NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 - Sleek, Fast & Ultra Light

I bought a Samsung tablet eons ago. So long ago in fact that I can no longer replace the cover and recently, it's been almost impossible to find the charging cord for it. I found one place that still carries them, but it won't be long before they don't stock them anymore. It's time for an upgrade.

I got the opportunity to take the NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 out for a spin and here are my findings:


- I love the elegance of the rounded corners. And it's so slim (5.66mm), it fits neatly into whatever sleek bag I'm rocking for the week.

- God is it light (389g). With the progression of technology comes lighter materials. It's so lightweight that you can read or work away anywhere, even in the huddle of the train at rush hour.


- It comes preloaded with Microsoft Office, which means you can truly work as if on your computer without having to be tied to your desk.

- If you love to multitask, you'll be all over the split screen view. Suddenly, you're a lot more productive away from the office.

- The speed with which things happen is amazing. I click on an app and items appear and begin right away.

- Time-saving shortcuts are in abundance. I was watching something on Netflix and I remembered I had to email someone. After sending the message, a box popped up that I could conveniently click on and start Netflix up right away.

- Totally rocking my world? The keyboard. It actually places the cursor wherever your finger is, making editing and adding in text a breeze.

- Clarity comes way of the Super AMOLED display so whether you're binge-watching your favourite show, reading an absorbing book, or swiping your way across Instagram, everything is super clear and crisp.

- The camera is amazing. I was never able to use the camera on my old tablet. Everything came out dark and grainy. This beauty however, delivers crisp images every time.

- Phew, everything is safe and sound, thanks to Fingerprint Security. Love me that peace of mind.

- It comes in black, white or gold.

Get the NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 now

Stephanie Dickison

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