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Question: What are the two things you spend the most time doing all day?

Answer: I'm on my phone and computer.

Question: When's the last time you cleaned them?



But hey, you're not the only one. Look around you - everyone has cloudy screens, bits of food clinging to their keyboard, and sweat, dirt, makeup and grime smeared across every inch. 


Even though I wipe down my screens at least once a day, I'm not immune.

Being a full-time food and restaurant writer, I often have pizza flour, garlic aioli, and a schmear of duck fat on my hands (First World problems, I know). On site, I type out notes as chefs reel off intricate ingredients and methods of preparation. The next morning when I'm working away at my computer, after about three hours of writing about steak and seafood; unctuous ramen with dense, chewy noodles; and pillowy mille-feuille, I am s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g. So then I eat, hunched right over my keyboard as I write to deadline. You can barely make out the "T," "H," and "Y" after I've downed a bowl of bulgogi or ripped into a tender veal cutlet dripping in Bearnaise sauce while typing.

While I am probably one of the most fastidious folks to clean their screens, I have run into a problem as of late: what the hell can I use that won't damage my screens and/or just move the filth around?

After all, we both know that you can't use glass cleaner or anything with alcohol on any them, yet many of my eco-cleaners that have now replaced chemical commercial ones aren't safe either (FYI - don't use them on your granite counters either). To combat this issue, for a long time I carried around a mini microfibre cloth. But it ended up just contributing to the problem - and now that I think of it, it's gross. Like hankies for your phone. 


Thank god for Spruce & Co. 

Dream team Jill Applebaum and Jillian Ressler founded the company after trying to clean their phones with commercial products, resulting in "one ruined phone speaker (and a few face breakouts)."

Their individually-wrapped screen cleaning wipes are portable, plant-based, vegan, and made with ingredients derived from coconut. Safe to use on your computer screens and keyboards, tablet, phone and glasses, these quick cleaning cloths are made in the U.S.A. and free of alcohol, ammonia and fragrances.

One disposable wipe cleaned two phones, my computer, tablet, external keyboard, mouse, and my specs all without drying up. And that's really what makes them so exemplary: there's just enough moisture to cover and clean all your tech while air-drying almost immediately, and streak-free to boot. No need to wipe anything down to dry it afterwards, or squinting in between streaks to see the screen.  

There's the slightest hint of a fresh, clean scent that dissipates upon application.

The cute little colourful individual packets keep the wipes moist and fresh and because you use the "Sprucies" on each device just once,  it keep everything cleaner and healthier.

A healthy, convenient choice for you and your devices and clean screens for life?

Hells yeah!

These handy wipes are available in a pack of 10, gift set of 15, and 100 office pack.

Shop Spruce & Co now.

p.s. They also carry 100% Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray, available in two fragrances: Chamomile Lavender and Grapefruit. 

Stephanie Dickison

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