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French and European folks have long swathed their homes and bods in linen. While I've always recognized its durability and quality, not to mention it's breathability,  I've never found it to be all that modern a fabric.

Until I stumbled upon Linen Me.

Their staggering range of bed linenstable linensclothesscarvesthrows + blanketsfabrics and linens for the kitchen and bathroom come not just in natural, white and oatmeal colours, but cool, modern tones too - icy blue, muted silver, pale green, come to momma rosa and always in fashion slate. It's what I've always wanted but could never find (there are also a host of colourful brights, as well as delicate rainbows and rustic stripes, if that's more your thing).

As if that weren't enough, there are different weaves too, so go ahead and select the textures you like best.

Owner and Founder of LinenMe, interior designer Inga Lukauskiene, has created pure luxury linen clothes, bedding and home textiles that are actually affordable (check out how much everyone else is charging for linen, and you'll see what a deal you're getting).

Inga is the third generation to work in the family business, using time-tested traditions of weaving and decorating linen combined with modern technology. Inge says the "Most recent technological solutions allows us to create a highly robust, durable and well-worn fabric, which nicely fits the body and remains very soft." Many items in fact are handmade.

Made from raw linen materials grown in the Baltic region and Europe, all products are of the highest quality, manufactured in Lithuania. To ensure that quality is maintained, every order you make doesn't go through some third party across the globe, but through LinenMe

Here's a closer look at the best new items in my house:

I've never seen a bigger bath towel (100cm x 160cm). It wraps around me almost twice, and it's wide too, so it will fit even the tallest fella.

The waffle weave adds not only depth and interest but makes the willowy, lightweight weave feel thick and luxurious. And because it's been pre-washed, it's so soft, you'll not only envelope yourself with it after your shower, you'll use it as a wrap/scarf/skirt/top (FYI - it could also double as a table runner, curtain and  delicate blanket). It's not often I think a thin fabric feels opulent, but all LinenMe's items feel absolutely divine.

And that colour? I want half my wardrobe dip-dyed in it. Every time I look at it, I smile. Every time I use it, I swoon. Do your current towels make you this giddy? Didn't think so.

- Guest & Hand Towels

It's hard to imagine that a light linen could feel as good as thick, soft and plush terrycloth, but Linen Me's Set of 2 Linen Waffle Hand Towels Washed (also in ice blue) do. Soft and pre-washed, they are a cozy warmup on a cold day and absorb just as well as its cotton and terry counterparts (in fact, they're ideal if you've got sensitive skin and a natural fit for the wee ones).

These too, are larger than the terry towels I got from the big box home store. They come with a loop, so there's no excuse not to hang them up, and as with the bath towel, they're an ample size (no flimsy little thing that leaves your hands still sopping),and machine washable. They're so impressive in fact, I think I've sworn cotton towels for good.

You'd be wise to stock up on these. My favourite shades: crisp white, smart navy, balsam green, blueberry, and plum kitten,

Crave something a little more streamlined? These sleek towels in silver, chambray, mist (there's no better name), turquoise, and black multi-stripe deliver a smooth elegance.

- Linen Beach Bags

Soft, slouchy and sexy - these bags sincerely have it all. Thick, wide straps keep it on your shoulder whether your rockin' a bikini or overed head to toe in a puffy parka (fact: just because they're called "beach bags" doesn't mean you can only use them when sand's involved).

This purse expands beyond what you'd think, so go ahead and stash an extra towel (that large bath towel above would be perfect) and that book with over 800 pages that you're determined to get though.

More aspects of the genius design include:

- A fold over top so that your precious contents don't come spilling out (and simultaneously, you don't have to fumble with annoying zippers or snaps).

- Flat bottom, so that you don't have to root around trying to find the contents, and it accommodates beach necessities such as towels, books, and sunscreen beautifully.

- Light to carry, but with a hefty bounce (hence the "sexy" title).

- Sturdy enough to carry more than just sunnies and other light items.

- So soft thanks to the amazing natural material and pre-washing.

Available in 8 enticing shades (I chose silver), this will quickly become your go-to bag and it will last long after this year's bathing suit trends (ICYMI cutouts, mesh and metal). And don't worry if it fills with sand - like the rest of the rockin' LinenMe lineup, it's machine washable.

Ever since I purchased my first couch, I have been a proponent of the "couch blanket." It makes everything better, from watching TV to curling up with a good book, stack of magazines, a hot cuppa, your bundle of fur, or bae.

Over time, mine have all disintegrated not long after purchase. My last blanket bought to fill the void, was on sale at a big box store. Wide and super soft, it has its flaws - using it just as is doesn't deliver enough warmth, so I have to fold it in two. That makes it just skinny enough to cover me from head to toe, hip to hip, but not much else. It's also b-o-r-i-n-g - one colour, devoid of any designs or trim. And it is utilitarian, not pretty (something I don't normally abide by, so it stays in a basket next to the couch, only to be brought out when no one's around. Not cool.

So naturally I was swept away by LinenMe's super cozy Alpaca wool throws and oh-so soft Merino wool throws. This is the life.

Gobsmacked by not just the selection (whatever colour, style and weight  you're looking for, they've got it) but the sumptuous warmth and coziness they provide (talk about hygge ready), not to mention how chic they are. Choose from wool and silk blend throws and timeless wool throws

That's why I can't say enough about my new Roberto Aqua Wool Throw (available in a range of dreamy shades)

Not only it is soft and warm (100% wool), I love the cool mint colour and contrast fringe details. Thanks to it's size (51" x 79"), it is big enough to drape over more than one bod on the couch.

I'm not only going to proudly display it across my French sofa, I'm also going to show it off at the end of my bed. It just adds a little extra something to my decor (a much needed pop of colour against my cool palette) as well as added warmth on cold nights.

This will last me a lifetime of snoozes, sniffles (don't worry, it can be dry cleaned), TV binges, warmups (I am always cold), reading, and cozying on up with hella handsome.


What I've featured  above is just a fraction of the incredible items LinenMe makes - sumptuous modern linens that are guaranteed timeless classics.

My life and home are so enriched by these high-quality, elegant, yet affordable home textiles. Yours will be too soon, so shop now in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Denmark.

Stephanie Dickison

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