Look Your Very Best This New Years With Annabelle Cosmetics!

You want to look beautiful this new years - you've got the dress and picked out the shoes, but have you thought about your makeup?

So often we wear our same ol' makeup and apply it in the same fashion.

This year, vow to change it up with Annebelle Cosmetics!

Start with SkinTrue Foundation. It is a weightless liquid foundation that gives you a smooth matte look that looks like you're not wearing any makeup at all! It comes in 6 shades, allowing you to choose the true shades that will virtually disappear as you put it on, yet will stay on throughout your busy day.

The finish is a soft powdery feel and with chamomile, green tea and vitamins A, C and E all working to keep your skin soothed, you will soon be addicted to this foundation as I am!

To get your eyes looking glam in time for new years, try a new shade of eyeshadow.

The Duo Eyeshadow allows you to play up your eyes, without having to worry about matching shades or getting it right. What I like about these is that though they are a powder, these eyeshadows are highly pigmented, so that you get a bold colour that stands out from the crowd. I got it in Tropical, which has a lovely mossy green as the dark and a soft, pale green for illuminating and highlighting.

The Trio Eyeshadow in Creme Caramel is a luscious way to play up your eyes and make a dramatic showing of those beautiful peepers. No guesswork here, either - just apply the lightest on the brow bone, the medium shade along your crease line and the darkest on your lid. Now you are good to go!

I really like the Eyecolour Creme. These creamy eyeshadows go on smooth and allow you to blend to your heart's content! I got Miss Denim, which is a rich blend of different blues and greens, which makes for a very sexy and seductive combination. These are highly pigmented colours too, so you get a really bold look for a better price than those high-end lines and that little extra edge that you want from time to time! Love it!

If you're an eyeliner gal like myself, you're going to be excited by the vast selection here at Annabelle.

Kohl Eyeliners are long-lasting, yet are so soft and gentle on your eyes. They are hypo-allergenic and allow you to blend into a soft warm line or make a crisp bold outline. They come in matte or metallic shades and a host of different colours. I got Black, natch.

For a waterproof line, get yourself some Smoothliners. I love that these stay put and yet are really soft upon application. I like them so much I got one in Black and one in Bronze - you know, to keep things interesting!

And don't forget about your eyebrows - The Annabelle Eyebrow Pencil is an awesome combination of pencil and brush, so you can fill in the spare parts and brush your brows into a work of art!

To complete the look, Volumelash.com Mascara is a way to give your eyes the attention they deserve! With up to 5 times more volume than other mascaras, this unique mascara give you the volume and length that you've been craving. And the unique brush/comb combo allows you to keep your eyelashes long and dark from root to tip without any clumping or clotting, and the quick-drying formula allows you to apply as many coats as you wish! And thankfully, it is smudge and flake resistant, so you can wear it all day and night long and still look your very best. Which means, you can stay out as late as you want and still look as good as when you left the house this morning! Woo woo!

My favourite new blush is Mono Blush in Rose Fawn. It goes on lightly, so I never get that awfully striped/streaked look that can happen with other blushes. I absolutely love the dusty rose colour - it is so completely flattering and feminine. And to think I've been wearing peach and brown blushes all these years...

To apply it like a pro, I recommend one of the great brushes from Annabelle. There's the Blush Brush, which is made for the job, but if you like something fuller, you may prefer the Powder Brush. Either way, these brushes help you to apply it well and it feels good going on, which is exactly what you want from your applicator!

To get your lips ready for that New Year's Eve Kiss at midnight, try Le Gloss Lip Shine. It gives you the high shine that you love without the sticky, greasy feel and texture that some glosses come with. It goes on silky smooth with the soft-tip sponge application and is incredibly light so you don't feel like you're weighed down with gloss. I got it in Breathless Souffle, which I think is a beautiful name and just the way I want to enter the new year!

If you dislike the feel of gloss, but like the look, try the Le Gloss Stick. It gives you a high gloss and high shine finish but goes on like lipstick. Again, no stick or greasy feel, which may bring you around to venturing out to the Le Gloss Lip Shine eventually...

And to take it all off at the end of the night (and let's face it, it's going to be a very late night), you want something quick, easy and reliable. With Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover Cloths, you can take-off your long-wearing and waterproof makeup in just a few seconds. Do you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts? Great, because these cloths were designed with you in mind!

These soft and silky cloths are fragrance free and one can be used to remove makeup from both eyes. The small, resealable pouch is perfect for keeping in your overnight bag or it takes up the tiniest space in your medicine cabinet.

What you want at the end of a long day is to remove your makeup quickly and get to bed. These amazing cloths allow you to do that without any scrubbing or hard effort on your part.

Which is good, because you're going to need all of your strength tomorrow - it's a new year after all, and you've got a lot to get started on!

Check out the entire line of Annabelle Cosmetics and start looking your very best right now!

Stephanie Dickison

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