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According to, roughly 46% of women around the globe who colour their hair, go blonde. That's a lot of "blonde-by-choicers”

A bottle blonde since I was 12-and-a-half, I can attest to the fact that blondes DO have more fun.

We also spend half of our life trying to impart shine, colour and goddamn life into our bleached tresses.

And since my hair grows at light speed (don't hate - it's no picnic, I assure you), I have to colour it about once a month. Which is a lot. Which leaves me with bone dry locks that are anything but luminous. And then there's the colour, which like many relationships, starts out strong and then rapidly declines into a disaster zone. Things always kick off with a cool, icy shade (think Michelle Williams in those Louis Vitton ads) that descends into a muddy, orangey concoction (think an Old Fashioned), with brassy highlights out to here.


I switch up the colour slightly throughout the year: Ultra Light Blonde most months, a titch darker come winter, and in summer, pure platinum baby, but they are end up looking remarkable the same.

I absolutely should be using products catered to my flaxen mane, but aren't all shampoos and conditioners pretty much the same, no matter what shade you're rocking?

This is what I thought until I tried out Joico's brand new Blonde Life Collection.

The difference is unfreakinbelievable.

Using elasticity-boosting Arginine, Monoi and Tamanu oils, detoxifiers and Joico Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, Blonde Life cures what ails you - all that damage you've already done, preventing further breakage, and making it as strong and fierce as you are, because your delicate champagne-coloured hair needs all the help it can get. In fact, you'll notice a colossal difference after just one wash.

I'm serious. 

It also preserves your colour, so you don't have to hit the box/bottle/salon so often, saving you mega time/energy/moulah. In fact, this epic system is proven to keep blondes "bright and on-tone for up to eight weeks (when using Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner/Masque, which preserve over 80% of haircolour after 18 washes)."  

The proof? I coloured my hair three weeks ago and was ready to reach for my box of Ultra Light Ash Blonde when the Blonde Life Collection arrived. I tried it out and it was another two weeks before I had to colour again (just the roots this time).

And here's the kicker - the lineup has the most wondrous, captivating scent. So head to the spa in the comfort of your own home as notes of jasmin, vanilla, nectarine, green melon and Meyer lemon, sugared musk, vanilla and Cashmere Musk waft around you. 


Take a look:

- Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo

My hair has been pretty stripped of life thanks to all the bleach, colour and heat I continue to throw at it, so my shampoo better be gentle yet effective. Tons claim they are; very few follow through on their promises.

Joico's Blonde Life Shampoo was formulated with" bleached, double-processed and high-lift blondes" in mind, so Joico knows our hair is a crisp, brittle mess.

That's why this gentle sulfate-free hair wash is so revelatory - using micellar cleansing that lifts and suspends dirt in oil then whisks it away, you get a superior clean without feeling like your locks have been put through the shredder (again).  You'll feel all those styling products you piled on this week (sorry, not sorry), and daily grit and grime slip away with ease while never weighing down strands.
And there''s no waiting around until you've blow-dried your formerly frizzy do to feel the nourishment and softness take place. Nuh uh - it happens right in the shower. And all that gross yellow, orangey colour that's been creeping in? Down the drain, never to be seen again.

It's extremely rare to find a shampoo that gives you a deep clean without leaving your hair feel ravaged afterwards. This little wonder delivers a whip-light lather that rinses clean, revealing soft, smooth, untangled, nourished, luminous, beautifully blonde lock - all before you've even reached for the conditioner.

Holy bleeeeeeep.

- Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner 

I waaay overcondition my hair, because I'm constantly trying to compensate for how drained and thirsty it is. Which makes things even worse.

It takes just the teensiest bit of Blonde Life Conditioner to get serious results. The lightweight lotion sinks deep into the hair shaft, drenching it with intense moisture and sustenance. It rinses out clean, leaving you with impossibly soft, shiny locks that are much sunnier and brighter than what you went into the shower with.

Forget heading to the salon for a refresh or highlights. All you need is this miracle worker.

- Blonde Life Brightening Masque

Look, there are days and weeks where your hair just isn't happy. No matter how little you blow-dry, flat iron and style it, it's just going to lay down and give up for a while.

Joico's Blonde Life Brightening Masque to the rescue!

It works out all that dry dullness that you've been living with, and delivers an instant injection of hydration, softening and illumination all at once.

Just 2-5 minutes on and your hair is completely restored. As if you've just been given a whole new head of hair. As if you'd never coloured your hair in the first place - gasp. Glossy, silky strands that bounce and sway like on a runway model. That are the brilliant blonde shade you started out with in the box or at the salon.

Going blonde and staying this way is one hell of a commitment. So how exhilarating to not have to undergo time-consuming treatments that you have to plan your whole night around (sorry guys, "working late" again) or multiple, expensive step-by-step products lining the bathroom counter.


I've had blonde hair for most of my life. I thought I had to compromise on it feeling soft, being healthy and remaining the colour I started out with two-and-a-half weeks ago.

It turns out I just needed Joico's Blonde Life.

The wait for ravishing lighter and brighter hair - even if you're a blonde-by-choice - is over. Your locks don't just look healthier - they are healthier.

This is the life.

The collection will be available in salons nationwide  next month, and on select shelves as we speak, so shop Joico Blonde Life in Canada and internationally ASAP.

Stephanie Dickison

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