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While some people are okay wearing dirty clothes, being/feeling clean and fresh is imperative for me. It's the only option. 

So naturally I clean my clothes a lot. And nothing's off limits. I put everything through the wash - blazers (Dryclean only? Pffft), overcoats, purses, curtains, pillows, and pretty much anything you can think of. Over the years I've even washed my washer. #Truth.

A few years ago I started running, and last year I hit the gym big time. While my visits to the gym have increased (booyah), so has my laundry (booooo). This means my sweat-soaked gear stays that way until the end of the week - because as much as I love clean clothes, I'm not crazy enough to wash only a few items a day.

Ew. Sweat gets awfully musty by the end of the week. But how to get around it?

I found the ultimate solution in Freshback, an innovative laundry solution that rids your clothes of odour.

And you don't have to be a gym rat to reap the benefits:

- Do you have a job where you're under hot lights all day or requires a lot of physical activity?
- Are your evenings and weekends spent playing hockey, rock climbing, kickboxing, spinning or taking bikram yoga?
- Maybe you sweat profusely no matter what the occasion. Or maybe you just never get around to doing laundry.

Whatever the reason, no matter how intense the reek - no filthy socks or rank hockey bag too big - if you want to achieve a deep clean, and one that lasts and lasts, get yourself Freshback.

This revolutionary "deep fiber fusion treatment" allows you to stay body-odour-free during AND after any kind of activity by "providing long-lasting odour blocking treatment for all clothes." It even goes to work on linens.

And it keeps the stink away. For up to a year.

Really take that in, because this is huge. A year without odour? A year without having to do laundry?


How do they do it? With an imperceptible, permanent, odour-blocking molecule.

Despite the wicked science that's gone into creating miracle-worker Freshback, it couldn't be easier to use. It can be used in any washing machine - including HE machines (as well as hand-washing if that's your jam). Which let's face it, is almost as exciting as not having to do laundry every other second.

The three-part laundry treatment kit is done all in one go and is dead easy. The box includes three numbered, colour-coded pouches that you add to the machine in numerical order. A handy illustrated guide takes out any guesswork, so you just pop them in as per the instructions:

Step 1 - Add Packet #1 Premium Detergent

This simple step is rigorous on gross oil build-up, and any remnants of soap and factory-applied softeners, so your gear comes out squeaky clean.  But don't worry - the formula's not harsh on your clothes one bit (Because we both know you can't live without your moto + mesh leggings).

Step 2 - Add Packet # 2 Freshener 

Odour will be kept at bay for months and months, thanks to the contents of this wondrous all-natural pouch.

Step 3 - Add Packet #3 Bonder

A patented technology seals the Freshener to each article. Think of it as undetectable armour that protects your clothes from incoming b.o. - no matter how intense the workout.

You can use Freshback on any type of fabric - including linens - and there’s no fragrance added. Everything just smells freshly washed.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that sweat doesn't actually smell - it's bacteria that causes it. So you're not just getting rid of the stench, you're keeping your clothes and linens sanitized and bacteria free.

It's also eco-friendly, doesn't harm your washer, won't irritate your skin (I just switched to all-natural detergent so there was no way I'm adding more irritants), or change the technical aspects of your pricey workout gear (all that moisture wicking technology is a godsend, amirite?).

Made from natural and non-toxic ingredients, there's no bleach, so your bright whites sometimes aren't so bright afterwards - a small price to pay for laundry-free weekends for a year.

This is a total game changer. You're about to save a whole bunch of time, energy, water and money. Your clothes will last longer too.

Say hello to an extraordinary new way of life.

Shop Freshback now. Select Sport Machine Wash or Outdoor (wash your tents and sleeping bags!). Also available in-store at The Running Room and Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) across Canada.


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