iota Makes The Most Beautiful, Colourful Stationery, Gift and Office Supplies!

My office is white, where I work at a white rolltop desk on a white laptop.

It is high time for a little colour injection.

And boy did I find colour with iota! Their stationery, gift and office supplies are bursting with bright colours and vivid designs - all very modern and contemporary. Nothing too jarring, don't worry. But in this world of manilla file folders and envelopes (and white computers on white desks against white walls), colours that are desperately, desperately needed.

I started with iota Self Mailers. 12 Self Mailers in Assorted Patterns come in a beautifully decorated box. The self mailers are a notecard and envelope in one!

The thick paper is incredibly luxurious and colourful! I love the bright contemporary designs of curly pencil circles, bold stripes, party paisley and so much more!

Thankfully, the “To” box is big enough that you can include long addresses like PO Boxes (Allison!) and RR#s (Henry & Bernice!). Each note is finished in a beautiful scalloped edge and to seal the envelope, you simply use the adhesive strip that’s included!

What a dream!

They are such fun to use and send and you get to keep using the brightly coloured box after your done!

I love the Legacy Journal in Peacock Flower! It is big enough to capture your biggest and brightest ideas but can still fit into your purse. The sturdy cover stands up to a lot of travel – I’m using mine for restaurants notes and interviews and it still looks brand new despite the close calls with chunky tomato sauce at that new Italian place and my guacamole fingers at the Mexican restaurant!

For writing down items on the go or beside you as you work, I love the Tall Books! They open like old matchbooks and have the old fashioned lines of when you were learning to write for the first time – straight lines with a dotted one in the middle! I got 2 – Pomegranate and Lines. You may want to get these by the case - they come in awfully handy!!

The Ripple Wrapping Paper will come in handy this month – so far, I’ve got birthdays for my Dad, Maureen, Denise and Marta and Ryan and Sarah’s wedding present. The paper is thick and colourful, but not too bright and useful for whatever the occasion. Isn’t that the best kind of paper? The kind that looks good no matter what and you can use it year round? It’s my new favourite wrap!

For organizing, iota’s got you covered!

Be sure to try their New File Folders! You get 6 extremely thick lettersize files per pack with 2 of 3 patterns (bold and colourful of course!) and 9 custom tab labels! It’s a quick way to pep up your office with a shot of colour and also a way to make bill paying a little more enjoyable...

And get ready for the new fanfreakintastic way of keeping all your stuff together - iota’s package of 3 Extra Deep Double Pocket Pocket Folders with Custom Labels!

Each folder is a different pattern (love that!) and there are 6 beautifully lined and bordered labels in which to go crazy with. The pockets are 5 inches deep, which means your stuff won’t fall out for once! And the pattern continues on these pockets on the inside, which means that whether they are open or closed, you can enjoy the colours!

Gosh, I am thinking I should just see if they’ll paper my entire office!

Now that’s coordinating!

My office will never be the same - I am hooked on iota’s bright bold colours!

See the whole iota collection – Folders, Gift Wrap, Gift Tags & Enclosures, Stationery, Notebooks and Journals – via their downloadable catalogue.

And then go to Where to Buy so that you can start your own paper revolution!

Stephanie Dickison

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