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Plastic and foam rollers used to be reserved for athletes, dancers and other pros who worked their bodies h-a-r-d.

Thanks to long hours sitting at a desk, stressful 24/7 living, and well-worn gym memberships, the need for rolling has crossed over into the lives of us regular folks. In fact, we've never needed it more.

Stiff back from all that sitting? Sore muscles after that last workout? Rockin' that body night and day got your muscles all jammed up? Just need to stretch it out and relieve that tension loaded around your shoulders or calves? 

Whatever's ailing you, you need to roll it out.

But have you ever tried those foam ones at the gym or from the big box stores? What a disaster.

I tried a bunch and they did not work for me. Elevated so high off the ground, I just flailed around like a castaway signalling for help. I could never get my footing or get it deep enough into the tissue. It was like being on a mechanical bull - limbs everywhere.

Next I tried a tennis ball. Oh mutha---bleep. The agony! It was worse than the pain I was trying to release. Thanks, but I don't think so.

In desperation to relive my tight, sore muscles, I tried a European roller meant to reduce face wrinkles. I told you I was desperate. Madly rolling it up and down my legs, it was too small to cover these thunder thighs of mine. I needed something bigger to tackle the muscles, but not too big that it wouldn't get into the places that needed it most.

So I tried various things around the house - broomstick, hard bolster pillows, magazines rolled up. Nothing worked -  not only did I feel lost, I felt ridiculous.

That's when I went in search of high qualities tools that would do the job properly. That wouldn't just treating surface issues, but reaching the areas deep below.

RAD Roller has something for everyone, every size and every condition.

And you don't have to be a gym rat, pilates pro or bun head to find immense relief in them either. Rolling is good for you, whether you exercise or not. In fact, Lauren Roxburgh's new book Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique illustrates that you can transform your body with a handful of key moves (and BTW, who doesn't want to be taller, slimmer or younger?).

Developed by biomechanics authority Mike Mallory and professional triathlete Dan McIntosh,
RAD Roller's tools are here to help. In fact, they'll help better than most anything else.

Rad Roller's line of mobility products were designed to "closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist." Saving yourself a whack of time and moulah, these phenomenal massage aids provide "controlled, acute point release, move waste materials out of your soft tissue and encourage proper spinal alignment," all in the comfort of your own home.

I've been using them to relieve muscular pain and stiffness,  but they also work wonders to:

- release restrictions
- flush out built-up toxins
- benefit blood and lymph flow
- promote relaxation
- create a healing response
- relieve trigger points
- help mobilize joints

It's like having an entire massage therapy clinic available to you 24/7, taking up no more room than a box of frozen burgers, and some even less, so they're extremely portable too (your hotel room just became a massage oasis).

Here's a closer look at their exceptional lineup:

I hold a lot of my tension in my shoulders and neck, so the double ball roller comes in handy after a long day at work.

The RAD Roller is "designed to create functional point release all along your spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself," so while your neck and back get a serious dose of relief, be sure to use it throughout your entire bod. Roll it all the way up and down your shoulders and arms, and legs from your hips to glutes to IT bands (those ligaments on the outside of your leg) to calves and feet.

You don't need to know any special moves or follow annoying instructional videos (it comes with a PDF guide of exercises should you wish to refer to it) - just set it under the area that you want to work, and roll away. You'll feel better in no time, all thanks to this small (4.9" x 2.5"), hard, latex-free silicone doubleheader that kneads you as hard as any Shiatsu masseuse, yet easily fits into your suitcase, carryon and tote.

As much as I've found rolling to be hard and painful, this l'il beauty makes the whole experience rather addictive. While my awful foam roller remains furled in the closet, I keep this wonder out in the living room, so its at the ready. Trust me - this and a little CraveTV, and you'll be in great shape way before the credits roll.

And because RAD Roller isn't content with the "one size fits all" philosophy, they've gone and created a number of selections - Original, Soft, Stiff, sets of 2 and 3, and XL.


RAD Helix

It's hard to believe this is a foam roller. It's nothing like the bright blue mess that was highly recommended (pfft!) and sent me toppling every which way. 

This neat and tidy device is just 12.5" x 3"and weighs in at a mere 1lb. Made out of high-density gray foam in a swirling soft-serve design (if only it were that creamy!), it might not look very high tech, but it's been engineered to fit all your parts without causing harm or injury. 

