TON SAVON - Luxuriate with Hand Creams & Triple Milled Soaps from France

A famous designer wrote in a book once of her ritual of always having a little basket of toiletry items beside the bed so that when an overnight guest comes to stay, they feel like they're staying in a nice hotel or B&B.

It stuck with me because while I may not have a guest room, it is a way to make an ordinary event special and cause for celebration. So now when I have people over, I put out little soaps and lotions in the bathroom, making it feel like they're at a day spa instead of just at someone's house. When a guest stays the night, in addition to fresh towels and linens, I add a bar of soap and a tube of hand cream so that they feel pampered and cared for.

And it's become a part of my daily life too. When you surround yourself with beautiful soaps and lotions, everything becomes luxurious and elevated. So I set out extraordinary soaps and lotions for myself now too, in addition to gifting them to friends, family and colleagues for every type of occasion.

My new favourite discovery is TON SAVON from France.

All of their soaps are beautifully crafted and made out of natural and organic ingredients, so they are safe for the not just the whole family, but the environment too. The 100% vegetable and triple milled bars are enriched with shea butter so your skin is always soft and smooth, even during the winter months.

The stunning frangrances that burst forth  (created by distinguished perfumers in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world), fill the room and lightly scent your skin are all phthalate-free fragrances or created with essential oils, without any nasty BHT, SLS, phthalates, or parabens.

The rich scented lather that you get with these soaps simply extends that feeling of luxury. 

Here's a quick intro to a range of amazing TON SAVON Soaps:

Crafted in the South of France, Pure Provence use 83-86% USDA NOP certified ingredients.

The wide bar is streamlined and features elegant rounded corners. The colour of light bamboo, it adds a decadent touch to any bedside table, bathroom or toiletry bag.

I am fascinated by Moroccan Mint, a scent that's both subtle (you don't want to smell like a stick of gum) and invigorating. There's no way you're not singing in the shower and raring to go after this experience. Ideal for Monday mornings.

If you're looking for something more soothing, you can never go wrong with Lavender. It's so soothing in fact, keep it beside the bed until you use it. It's a little bit of aromatherapy to enjoy before drifting off to sleep.

- SAVON ET CIE natural shea butter triple milled soap

You can't get much more natural than vegetable soaps. But of course these bars aren't rustic in the least. Unless your talking rustic-in-the south-of France-countryside-rustic, which we both know is an exquisite look that we may strive for, but can never quite capture in the same way as the French. But you can bring it into your home with just this one bar of soap.

Heavy, thick bars in a light olive hue with barely-there rounded corners feel substantial, but never clumsy. Shea butter goes to work on that skin of yours, while the dazzling lemony fragrance of  Verbena delivers the optimism and freshness of spring right into the house.

- LA BELLE VIE natural triple milled soap with organic shea butter & extracts

These thick, wide, cream-coloured bars are simply amazing.

Milk proteins, sweet almond oil, and organic shea butter are the bonuses to this bar. Just watch as your skin gets seriously pampered and nourished, while the insanely addictive Cotton Milk scent draws you in with its feeling of freshly washed sheets, and sun-soaked days filled with love and laughter.

- And you must try LA CHATELAINE 20% Shea Butter Hand Creams from France.

Just like their soaps, these hand creams are crafted in the south of France. Infused with organic shea butter and beautiful scents, they're are mare without any BHT, parabens, or phthalates, phenoxyethanol, DEA, or propylene glycol.

Argan oil and vitamin E round out the plush ingredients, ensuring that your skin is pampered and hydrated without every feeling greasy. In fact, the cream is absorbed so quickly, you can apply it right before swiping your phone/tablet or picking up your purse without worry of leaving marks.

And the pretty coloured 30ml tubes are phenomenal for stashing in your purse, desk drawer or carryon (your hands never dry faster than on a plane).

If you're a fan of fruity scents, you'll want to try Wild Fig and Passion Fruit.

If you want something calming, Lavender is the way to go. Want to be revitalized? Lemon Verbena's for you.

My favourite is the intriguing Shea Karite. It's a faint, slightly sweet cotton aroma that's so alluring, I wish it came in a perfume.

The house smells like a Provence garden and my skin is nourished and silky smooth. I am a TON SAVON girl forever more.

Shop TON SAVON now. Be sure to shop the Gift Sets too.

Stephanie Dickison

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