Logitech Limited Edition Colour Collection Wireless Mice - Pretty Up Your Workspace

Most people I know, work next to (and practically under) towering piles of paper, computer screens and cables competing for desk space, and in mostly undecorated rooms that are the colour of masking tape.

I am not most people. Having an attractive workspace makes all the difference in how I work. My workspace and tools have to be clean, streamlined and look good (read: stylish and modern). So for as long as I can remember, I have always upgraded the mouse that came with my computer (back in the days when that happened) to match my surroundings and live up to my design standards.

And that's why I always select one from Logitech.

Back in 2012, I tried a fantastic matching keyboard and mouse set that still is one of the first things that people comment on when they enter my office: "Great mouse and keyboard! Where did you get it? Uh, do you mind if we have the same ones?"

Since then, I've moved and now my office is a gorgeous, magical, light teal, so many of my old office accessories were in need of a serious colour update.
I was over the moon to discover Logitech just unveiled its sixth-annual design collection, which offers fantastic, modern patterns and colours on three of their most popular wireless mice.

And how lucky am I? They just happen to do the M317 in Limited Edition teal stripes on a white body. It's so perfect, you'd think I'd had an interior designer in to match everything! And the contoured body and sturdy scroll wheel makes it comfortable to use for hours at a time. That, mixed with it's stylin' look, makes it everything you could ever want.

Just some of the many reasons I am a lifelong fan of Logitech.

The 2014 Logitech Color Collection are available on the M325 and the M317 in the US, and the  M187 in Asia.

Shop Logitech now.

Stephanie Dickison

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