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I stumbled across This Is Carrt Photography on Etsy one day, and despite looming deadlines, I stayed on the page, transfixed by Rachel Carr's images of beachscapes and  Juliet balconies drenched in sunlight.

Instead of hokey postcard images or trendy snapshots (I'm talking to you matcha lattes and pointy shoes on tile floors), these are scenes from real life - a London skyline in warm tones, a crowding of rooftops in Germany, a row of trees with pillowy clouds above, and rustic sky blanketing a field. Taken from around the globe, you can enjoy travel shots and memories of places you've been or wanted to visit - all without leaving the comfort of home, without ever having to check your luggage.

There is lightness and zeal to the themes and images. And while touching on of-the-moment decor trends like palm trees and sandy beaches, Rachel keeps her fine art, award-winning photography totally original.

Which is extremely challenging in this day of Insta where everyone is a "photographer," capturing "moments."

And it's affordable too. Which means you can get bespoke works for every room, your office, and gifts for friends and family, all without breaking the bank.

This is a rare thing these days, when so much art comes at a price that's almost always out of reach.

Rachel says, "One of the main driving forces behind This Is Carrt is to make art more accessible and more affordable to all. Having studied History of Art at University, and Art itself at school, I found that Art had become an elitist being. I had become frustrated with the amount of times that I heard the phrase 'I don't get it', or 'I don't understand it'. In my view, art should be a pleasurable pastime. One should gain enjoyment out of viewing it, interpreting it and, ultimately, hanging it on our walls."


It's just one of the many reasons Rachel stands out from the crowd. Here's a talented artist who isn't snooty about her work in the least (also rare), willing to share her work at a price that we can afford, when clearly she could charge a heckuva lot more.

Her approach is so damn refreshing.

And her photos are riveting despite their calm repose and effect.

This Is Carrt Photograph unframed open edition prints (available in print and canvas) take me away to a quiet, relaxing, yet still stimulating, place. It is a respite from my hectic daily life of early mornings and late nights.

The print I chose, Palm Tree (pictured above), is light and bright, and brings a tropical vibe into the house without me having to water anything (FYI, there's a whole Tropical D├ęcor category you can delve into with mesmerizing sunsets and breezy boardwalks and shorelines). I love that it delivers "beach vibes for days" without yielding to a typical coastal print, and it exudes bold colour without ever venturing into strident territory.

While Rachel's snaps are still, there's so much movement captured within each one. The depth of detail in each frond here practically evokes the soft fluttering sound of leaves swaying in the breeze and feel of warm sand sifting between your toes. This extends across much of her work - I can hear everything from a  flag flapping in the wind to the clatter of plates and cutlery in a bustling cafe).

Part of the exceptional quality of course comes from Rachel's talented eye. The other component is thanks to her dedication to craftsmanship, using archival inks on "the best quality photographic paper that resists colour fading." While not glossy, the paper has this wonderful sheen that results in a chic finish that highlights the distinct details and yet will never been lost in a wash of daylight like your pieces decorating the walls.

And choose from a wide array of dimensions that make it easy to customize the work to your space. From tiny nooks in the corner of your office to the expansive real estate over the sofa, display these alluring photos the way you want, not the way some store tells you to.

I am spellbound by Rachel's fine art photographs, including London Vistas, European Travel Prints, Florals, and Black & White Photography. You will be too, so shop This Is Carrt Photography now.

p.s. Be sure to also check out her adorable This Is Carrt Phodography.

p.p.s. And the more you shop the better - repeat clients receive 20% off!

Stephanie Dickison

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