Great Storage Solutions From Gutzees, Paolo Cardelli & Neat Containers

The start of the week always gets me in an organizing mood. If I get myself organized now, I think to myself, I'll be organized for the rest of the week.

Well, it doesn't always work out that way, but I can't tell you how much the items below have transformed my office and home.

Come and see!

Gutzees PurseKeeper

As a gal living - and working! - in a one bedroom apartment with her fella and feline, I can tell you that there is no room for purse display.

I have a nice, but not obscene collection, but alas, it is piled away in a couple of boxes in a closet in the front hall, so if I want to change my purse, it is a 5-10 minute process that means taking everything out and putting it back - all in the name of grabbing a salmon clutch or my copper tote that everyone loves.

However, thanks to the incredibly brilliant PurseKeeper, now I can store my purses away, yet still see which one is which.

PurseKeeper, where have you been all of my life?

Each set comes with 1 Clear Vinyl Storage Bag with leather snap closure and 1 Purse Stuffer, that helps keep and maintain the shape of your purse (you should see some of mine after years at the bottom of a box. Ack). Not only does the storage bag protect your purse against wear and tear and dust, but it allows you to always see your purses.

And of course you don't have to use it just for bags, though I bet that's just what you'll do!

They come in small, medium and large - so you can store everything from your tiniest evening bags to your big, well-worn satchels.


Paolo Cardelli Customized Presentation Binders & Boxes

Being a writer, I have a lot of papers to store. But how to store them beautifully?

Simply go to Paolo Cardelli where gorgeous, thick binders await you.

Check out the Imperia Blando, a sinfully smooth and satiny number. I got it in Landscape in Hot Red, making it a stand out item whether it's on the shelf or laying flat on my desk.

A really swank choice is the Milazzo Barolo. The metallic look with a satin sheen is the ultimate in deluxe storage. I got gold and I've gotta tell you - the binder looks like it's been wrapped in gold threads. It is drop dead, so keep your eyes on it when friends come over. They're likely to want to take it. And can you blame them?

I got a the Signature Frost Binder Case to go with it, which makes for an impressive presentation tool, as well as a place to keep your binder safe and sound. But you may want to keep your beauty out where you can see it, as I do.

To further the excitement, you can get each of your binders customized.

I know. It's just about the coolest thing, right?

So get yourself some now and get rid of those plastic ones you've had since high school.

You're a grown up with good taste - you should most definitely have binders to match!

Neat Containers

A little while ago, I tried to reorganize our space in the bedroom. While I don't have a shoe addiction, I have a number of pairs per season. This was more than we had room for on the back of the door or in the closet. So I went out and got this big cubby thing that indeed held them all, but we lost a ton of floorspace. And as you can imagine, we need every inch that we can get.

So when the 30 piece Shoe & Boot Kit arrived from Neat Containers, I was floored.

Not only does it take only SECONDS to place items in the containers and store them away, but you can see everything in them. I simply took each pair of shoes and boots and placed one pair in a suitably sized pod and closed the lid. A handle immediately forms so that you can then carry and store the box wherever you like. In 5 MINUTES I had organized and stored all of our footwear away in the closet, where though it is a tiny space, we can see them and easily access them, thanks to the cool handle! You can grab a pod from the bottom or middle of the stack and everything stays put. It is like a clear plastic drawer that you can take with you. It's AMAZING!

I brought my fella in to see the transformation for himself. He couldn't believe what a difference it made and we got back all of that precious floorspace, making me feel like I can breathe again.

So now I'm ultra organized both in and out of the bedroom closet and I can grab my black satin heels at a moment's notice or slip into my gold thong sandals should a warm vacation come my way (please, oh please....).

Neat Containers will transform your space and your life. And really, isn't that the ultimate way to start your week?

Stephanie Dickison

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