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I've long been guilty of a closet crammed full of clothes, yet I only wear eight percent of them. 

Though I'm late to game, I've come to start collecting capsule wardrobe pieces - quality items that can mix and matched with ease. 

Whether it's a dress, top or pants, it need to be stylish, comfortable, structured and easily paired with other items in the collection. 

Tucker NYC founder and designer Gaby Basora makes the penultimate items that are anything but boring, and classic enough that you'll still be stylin' ten years from now. Choose from a variety of uber chic tops, dresses, pants and skirts in solids, bold prints, and stripes, in an array of versatile styles.

Originally I sought a killer dressbut as you can imagine, many of the most popular designs sold out (Midnight Mallard, you will be mine one day). It seems everyone is in search of drool-worthy, stand-the-test-of-time essentials.

So I turned to tops. You would think these are an easy item to just pick up anywhere, but in fact, if you've got a bod like mine that zigs this way and that, it can seem downright impossible to get one that doesn't pull, squeeze, ride up, itch, or expose too much not too little. 

As the search for the perfect blouse is where Gaby began, it seemed like a great place for me to start too.

First, select the style of top you want. Get ready - there's a slew of choices:

It's difficult to choose I know  And you're not going to believe this, but there's more tough decisions to make: you need to pick your colour, solid or print -> if print, which pattern? (Prepare yourself: Dresses come in just as many options).

I'm telling you it's damn hard to choose just one: If Mountain Climbing Birds were on the site when I was browsing, they would have come home with me. And I would rock the hell out of One For Madge. I almost never wear white but I'd make an exception for Aveline. I'm not very mystical but I'm captivated by Velvet Stars. And I've never had a thing for ducks (aside from on the plate) before Tucker NYC, but if Summer or Midnight Mallard had been in stock when I was shopping, I would have swooped them up in no time.

Whatever you're into, Gaby's got it - sweet florals, plaid, retro prints, optical illusions, patriotic stars, butterflies, Monet-esque swatches. Looking for something a little different? Off-the-wall? Russian dolls, medals and rainbow stickers are just some of the fun, offbeat designs. Prints are added all the time, so check back often to see what's new and exciting.

The blouse that started it all, The Classic, remains Tucker's top seller since its debut in 2006 (told you the designs were timeless) and it's easy to see why: smocked collar, button front (how much you decide to button up or down is half the fun), and carefree, loose lines make it a winner for every shape and height.

Not convinced yet? Every clothing item on the Tucker site offers the details of the model wearing it - her height, bust, waist, hips - what size she's wearing in the photo, and length of the item. This allows you for perhaps the first time ever, to really get a sense of what it will look like without having the actual item in front of you.

I was def tempted by the Classic but in the end, I went with Abigail's Party Blouse because who doesn't love dressing for a party?

The blouse version of the best-selling Abigail Party Dress is bursting with flattering details from the v-neck collar, which exposes just the right amount of clavicle and elongates the shoulder line; three cotton candy pink pearl-esque buttons that undone, will have pulses racing; gently shirred waist that nips and tucks the silhouette just so(if you check out my Pinterest page, you'll see I've long been a fan on anything draped, cinched and gathered) with the soft finish of silk belt that looks equally as blissful untied, knotted or in a feminine bow. 

And I'm just getting started: the teeny gathers at the shoulder, billowing sleeves finished in an elegant elastic cuff (also allowing you the versatility to wear them long or short), three-quarter length (21" from shoulder to hem) that works with every pant from culotte to cigarette, straight leg to boot cut.

I chose mine in Blush. It's feminine without being too saccharine or wedding-y. And of course the material - 100% Silk Charmeuse - is as enduring as the design. Let's not gloss over the fabric, because it deserves a whole whack of paragraphs and attention. There aren't a lot of fabrics that can make you feel like royalty - the only one I can think of besides silk is cashmere - so reign supreme in this beauty. Yas Queen!

An added bonus of any Tucker NYC item, including this one, is that they're as comfortable as pyjamas and insanely forgiving. Partly due to my work as full-time restaurant writer, my weight fluctuates like the Nasdaq each season (damn you, triple-patty burgers, extreme poutines and never-ending creme brûlées - first world problems, I know). More than any item in my closet, the first thing I grow out of is blouses. There is nothing worse than a too-tight top, especially one that cuts off the circulation in your arms every time you move or can barely contain your tummy after a 12-course tasting menu with three desserts.

I have roughly 20 blouses and only two of them fit me pretty much no matter what my size. Naturally I've practically worn through the fabric from so much wash and wear,  so knowing that my Abigail's Party Blouse in Blush will see me through thick and thin - literally - is one less thing I have to worry about. And truthfully, unlike every blouse that came before it, it won't leave me feeling bad no matter what the scale says.

So when you look at the price tags of Tucker NYC clothing, know that it is absolutely worth it. Because these exquisitely made pieces will outlast anything in your closet. They will fit you like nothing else. And while others may try to be this comfortable, few will come close to being this silky soft and weightless. An arm and a leg? Your limbs would be lucky to slide into these clothes.

If you see me out and about, no doubt I'll be in Tucker NYC by Gaby Basora (follow me on IG to catch it in action). 

See for yourself and shop Tucker NYC now

p.s. Enjoy free shipping on all U.S. orders.

Stephanie Dickison

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