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Despite not having been in school for years, I still get a rush when September arrives and students gather supplies for the year ahead. Crisp, clean notebooks not yet marred by travel or messy handwriting, beckon. New pens and highlighters make tight deadlines and scheduling bearable. Opportunities that lie ahead are easier to see if you're organized and have tools in hand that make you happy.

So it's no wonder that I crave a desk free of clutter and new stationery and supplies to help track my course.

I recently stumbled across Fresh Stock out of the Chicago, founded by husband and wife team Benjamin & Rebecca Stock, and fell deeply, madly in love. Specializing in Japanese stationery and office supplies that you're unlikely to see elsewhere, they carry extraordinary products (Palomino Blackwing!) and beautiful desktop accessories (Craft Design Technology!) that also happen to be way cheaper than the usual suspects (read: boring versions) available at big box office stores. Modern, pretty and less expensive? AND they ship worldwide? Fresh Stock is a dream come true.

Here's a look at what I sampled:

 - PH Memo Pad

Whether you keep this on your desk, bedside table or stashed in your bag, this exquisite little notepad is right there to capture all your thoughts, lists and numbers.

The made in Japan notebook fits in anywhere thanks to its small size (2.8 × 4.9 × 0.3 in.), yet still offers a good deal of writing space. Forty unlined pages allow for more than just a few phrases here and there, and the matte cover (available in black, gray, green, and blue) makes it a stylish fashion accessory.

- CDT Tradio Plastic Fountain Pen

You're probably thinking that fountain pens are made for old people and old-school folks that still write letters by hand.

While that might be true, this modern plastic version makes it a contemporary choice. Lightweight and sleek, this l'il beauty's velvety black ink slides across the page so smoothly, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner. Similar to the feel of a felt-tip, the angle of the nib ensures clean lines and a fabulous feel both in hand and across the page.

Affordable and easy to refill, this pen with the sharp matte forest green body is accessible for anyone wanting to make a good impression without blowing your budget.

Old-timers might be clutching at their heavy old fountain pens, but the Tradio Plastic Fountain Pen was made for modern folks like you and I.

- CDT Box of HB Pencils

I am not a pencil person, but I cannot stop smiling when I look at this box filled with gorgeous sticks.

Covered in glossy mint and silver text, and topped with a seamless white eraser on top, they are a must for any stylista wanting to upgrade her desktop.

And that wood smell? One of the best stress relievers you'll ever know.

Penco Clampy Clip - Silver

Bulldog clips are great because they're big and hold a lot, but they're not all that attractive. I'm not about to line my office walls with them. Clipboard clips are more my style, but those Pinterest pics of home office walls lined with clipboards are a bit unrealistic. For those of us who don't live in expansive lofts, clipboards take up a ton of wall space.

Which is why I am absolutely thrilled to discover The Clampy Clip. This heavy-duty clip works overtime to keep all your docs together and organized, without the bulk of an adjoining board. Made out of silver-coloured steel (available in two sizes and in swoon-worthy gold), this clasp was made to last.

Next time you visit my office, it will be covered in them.

- Velos V Paper Clips - Gold (pictured above)

Every #GirlBoss seems to have gold paper clips on her desk. But these are even better than the usual office supply variety (and less expensive, to boot). Made in Japan, the craftsmanship is impossible to ignore. Made of brass and structured in a deep-v shape, they bring modernity to any hard copy. And you get 75 per box, so get ready for #goldfordays.

- Velos Push Pins - Wood

Add style to your bulletin board with these natural wood push pins made in Japan.

Simultaneously classic and modern, they suit any decor and space and feel as good as they look. Each box contains 17 pins, so go ahead and get your mood board going or set a plan for all the cities you want to travel to in the next year. The possibilities are endless.

Kokuyo Kadokeshi Eraser

Designed by Hideo Kanbara in 2001 and winner of the Kokuyo Design Awards in 2002 and added to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this is the most fascinating eraser you'll ever own. 

Creatives know that a fresh new sharp corner of an eraser is complete bliss. This architectural wonder offers 28 of 'em. So go ahead and make mistakes. No one will ever know.


These are just a few of the transformative products that Fresh Stock carries, so shop the entire store right now and get the most inspiring and + stylish stationery and desktop accessories that will help you achieve your dreams and meet your goals. 

Stephanie Dickison

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