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You probably have a thing for leather like I do. 

The rich feel, luxe look, cozy warmth, and serious longevity are all part of its allure. But it will cost you. So while it would be lovely to fill your closet and home with the real thing, you have to save up for such luxuries.

That's why you need to get yourself to family-owned UASHMAMA.

Pronounced "wash-mama," the sumptuous collection of paper bags, handbags, carry bags, accessories, house & home, and restaurant items look and feel just like leather, but are in fact made of paper.

Made in Tuscany, they boast the soft,  smooth feel of leather you know and love without the high price tag or harming of animals. And in case you're worried about durability - don't be. This thick, sturdy paper was made to keep up with your hectic lifestyle and travel the bumpy roads right by your side. How is this even possible you ask? The eco paper made using 100% celluluse fiber is actually stretched and tanned just like leather, so it's a dead ringer for the animal skin. You'd never know this stunner was made from the stuff you write on. 

But what sets it far apart from animal hide is that it's washable. That, and each item holds its shape, never wilting or hardening like other materials. So go ahead and hand wash in warm water with mild soap, rinse and dry flat - it can handle it.

The collection began years ago with bread bags and has since expanded to include oversize tote bags, pursesovernight bags, tabletop containers, trays, and other captivating catchalls and carryalls

While completely smitten by their metallic purses, totes, and other accessories, since I practically have my own stockroom of handbags, I decided to organize and decorate the house first:

Let's clear up one thing before we get started. Not one of UASHMAMA's paper bags looks or feels like a paper bag. These are plush, elevated pieces that will transform your tabletops and counters, while also being extremely helpful in organizing your life.

As you can see, they come in a wide range of colours (brights, bolds, darks and pastels), sizes (xs to gigante!), my beloved metallics (Cool fact: Over time, the laminate will soften and wear just like foil - drool), and can be used to hold everything from baked goods, plants, toys, clothes, accessories, and well, anything and everything you can think of.

I, of course, went straight for the Platino in Large because I'm in constant need of tidying a whole whack of papers (despite my almost completely digital lifestyle, I've still amassed a ton of paper and notebooks along the way, getting bigger by the day) and this soft shimmery gold bucket with coffee coloured cuff is the perfect facilitator.

It's so pretty in fact, that I decided I wanted one in the living room for the plant that's working it's way to becoming a small tree next to my sofa. And then it had to be in the kitchen because I'm throwing a dinner party this weekend and I can't think of a better way to pass the dinner rolls.

Luckily they're priced affordably so I can order a bunch. I'm thinking Grey, Dark Grey, Silver/GreyIron Grey (I'm sensing a pattern here...), and Midnight Blue

There's no way this tall, slim fella isn't leather. 

While the rest of the world's convinced it's cowhide, you and I both know this lush look is pure pulp.

Sure you could use hold bags for toys, office supplies, flowers, and other household items, but this creamy, supple beauty in soft dusty Quarzo is the perfect vessel for a bottle of vino.

Whether you are a Pinot Grigio girl or prefer noble reds like Barolo, this striking bag with smooth tan leather handle is the consummate caddy for everything from Cabernet and Champagne, and even Cognac and Chartreuse if you're the kind of friend willing to share. Of course, bottles starting with any letter will do (hello Bourbon, Mezcal, Pisco, Scotch, and Tequila).

Which is why these dreamy totes also maket he ideal host/ess and housewarming present - filled of course, with their favourite libation (for non-alcoholic options try: cold-pressed juices, artisan lemonades, hand-crafted sodas, and flavoured syrups for coffee and seltzer).


Whether you want a fashionable accessory, elegant decor accent, or something to help keep you organized while looking mighty good (I know - all of the above, right?) you need UASHMAMA washable paper products.

So shop now in Canada, Australia and around the world.

Stephanie Dickison

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