You've Just Got to Try Annabelle Cosmetics Studio Look Pigment Eyeshadows! And Now You Can By Winning Your Very Own Set!

I have basically been wearing the same look for the past decade plus - black eyeliner a la Brigitte Bardot. My eyes are small, so this automatically makes them look bigger and stand out a little more. Plus, having light green eyes, pale skin and blonde hair, I need all the help I can get!

But I am sooooo bored beyond belief with this look. And though every once in awhile, I try different eyeshadows, they never look as good or dramatic on me as other gals. I thought I was forsaken when it came to my eyes.

Until I found the newly launched Annabelle Cosmetics Studio Look Pigment Eyeshadows!

These 6 rockin' shades deliver maximum colour, just in time for all the neon brights of summer and to add instant electricity to your favourite little black dress.

What I love about these is that you don't have to be a makeup expert to apply them - simple use Annabelle's A-14 Angled Brush or A-8 Smaller Shader Brush to brush on a single layer of high impact loose shadow or layer it for a more intense look, or apply a thin line above your lashes with a wet brush for a totally modern look. The fine pearl particles and minerals capture the light and highlight your eyes with big, bold colours.

And yes, let's talk about these magical colours - never before have I been able to rock so many shades - I really think that they would be flattering on all skin tones. Greed matches my eyes, but adds a shock of colour, which is great fun. Dragonette's Mediterranean sea colour is completely intoxicating and Cobalt reminds me of Greece's white stucco buildings against this colour sky - just imagine how amazing it is going to look on YOU!

Karma plays on one of the season's best colours, purple. I love this one -it even livens up just jeans and a t-shirt! Magentini is purply-pink and goes with absolutely everything. And the golden glow of LOL was a pleasant surprise - normally gold is too yellow on my pink-toned skin, but somehow this just added into gloss and glamour to my look. Woo woo!

I love that this amazing Canadian company (I wrote about them back at the beginning of the year) makes high-fashion looks that are both affordable ($8.50 CDN each) and accessible (easy to apply). The shadows are available through their website or at Shopper's Drug Mart. If you're in the US, you can order them by phone.

Get them now so that you start using them for the long weekend! I know you're just dying to bring out that new dress and pair of shoes...

EMAIL ME at with the subject line - Annabelle ROCKS! - and you can win your very own set! The 6th person to email me wins and will be notified by email. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address.

Stephanie Dickison

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