momAgenda Makes Organizing Your Schedule Easy – Whether You’re A Mom or Not!

I am always looking for ways to improve my time management and organizational skills. And I realize it comes down to 2 things:

- Doing something over and over until it becomes a habit, and
- having the right tools

And so, when I came across the momAgenda, I realized that it could work for me, a lady with a career and no kids.

It is of course ideal for Mom’s who need to keep track of what everyone’s doing, with its room for appointments on the top half of the page and the bottom half filled with 4 rows of open squares in which to fill in where the kids need to be and when .

But I like it to track projects and write down tasks that need doing everyday or things that need following up on. It has a week to 2 pages, which allows you a really good look at what you’re doing and I love, loooove the fact that they included monthly pages as well.

The momAgenda 2007-2008 Desktop Edition in azure is beautifully designed – the cover is sturdy, the pages are a nice weight and have rounded corners (tres elegante!) , the fonts pleasing (a key point for me) and colour coded pages in the back that include an address book in pink, blank pages to keep notes in mauve and sections to keep gifts, music and fashion notes in mint.

It is everything you need all in one place in an extremely pleasing design.

Don’t you want an agenda that not only keeps you organized, but looks good too?

And something that I am just gaga over is their Kitchen Folio. I got it in Cherry Blossom and its faux lizard cover makes it a hot desktop accessory!

Again, this is an item that is made for a Mom who needs to keep track of class lists, school schedules, sports schedules, menus, etc. The incredibly tough, clear plastic pages hold whatever you need and not only have 48 pages (thank you for not making it the usual measly 12 or 18!) and 24 tabs, with inserts that you create and can customize to work with your system.

However, I am using it to keep important papers and notes that I need to keep on hand, but will get lost should I put them in the filing cabinet! It has become like my own personal assistant and I can’t imagine my life without it now. I may end up getting 2 or 10 more…

I am so excited!

Stephanie Dickison

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