TubShroom - The Ultimate Fix to a Hairy Problem

Huh. What's all that hair doing near the drain?

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but as you age, your hair falls out at a much more noticeable rate. You might also find this occurs when you dye your locks, are under stress, or lacking sleep.

This is one of the many reasons why you see people with a single purchase of drain cleaner at the supermarket. It's your beautiful locks clogging up the shower. And even if you have a filter like I did, no doubt it's just as nasty to try and clean it, as putting your hand in the drain yourself. 

Most people are pretty queasy about hair in the bathroom to start with, so just imagine it all slimy, goopy, and don't even get me started on the smell. 

To rid yourself of ever having to deal with this gross, but formerly necessary task of clearing the shower so that you're not covered in a foot of water, just get yourself TubShroom.

Serge and Elena Karnegie developed the device out of a need to keep their tub drain clear. With two kids and lots of pets, it was forever clogged. Their simple, genius device is the best I've found for many reasons:

- It's affordable
- There's no need for harmful chemicals and cleaners 
- It plops right into the drain, no tools required (if only everything in life could be that simple)
- You never have to see all hair crowded around and poking out of the drain again (because, ew)
- The way it fastidiously catches and wraps EVERY SINGLE HAIR, EVERY SINGLE TIME you take a shower (or bath, if that's your jam) is mesmerizing
- It works with all hair - thick, curly, straight, fine, whatever you've got going on (even if it's one of each, like me)
- And yes, even your pets, no matter how furry (I had the furriest)
- Just one swipe with a tissue and all the collected is gone for good

- Buy it once and you never have to worry about a clogged drain again FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

There are three types - TubShroom, ShowerShroom, and SinkShroom -  available in a variety of colours.


Look, I know this isn't as exciting or sexy as eye cream or cosmetics, but I started the knack as a way to find fabulous solutions to life's problems. I've never seen a better drain cleaner than TubShroom. Once you have it. you're life becomes so much easier. You never have to spend time or money clearing the drain - whether it's the sink, tub or shower - ever again. 

What are you waiting for? Shop TubShroom now and get on with your life.

Stephanie Dickison

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