Extend and open your spine; release the tension in your hamstrings, lips, quads and calves; increase your range of motion; flush out toxins... is there anything this roller won't do?

Oh, and in case you're still considering a foam noodle over this healer, consider this - this polymer material is soft enough that you won't be writhing around in pain, but sturdy enough put up with deep digs and rotations. It's also waterproof, sweatproof and non-porous.

Mic drop.

Those other guys don't stand a chance.

While a long rod can be as much as a pain delivery system as reliever, the more you use it, the more good it does, and the less it hurts.

I learned this to hard way, so hopefully you don't have to.

I also discovered that like all RAD Roller products, even this fine line is gentle enough for every day use, yet designed so beyond everything else, you'll wonder how the others have lasted in the game this long.

Most companies create a heavy bar that you are expected to roll over your already tender, taut muscles. You can't be serious. It's no wonder folks like me have a hard time coming around to the idea of rolling after using their instruments of torture.

The RAD Rod however, is a dream.

First of all, while the stainless steel core is mighty strong (you could def use it to ward off burglars) its sleek, light frame (1lb. 2oz.) boasts just enough soft EVA foam coverage so that no matter what you're rolling - whether it's a fleshier area (hello glutes) or something riddled with bones close to the skin (forearms) - RAD Rod's got you.

The continuing brilliance of the design is what makes this stand out far from the crowd - as you hold onto the blue ends, the middle grey area capped in silver, effortlessly, smoothly rotates, so you can adjust the level of pressure as you go. Really get into those tight muscles and release them, along with all those toxins that haven't been doing you or your body any good.

Each grip feels good in the hands and every roll is smooth across your skin. These tools were made with you in mind.

RAD Rod may look like just another ol' stick at first glance, but it is anything but.

This changes everything.

p.s. Use it in tandem with the Rad Atom for deeper compression.

RAD Rounds

I used goddamn tennis balls before I found RAD Rounds, and the difference is like oranges and... Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape.

As RAD Roller points out, these balls "are specifically designed for the body, not sports, which is a lot more than a tennis ball or 'whatever’s around the house' can claim." Amen.

Also, a tennis ball might be the right size for you or Joe Manganiello even, but it's a bit too bulky for me.

RAD Rounds offers three sizes so that you can customize it to each spot  and get the most effective mobilization and tension relief.

These firm silicon spheres also have their own densities, because as you know by now, one tool doesn't work for everything. And they come with their own holding places in the RAD Block too, so not only can you access areas with more ease, they also store beautifully.

The set includes one large (green - tennis ball size - a bit softer than the RAD Roller), one medium (blue - squash ball size - perfect for feet, under the arches) and one small RAD Round (black - new potato - ideal for hands, feet and facial muscles).

You're set.

- Rad Block

Like I said, I had a tough time with the  bright blue foam roller on steroids that was "the" one to use, according to experts. Maybe it's due to my lack of grace or abilities, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. While balls are easier, they too, can be tricky.

That's why this block is a lifesaver. Similar to the foam blocks used in yoga (and which I always need to help me get that extra reach), the EVA foam brick in gray allows you to stash the RAD Roller and RAD Rounds in place and get 'em up to a height that works for you. They also keep them in place, so that you can dig into the areas that are hard to reach yet need it most, hands-free (!), while maintaining your balance - and dignity.

No more flailing!

It also acts as a brilliant storage unit for all the RAD bits and pieces. This is surely one of the most under appreciated design aspects, but actually one of the most important.

Unless you are a gym or dance studio that has the space and is equipped to hold various oddly-shaped pieces of equipment (that almost always roll out of where they're supposed to stay), it's remarkably difficult to try and stash oversized, unwieldy rollers, buckets of tennis balls, etc., with any sort of success in a closet or cabinet on their own. Like herding puppies.

This storage solution is one of the biggest, brightest and best I've ever come across. It's quite elegant in fact. Everything is stashed away and organized, yet easily accessible. Very rarely do you see this kind of ingenuity with sports and/or gym equipment.

I think RAD Roller should have a look at my closets, shelves and desk drawers and see if they can wield their magic there too.


I recommend getting the whole shebang with Rad Kits.

RAD Roller is the very best thing you can do for  you, your health, body and mind.

I'm here to tell you - I've tried releasing aches, pains and tension with the so-called "pro" tools. It's the worst. Just go straight to the top. Shop RAD Roller now.

Stephanie Dickison

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