Start Your Day on the Right Foot with The Small Object: Today Is Super Journal

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Deadlines come faster than you can keep up with them, clothes pile up (didn't you just do laundry) and you wonder how you're ever going to manage it all.

I can't grant you more time, but I think this might help:

The Small Object: Today Is Super Journal gives you not only a colourful place to list all of your to-do's and write down your thoughts, but is so cute and fun, you can't help but smile and giggle.

The "Daily Inspiration" page gives you the categories (to make, eat, find, wear, remember, play, ponder, create, see, be visit, match) and you simply fill them in. Easy peasy.

"Daily Expenses" helps you track your money and "Daily Doodles" allow you to goof off when you need to take a much-needed breather.

When you need to write about what's going on, the "Daily Journal" is the best place to be. A little acorn of a guy holding a pencil accompanies you on your journey. Fill in the coloured blocks with the day, date, weather (aww) and how you're feeling. Tracking your day has never felt so good before.

Blank pages give you the room you need to breathe and sort things out. Writing on these colourful wavy lines, it's hard to think that life is hard.

My favourite of course is the "Daily To-Do List" pages. 24 colourful lines blank circles at the end of each that you can fill in with your life stuff. 

That, and the stickers. Because nothing can be too much for a sticker.

Instead of buying a plain ol' notebook get The Small Object: Today Is Super Journal. You'll be so glad you did.

Stephanie Dickison

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