AspenClean Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products - A Green Clean that Smells Amazing

I am all for using eco-friendly cleaning products but they must meet two requirements:

1. be as effective as the chemical laced ones
2. smell very, very good.

I know there are many folks who prefer unscented everything , but I am not one of them. I like the bathroom to smell clean after I've wiped down the surfaces and scrubbed the tub. I want my kitchen to sparkle and shine yes, but I also want the satisfaction of the occasional waft of fresh citrus notes - a reminder than everything is as good as new.

I mean, how is company supposed to know the house is shipshape if you can't detect a lovely , soft bouquet?

AspenClean Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are not just 100% natural and ECOCERT certified. They use only ingredients derived from plants or mineral, with the bonus of organic essential oils that deliver a subtle but beautiful scent throughout your space.

Take a closer look:

This vegan cleaner uses biodegradable plant-derived ingredients including those derived from corn and coconut, palm, and palm kernel oils. Despite all those oils being used, there's not a greasy thing about it. In fact, it wipes down my counters better than the household names you've grown up with and goes to town on glass just like a boss. My kitchen appliances gleam, my glass coffee table is smudge free and my bathroom is squeaky clean. 

Free of all of the junk that mainstream cleaners are filled with - petroleum, phosphates, colours, parabens, thoxylates and sulphates (SLS/SLES), carcinogenic ingredients, synthetic fragrances - you can clean your space without worrying about causing harm to you, your children or pets. 

A superior workhorse that makes my house smell incredible, it's my new favourite cleaner. In fact, I love the fresh citrus and floral scent so much, I clean the kitchen and bathroom three times more than I used to (and if you know me, you know I clean a lot). 

p.s. It's also available in concentrate.

I have used powdered cleansers for years to tackle everything from charred pots and pans, stained tea cups, and to keep the toilet bowl bright and fresh. But they are far from natural (talk about toxins), and they don't smell good at all.

One of the most superior powder cleansers I've ever come across., this all-natural with a built-in fragrance will have you smiling and swaying while you let it do all the heavy lifting on the tough jobs (like getting at those black bits at the bottom of the oven and the sink that suddenly has gone all dull). And all without chipping your fresh mani.

It also doesn't leave behind a gritty film like the others so you can actually use it on the tub - which I stopped doing with my other powders years ago, because I would have to spend twice as long trying to rinse it all off.

Be sure to get a couple of these. They are colour-coded (available in combo kits as well) so that they match to the cleaner you're using. If you think that's silly, think again - they are thus way more effective and this way, kitchen and bathroom cloths for example, never get exchanged. Brilliant. 

Did you know that they are much more powerful than your sponge, cotton cloth and duster combined? These miracle cloths trap everything from dust and dirt to oil and bacteria. You can't get much cleaner than this. 

And after you're done, you can throw them in the washing machine and dryer. 

Really, they do it all.

Stephanie Dickison

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