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When I came across the KONCEPT of Hong Kong website, I gasped. The thickness, beauty and quality of the leathers jumped off the screen.

Wildly talented Hong Kong industrial designer Manchuen Hui founded KONCEPT just six years ago, focusing on fine quality leather accessories that have a beautiful but minimalist look, intricate details and sturdy materials that will stand the test of time (You will trade in your computer long before you'll need another iPad and MacBook Leather Bag or iPhone Leather Sleeve).

A leather artisan who takes his craft seriously, chooses such sumptuous leathers, and does such impeccable stitching - everything is handmade from cutting to hole punching to hand-stitching - you'll want to commission a set of luggage from him, shoes, purses, jackets and other such wondrous things. He's already got the watch band down pat. And those wallets and that thick passport cover? Father's Day shopping just got a whole lot easier. His bow ties and bracelet stand way out from the crowd. He's even fashioned a gas tank cover for the Mini Cooper that you can personalize!

I don't know how I got along without this little charging cord/headphone organizer beauty all this time. I wish you could have seen all the times I scrambled and scrounged the bottom of my bag for my headphones or charger. The simple yet impossibly chic Italian full-grain vegetable tanned leather wrap comes in four colours (nude, pictured above). It is the perfect way to keep your accessories tidy while still accessible.

Every office that I've fallen for has had touches of leather in it. It sets a stylish, yet authoritative tone. It says that you take your job seriously, but a fine touch is also of importance. Where would Diane Lockhart of The Good Wife be without her red leather blotter and matching accessories? They are a part of her image, who she is.

This is what #LikeaBoss meant long before hashtags came along.

So when I laid my eyes on the stunning leather mouse pads, I knew it would be one step closer to achieving the home office of my dreams (I know you Millennials don't use mice with your laptops, In fact, you are probably reading this on your phone, using your MacBook for simply watching Netflix and storing your thousands of photos, but I love me some mouse). It would be my little piece of Diane strength on my desk. It was to be taken seriously, not like those foam or plastic ones that came before it.

The colour range alone is staggering. There's something here for everyone. The orange is as luxurious as Hermes and the nude goes with absolutely every decor. I am calling the red one Lockhart for obvious reasons, and I love the modern masculinity of the black, chocolate brown, saddle brown, and denim blue. I of course choose teal (pictured above) which works with the soft water colours of my office. 

And then there's the design. Not only does it have rounded corners - a true design classic - it has a padded wrist rest, which because I can be typing away for up to eight hours a day, is a complete relief. This was made for people who show up and do the work. This was made to last.

My mouse glides over the Italian full-grain vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick. My wrist rests comfortably along the foam roll tucked away in leather at the bottom, allowing me to work longer without the usual arrival of sharp pains that continually lead me away from my desk. 

But then there's the addition of free personalization. Engraved using an antique Kingsley machine from the 1930s. You can get up to 10 words added to the top left corner, truly making it your own. And while the initial temptation to add a monogram or a #girlpower phrase will probably come over you, I say do something that is truly you. Because how often in life do you get the opportunity to have a message carefully engraved for you? Which is why I chose "xoxo". It means something to me and no one else, making it extra special and one of the many reasons this breathtaking mouse pad makes me smile every day (I've never had a mouse pad do that before, have you?).

The bonuses continue - it arrives in a sturdy cardboard box (it's so nice, you'll stash ticket stubs and other meaningful and sentimental items in it) and a woven linen bag. And there's free shipping on all orders on top of all that.

KONCEPT of Hong Kong is one of the best shops I've ever come across. Where art, form, function and quality come together all under one roof. Where products are made with such attention to detail with such passion, others can only pale in comparison.


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