind of girl. Which I realize now is a rarity. 
2. I don't like pajamas, hence why I don't do the bottoms of 'em.
3. How can you sleep with all that fabric around your legs?

So you can imagine my reluctance.

Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, CEO & Creative Director of Demande Générale, swore they would transform me.

She was right.

I love a good cuff. But it has to be the right width and height for the fabric and look. This delicate roll at the bottom says casual but not sloppy. Never sloppy. Relaxed, but not raggedy. It's perfect.

And I wish all my pants came with this strategic, wide, stiff waistband. It slims everything (even my "just-came-from-a-restaurant-and-consumed-nine-courses" food baby family) and contours without any constriction or unease whatsoever. I've never experienced both of those things at the same time before, nor did I think it was possible. By now you should know that Demande Générale will teach you a lot of life.
Can you imagine the power women could really yield if we were this comfortable all the time?

I was strutting around the house (okay okay, I was dancing) and I thought, "The only thing that would make these perfection would be pockets." I even motioned my hands over my hips to where the magical pouches would be, and godammit if my hands didn't slip into the softest pockets.



I'm going to be wearing  Demande Générale at home, on date night, dinner on the rooftop and at any and every award ceremony (it could happen) from now on.

So shop Demande Générale right now and live life how it was meant to be lived - luxuriously, stylishly.

p.s. Be sure to check out their gorgeous Home & Lifestyle products, along with accessories for your beloved furry ones.

Stephanie Dickison

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