KICHO Cosmetics - You NEED This Fascinating Natural Korean Skincare

I've tried a number Korean skincare and beauty lines thus far, and I see why people become so obsessed. 

My most recent discovery, KICHO Cosmetics, combines all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients (which BTW, you probably aren't getting in your in your current skincare routine) with the most luxurious textures, that pamper your skin while fixing all that ails ya - fine lines, redness, ruddiness, dark spots and other travesties that are trying to take over.

Fight back in the gentlest way possible with KICHO.

Here's a quick look at just some of their outstanding lineup:

 Sheep Oil Cream

Okay, I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this - this sheep oil is 'bout to change everything. And before I go any further please know that lanolin is a naturally occurring substance - kind of yellow and waxy - that comes from a sheep's wool and doesn't harm the cutie at all.

It's been used in beauty products for eons and famous folks including Marilyn Monroe, swore by it. It feels like a gentler, softer petroleum jelly, yet won't clog pores or leave you a greasy mess like that stuff does.

In fact, it seals in moisture like you wouldn't believe, and suddenly you've got the softest skin ever (give it up for cohorts shea butter and collagen too), so go ahead and get close with someone so you can both reap the rewards.

Usually a long list of ingredients isn't a good thing, but here the inventory is chock-full of goodness. Here's just a small sampling:

- Sea Water - Hydration, hydration, hydration. And what better way than to drench it with sea water?

- Beeswax helps soothe and soften skin.

- 11 extracts! From blueberry to black mulberry, your skin is gets doused with powerful, nautical plant-banded antioxidants that protect your skin cells from free radicals and environmental (damage) - read: keep you looking younger for longer.

- Vitamin C from is just one of the many bonuses citrus peel oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange, mandarin) deliver. They help rid your skin of toxins, purify and condition, not to mention brighten and gently buff away sun spots, fine lines and other nuisances. 

- Rosemary leaf and lavender oils offer aromatherapy as much as their vast healing properties.

- Derived from the New Zealand's totara trees, this antibacterial superhero contains three times as many antioxidants as Vitamin E that gives you even, smooth skin and keeps acne at bay.
This is just the beginning. 

It takes the teensiest amount to make a difference, so that large jar is going to last and last. Even if you do the smart thing and use it all over your sexy bod, you'll be amazed at how this satiny emollient glides across your skin with minimal effort and amount.

And you'll soon realize, calling it an oil just seems wrong. After all, the clear jar contains a formula so creamy, light and grease-free, that softens upon application that it should be instead called "Walking on a cloud."

Dreamy, heavenly and a complete skin revolution, you'll be touting the wonders of KICHO Sheep Oil from the first time you use it, just as I am.

I've tried a couple of Korean and Japanese sleeping masks in the past, but none of them felt like this.

After your nightly cleansing and toning routine (did you know that the new K-trend is to tone seven times in a row?), you take the soft brush (or fingers if you prefer, but once you experience the soft gentle brush against your skin, how could you go back to just your digits?) and apply just a dime size amount to your face, being sure to cover your entire forehead, cheeks and chin (although it doesn't specific this in the directions, I also do my neck because this girl can use all the help she can get) in a thin, even layer.

Just rinse it once in the a.m. And your ready to start your day. Just be aware that you'll be starting it looking more radiant and youthful then last night.

Boasting the same powerhouse ingredients as the Sheep's Oil you now know and love (lanolin oil, shea butter, and totarol), it's loaded with so much goodness, including a ton of luscious oils and what seems like a bazillion bark, leaf and flower extracts that feed and nourish your skin like you wouldn't believe.

Want to wake with smooth, clear, youthful skin that you don't need to cover up anymore? All you need is this wonder.

Note: the Set includes the brush. You can also purchase both the Camelia Sleeping Pack and Brush separately.

- Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream

I don't like a lot of product on my face, so asking me to add sunscreen on top my moisturizer  (thanks to my dry skin, I simply cannot go without) is asking too much. I don't want to be greasy or feel weighted down first thing in the morning (I've got all day to look forward to that). And how one puts one two creams and then tries to apply stay-put makeup is beyond me.

So I was the one you saw in the window last night jumping up and down with excitement. This lighter than air cream is as hydrating as my other go-to moisturizers, yet delivers serious protection (SPF 50+)  against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

It doesn't have the heft or unctuousness of most sunscreens, despite an extensive ingredient list. Instead it's overflowing with wholesome nutrients that feed your skin. Sunflower and soybean oils, alongside extracts of every kind - pea, broccoli sprout, alfalfa leaf, gingko biloba, and willow bark - may sound like the salad bar lineup at Whole Foods, but trust me, this salve is just as healthy.

In case that's not enough, here's five more reasons to love this beaut:

1. The fresh floral scent (I'd spritz this on everyday if it were available in an eau de toilette)
2. The pump tube that makes application quick, easy and free of mess
3. You can use it all over your bod, not just face (it's great on hands and shoulders)
4. It's portable, so pop it in your tote, purse and gym bag - protection on the go
3. The clean design of the packaging - white with gold geometric accents. Drool.

Once you experience the exquisite softness of the brush that comes as part of the KICHO Camelia Sleeping Pack Set, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

So you want to take good care of it and keep it clean.

Argan Brush Cleanser contains fascinating ingredients such as Argan Oil, which not only conditions and increases the lifespan of your brushes (and not just the KICHO one, BTW), but attracts other oils - so all that foundation, concealer and other messy goopiness gets extracted, even deep down within the bristles.

The extracts used are just as enticing - for example, Calendula, Grapefruit Peel, Broccoli, and Lemon. Delivering an intoxicating fresh, floral scent (KICHO, please make a perfume, body wash and room spray in this), they also soften and strengthen your brush, so it lasts well beyond those you've been cleaning with soap and water (or ahem, not cleaning at all). It also work on puffs too!

It's super easy to use. Find a container that isn't much bigger than the bristles and soak the brush head in the solution. There is no time frame indicated on the packaging or website, so do it for what you think seems about right. Swish the brush around a few times before taking it out. to loosen up any particles still trying to cling on. Rinse the brush with water and dry it (press it with a towel), reshape the bristles if necessary into place, and lay it flat to finish drying.

Even easier? Argan Brush Cleanser Wipes (set of 5). Using the same ingredients as above, these wipes make cleanup a breeze (and make wonderful travel companions).

Wipe your brush, rinse with water, and follow the rest of the directions above. Since there are two sides, go ahead and use 'em both. And it turns out one sheet will clean an entire set of professional makeup brushes after a full makeover, application and blending, so go ahead and highlight, strobe, cover your pout in glitter, and gloss, vinyl and metallic. KICHO's got you.


With all the KICHO Cosmetics  I tried, I found it impossible to slather anything on too thickly. You can't apply too much - it seems to innately go on just enough.

And everything is super delicate and weightless on skin, yet extremely effective. 

KICHO Cosmetics are an utter delight and like no other skincare collection I've ever tried. Discover their breathtaking wonder and shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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