WallEscapes - When You Need A Change of Scenery

11:21 am

Having recently moved and renovated, I had a whole new space to decorate. And for the first time in a long time, I had a long blank wall with nothing on it.

At first, I just enjoyed the wide open space. It felt like a luxury to have just the paint colour to look at after years of living in cramped quarters.

But then I craved a scene. A window with life outside it. A little getaway from the frenzy of daily life.

I found it all in WallEscapes.

These gorgeous tapestries are actually photo prints done on high-quality fabric, though you wouldn't know it from a few feet away - the landscapes and images look so real.

The  durable poly poplin fabric gives a vibrant and realistic view, yet it is easy to hang or drape and machine washable. So whatever view you choose - ocean, enchanted woodland, forest beach combo or mountain -  as a bedspread or hung on a formerly empty wall, your whole world becomes a little bit bigger. And brighter.

Now my bedroom is filled with a pristine beach seen through thick trees. And I am thinking of adding the sea view to my office wall.

The world is full of possibilities, and now thanks to WallEscapes, so is my home.

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