Panier Des Sens - Decadent Scents, Lotions & Soaps from the South of France

Can't jet off to Provence? Bring the French countryside to you with Panier des Sens decadent lineup of body care, skin care, soaps, candles, linen waters and perfumes. Made of natural and organic ingredients (a selection certified by ECOCERT), and free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone and aluminum, products are not tested on animals.

Heres' a closer look of some of their superb products:

I wish you were here. The scent of  Panier Des Sens Shower Nectar with honey and propolis extracts is d-i-v-i-n-e.

Instead of a simple, straight-on honey fragrance, it delivers a deep, heady, drenched in honeycomb scent that is simultaneously nourishing and alluring. Covering your body with it feels like a luxury only the rich and famous are privy too, but lucky for us, they've made it easy on the pocketbook. And there's a whole Organic Honey Collection to shop as well. 

Are you more of a bar soap person? Then their collection of Shea Butter Soaps are for you. There are so many scents to choose from. If you prefer something something extremely gentle, triple milled Olive Vegetable Soap made with organic olive oil from Provence provides a luxe experience and beautiful yet subtle fragrance of green olive, lotus and sandalwood.

I am captivated by Panier Des Sens Essential Hand Creams too. Not just by the range of scents, but by the silky smoothness (thank you 20% shea butterand immediate penetration into the skin. My hands look more hydrated and youthful instantaneously and feel oh-so-soft (I can't wait to shake your hand) without a stitch of slickness. And they remain like that all day. It's a complete transformation. 

Energizing blends include Provence (lemon, artemisia and cypress essential oils) and Verbena, made with verbena essential oil. To relax and soothe your soul as well as your hands, go with Lavender. Rose is always enchanting and ultra feminine. To get extra firmness, Sea Fennel not only does the job, the scent is fascinating. This is my first encounter with any Red Thyme and I am bewitched. It evokes magical winter scenes of sparkly snowfalls, bringing home a tree that fills the house with fresh pine and fir and spending time with family and friends. Swoon.

Soothing Almond boasts a bouquet of almond extract. You'll also find the extract in the extraordinary Nail & Cuticle Oil. The small tube comes with a long brush that allows you to cover all sides of the nail neatly. The oil goes to work right away, softening and nourishing even the most ragged of cuticles and nails.

And be sure to get Essence of Freshness Facial Cleanser. The thick, clear gel turns into a white foam and goes to work to rid your skin from the daily grit and grime as well as all traces of makeup. A powerful combination of seaweed extract, marine mineral salts, and a fresh of-the-sea scent gently cleanses leaving soft, smooth, clean skin.


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