PK by Pearson Knight Beach Grit - Beach Waves for Days

If you met me or saw photos, you'd swear I had straight hair.

In fact, I have curly hair. But not the lush, buoyant kind. Oh no, mine is more cowlicks than curls, that flatten and then stretch out at the most inopportune, unflattering places. Which is why I spend so much time punishing my locks into unswerving sleek lines. 

If only my curls could be coaxed out into sultry waves, I pray to the hair gods with closed eyes, as I continue to singe my strands with hot styling tools, after weighing them down with thick straightening crèmes.

The tousled beach babe look takes all restraint outta the equation. From Beyonce to Julianne Hough, the ripple effect is dropdead sexy. Just-tumbled-out-of-bed head is a thousand percent more captivating than straight and narrow tresses.

If only...

It seems Pearson Knight heard my incessant prayer (I'd want the noise to stop too) and decided to answer.

A captivating fella known as "Magic Hands" for his unique cutting and styling mastery, and recipient of the Elle Genius AwardPearson is a fearless innovator. After five years of development and testing, celebrity hairstylist Knight debuted the first small batch of PK by Pearson Knight, "the perfect formulas to achieve everyday beauty with high-fashion performance." Which lucky for us, includes Beach Grit Texture and Volume Spray.

Whether you're a boho, Coachella kinda girl, or more like me - a very modern woman who wants a softer, more alluring look - you are about to meet the hair of your dreams.

To get beach-ready hair no longer requires having to endure yet another lengthy procedure (you're never gonna make the movie on time at this rate) or styling tool (I have no more counter space, people).

And it works on all hair - even mine. Which really, you couldn't ask for more troubles on one head, so you're good.

The genius in not just in the transformative formula, but that it's a leave-in product. Just spray evenly on dry or damp hair from root to tip (just the roots, if you are looking for simply volume in your blowout) and you're pretty much done. Seriously. That means you now have time for: 1. that second glass of wine - hallelujah because it's been one helluva week 2. finally wrestling out that T5 slip that drifted behind the radiator FIVE months ago 3. that intimidating nail art that you'll probably screw up royally, but on the off chance you pull it off... 4. you get the idea.

With a few spritzes on my damp locks and either a quick scrunch and air dry, or swift blast of heat from my blow dryer, I get bodacious waves that last for days and I'm out the door in five.

The lightweight mist doesn't weigh down your locks or thank god, add any sticky, gritty residue (some of those salt sprays from the drugstore feel like you've been doused in Maldon salt like an aged striploin). And because it's free of alcohol and fortified with natural and organic ingredients including  aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5, your hair won't shrivel and wilt into a brittle disaster. 

Botanical extracts of Sweet Cherry and French Rose add a fresh, slightly sweet scent that doesn't linger or cloy, so you'll use it as much as a refresher as for effortless waves.

Say hello to your Knight in shining armour and get yourself Beach Grit Texture and Volume Spray that produces beach vibes and vacay locks you've always dreamed about. 

Stephanie Dickison

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